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Welcome to the Internet Game Cars Database. You will find a comprehensive list of vehicles seen in video games (playable and unplayable), image captures and additional information about them.

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IGCD Rally Raid

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Championship by Time
1 Mark0 2h 18m 15s
2 Adrigaaas90 + 07m 49s
3 Rinspeed + 12m 59s
4 XThUnDeRX + 16m 18s
5 Kysman + 30m 01s
6 Timinou + 47m 07s
7 sodazx + 51m 05s
8 JFK + 1h 02m 19s
9 Burn Rubber + 1h 02m 48s
10 Faze Rain + 4h 52m 32s
Championship by Points
1 Mark0 50 points
2 Adrigaaas90 30 points
2 Rinspeed 30 points
4 XThUnDeRX 18 points
4 Timinou 18 points
6 JFK 16 points
7 Burn Rubber 14 points
8 Kysman 10 points
9 sodazx 6 points
10 Faze Rain 4 points