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Grumman TBF Avenger

Battlehawks 1942 (1988)
victorvance wrote
I am not completely sure if the TBF and the TBM are different variants and how to name them here. :think:

From what wikipedia says.

TBF = it was made by Grumman
TBM = it was made by General Motors.
Pontiac Firebird

The Simpsons Game (2007)
It appears on a poster of a parody of Project Gotham Racing. I think design wise it was inspired by Lil Bandit as it appeared in 'Reality Bites'.

American Truck Simulator (2016)
Vocal95 wrote

Definitely not 10 - IIRC I tried to add 3 submissions of that bus. Neither of which was accepted. This vehicle now spawns in 1.48 Open Beta traffic and still isn't added.

This isn't about the bus.

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2023-07-11 11:25:02
Polski Fiat 126p

Far Cry 6 (2021)
Kecske wrote
Can you change its paint ingame like with other cars?


Also it should be noted it has badges calling it the "Gorski Tourin" or "Tourin Gorski".

I do think it's kinda weird they did this. This car should have just been a traffic car and instead they could have ported a car from Watch_Dogs Legion, for the bundle.
Made for Game Aeroplane

ウマ娘 プリティーダ&# (2021)
Jnglmpera wrote
Shouldn't this go to IMPDB instead?

We allow planes on this site.
Dodge Charger

FlatOut: Head On (2008)
Killercar34 wrote
There's a lot more GT500 than Charger RT in this

We have discussed this car alot, literally the only GT500 bit is the rear tail lights. The rest of the car is much closer to a charger.
Chevrolet Malibu

No Limit Drag Racing 2 (2021)
Express Trucking wrote
Sorry, my trash phone can't support high resolution, also sorry for being not expert in american cars

It's fine dawg. I think that's a Chevy Caprice.
Meyers Manx

Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed (2008)
A Meyers Manx, perhaps?
Ford Escort

Train Sim World 3 (2022)
We could, are you on the discord?
Dodge Charger

Smashy Road: Wanted 2 (2021)
This is just an orange charger. It doesn't qualify the visual requirements to be labeled as a 'General Lee'.

American Truck Simulator (2016)
vocal95 wrote

WTF? Wanting to add a new vehicle isn't "spamming submissions"

But you didn't add 'a' new vehicle. You sent about 10 submissions of the same vehicle with the same pictures, in a similar timeframe. Hence why I instructed you to not spam submissions.

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Made for Game Kart

Crash Tag Team Racing (2005)
It's not a willy's jeep. It's a halftrack for pete's sake.

Just Dance 2016 (2015)
Entry Complete
Maserati GranCabrio

Just Dance 2016 (2015)
They used a Maserati Merak in the actual lyric video for this song, instead Just Dance went for a modern Maserati. This is despite the song's overall retro vibe.
Reading Class G-1sa

Megapolis (2012)
zushaa1291 wrote

ok i will do it in the future. sorry if it was bothered you

It's fine. I was just making a suggestion.

Manhunt (2003)
Mathias98 wrote
Hi guys! I have recently replayed this game, I'll add a couple of missing vehicles, and also a couple of better screenshots for the page, as some current ones are way too dark or small.

Great work Mathias. :D
Link-Belt LS 98

Manhunt (2003)
Mathias98 wrote
Better screenshot:

Unfortunately the picture you provided won't work because of it's dimensions. Do you have an alternate pic of it in a more 16:9 ratio?
Reading Class G-1sa

Megapolis (2012)
zushaa1291, in the future could you crop your pictures a bit better? There's alot of unnecessary dead space in them.
International 4700

Manhunt (2003)
Mathias98 wrote
Better screenshot:

Could you try and get a pic in the same location the current pic is? Because the current pic is better than the one you have provided.

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2023-06-26 12:20:00

Cruis'n Exotica (1999)
Leedleleedle115 wrote
Iím trying to add more arcade only cars but itís getting rejected every time, I would like to know what Iím doing wrong

I asked you where you are getting your screenshots from? Because in one of them it had "" at the top of the screen. Meaning....
MINI Cooper

Saints Row: The Third (2011)
ParhamNitro2008 wrote

Yuo rAre A Freak... But Not A Ricer One...

Do not spam comments.

LEGO 2K Drive (2023)
BKelly9505 wrote
This page hasn't been updated since before the game came out and the game's been out for a month. Shouldn't we be trying to add some more information on it?

I'd supply the pictures myself, but I'm playing this on PS4 and I'm sure that PS5, Series S/X, or Switch would be preferred.

I can understand what you are saying but, we're not anal about this sort of thing on IGCD. If you have the PS4 version you can provide pictures from the PS4 version to this page.

Considering this page hasn't been updated as you specified, no one else appears to be interested in doing so. So just do it yourself.

American Truck Simulator (2016)
vocal95 wrote
Add the new International 3800 school bus - I don't know why it's get rejected, it's a different vehicle than the current school bus.

Stop spamming submissions.
Brenthel Industries Class 1

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
WolfLover94 wrote
You constantly quote the in game website descriptions on GTA V cars. I've since embraced it, you're welcome.

Yeah, that doesn't explain your original post.
Cadillac Ambulance

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
mcthieve wrote

Fitting seeing how "On Our Own" is in Non-Stop Pop FM.
Also, isn't this the car from the GTA 6 leaks?

Kinda. There are speculation a couple of the vehicles may have been backported. The F35 apparentely has details unique to it and none of the other jets.

Bