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Forza Horizon 4, Racing, 2018

Developer: Playground Games Ltd

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Damageable vehicles: Yes

Tracks or places: view them

PCXBox One

Pictures for this video game were provided by: speedfreak975 , MartinBond , J-2 , Top Gear Fan , Attacker1997 , clandohoome , solarriors , ALLSETFORMOVE , Purehell

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Graphics and Sound
Vehicle ModelingYour Vote :
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6.71/10 (14 votes)
Landscape/Scenery QualityYour Vote :
Average :
8/10 (14 votes)
Weather EffectsYour Vote :
Average :
8.21/10 (14 votes)
Damage SystemYour Vote :
Average :
4.79/10 (14 votes)
Sounds EffectsYour Vote :
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5.36/10 (14 votes)
PlayabilityYour Vote :
Average :
7.07/10 (14 votes)
RealismYour Vote :
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5.43/10 (14 votes)
Artificial Intelligence PerformanceYour Vote :
Average :
4.93/10 (14 votes)
Vehicles VarietyYour Vote :
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8.21/10 (14 votes)
Tracks Variety/Map SizeYour Vote :
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6.64/10 (14 votes)
Solo ModeYour Vote :
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5.86/10 (14 votes)
Multiplayer ModeYour Vote :
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4.31/10 (13 votes)


MBR SM (0)

2019-09-27 00:15

Playground games just confirmed that special looking P1 leak is a special exclusive gift for those special visitors to playground games and they currently have no plan to add window sticker customization to the game, what a disappointment tbh, I was really looking forward to hear some good news regarding that but hearing this made me realize we won’t be getting that until probably in a few years

clandohoome UK (53)

2019-11-05 16:04

I've just noticed that all the original placeholders have now been replaced by proper screenshots. Well done guys!

Solarriors CH (4)

2019-11-06 01:10

It could have been even faster if Speedfreak didn't bother removing the shots I already did lol :p but really it's unfair and stupid haha
Good job completing the game

-- Last edit: 2019-11-06 01:12:04

TheGreaser US (69)

2019-11-06 01:18

It was actually necessary to replace your shots, because they weren't great. Most of them were out of focus and lack interior shots. By "out of focus" I meant the focal point shouldn't be too far. And it needed license plates because someone could steal them and no one would notice (picture theft).

-- Last edit: 2019-11-06 01:20:09

Solarriors CH (4)

2019-11-06 04:15

Let me call BS on your comment :!Auu3wXDct6V6jEUD1F0z-j5iMmNZ
I can agree to disagree with everything except interior shots (and then some had them)

TheGreaser US (69)

2019-11-06 04:27

There is consideration about it - there are rules about it. Also, there's room for improvement and it's written in the rules about replacement shots.

That's all. :)

speedfreak975 LB (493)

2019-11-06 05:19

Counterpoint, it would have been much faster, if your shots were complete and on par directly to the other contributors. Which they weren't. So page took twice as long. So expecting someone to do all your cockpit views and not improve of other views that clearly can be better, especially owning all the cars. It was a no brainer

-- Last edit: 2019-11-06 05:24:20

Attacker1997 BR (138)

2019-11-06 06:21

Speedfreak, if you want you can replace my cars pics too, since they aren't exactly up to the page defaults

Solarriors CH (4)

2019-11-06 06:44


speedfreak975 LB (493)

2019-11-06 07:32

Attacker1997 wrote Speedfreak, if you want you can replace my cars pics too, since they aren't exactly up to the page defaults

The shots you've submitted are fine, different approach but still following needed requirements

-- Last edit: 2019-11-06 07:47:17

Solarriors CH (4)

2019-11-18 06:30

How were they not on par or not good, this is simply not true.

clandohoome UK (53)

2019-11-18 15:52

TheGreaser wrote It takes effort (KEYWORD: Effort) to make the best photo for IGCD.

I think it's unfair to Solarrios to say his shots lacked effort - I've looked through the photos in his OneDrive, and there are some excellent photos there that would have been perfect for IGCD.

-- Last edit: 2019-11-18 21:55:12

Solarriors CH (4)

2019-11-19 09:04

"Would have been" I'm going to clarify that :
All of the shots in the Drive were already listed here. I had 150+ entries here. It was stated since the beginning the cockpits will be the last ones. There was no need for consistency between cockpit and exterior shots ever.
The shots were uploaded and accepted. Marko was in charge of the Forza page according to the repartition in the Excel file.
some time this Summer, Speedfreak asked if he could do the remaining cars. I don't care about points, and thought if he enjoys it, I'm letting him finish the remaining cars.

Then a twist in the plot appeared. Speedfreak became Admin. Nothing wrong with that. He started then uploading and accepting himself the entries. That made it just faster. But then what appeared is that shots that were attributed, and when Speedfreak simply did not want to keep the older shots, he replaced them no questions asked.

This is simply and plainly power abuse.
I have nothing against Speedfreak at all, having less points, but definitely violating such a trust principle is totally incorrect.

P.S. nobody was physically hurt

-- Last edit: 2019-11-19 09:04:53

hachirokutrueno US (0)

2019-11-20 02:30

Toyota is officially making a return next month. Confirmed on the official Forza Motorsport Facebook page today.

Bumpercars45 AU (21)

2019-11-20 04:28

Can I just say a majority of people who use this site are just here to see what cars are in a new game, as long as there is some sort of non-placeholder pictures uploaded while the game is still relevant thats all that really matters.
I doubt the average user would even click on cars to even view the full-size image.

TheGreaser US (69)

2019-11-30 18:04

A major leak came up for this game and there's a potential list for new cars:

Notable vehicles that caught the attention is:
-1924 Austin Seven
-1992 Bentley Turbo R
-'75 Citroen DS23
-2008 Dodge Magnum SRT8
-Ferrari Portofino
-1970 Ford GT70
-1999 Ford Racing Puma
-1994 Ford Supervan 3 (based on the Transit van)
-'86 Mustang SVO
-1970 GMC Jimmy
-Kurtis Kraft KK500C
-Lamborghini Espada 400GT
-Huracan Performante
-1988 Lincoln Mark VII
-1998 Lincoln Mark VIII
-Matra Simca MS650
-Mercedes AMG Hammer
-RAESR Tachyon (what is this?)
-SAAB 9-3 Turbo X '08
-1995 Ruf CTR2
-1984 Rover SD1

Sorry for the list and please remember that this may or may not become a reality.

carcrasher88 US (20)

2019-12-01 05:09

The Tachyon is one of those supposed quadruple digit horsepower electric hypercars that will likely turn out to be vaporware.

If it's true that the Mark VIII is coming, I'd hope that it's the LSC version, which produced 290hp and had a 0-60 in 7.5 (though some have been able to achieve sub-7 second 0-60 times with fully stock LSCs), pretty decent performance for it's time and size.

The Turbo-X, I can easily believe, since it would be a return to the franchise, not a full-on debut.

The 560SEC AMG Hammer would be a VERY welcome addition. Big 80's supercar icon.

There's also the Velociraptor 6X6, which wouldn't be a big surprise, since the G63 6X6 is in the game, and it would FINALLY be a truly unique F-150 Raptor variant.

The KK500C is hopefully Bill Vukovich's 1954 Indy 500 winning car. That would be EPIC.

The Puma would be awesome, as we haven't had a licensed Puma in a game since 2004 (RalliSport Challenge, R: Racing Evolution, Ford Racing 3, and Kaido Battle 2: Chain Reaction).

For those wondering, the Subaru Crosstrek Desert Racer is a Baja 1000 buggy, not a modified Crosstrek.

The Venturi, IIRC, was already confirmed as being scanned for use in a Forza title, so no surprise here.

The RR for the #00 Macan is Rally Raid, which is pretty awesome.

Then, there's the 1933 Napier-Railton, which broke 47 land speed records between 1933 and 1937, including the all-time lap record at Brooklands. It's a major land speed icon.

Also listed is Chris Fosberg's NOS Energy Drink 370Z, the Jaguar I-Pace, and Mopar's resto-mod Charger with their 1,000HP 426 Hemi crate motor.

Honestly, many of these, I see as likely being held for FM8, like the modern track-only race cars. But, some of the vintage and off-road racers, I can see coming in the future.

Would LOVE to see that Ultra4 Bronco, in particular. That's Vaughn Gittin Jr's Brocky.

speedfreak975 LB (493)

2019-12-01 09:20

Like Carcrasher88 said alot of these cars especially race ones feel for FM8. Just like FM7 had a leak that was eventually for FH4

J-2 ES (1315)

2019-12-11 21:10

Renault finally got some well-deserved love!

TheGreaser US (69)

2019-12-11 22:34

With Renault getting love, it would be about time to get Peugeot models added in as well, because this brand from Groupe PSA has no love, alongside Citroen/DS Automobiles.

EDIT: This game is getting a Battle Royale mode. Whaaat.....

-- Last edit: 2019-12-11 22:39:02

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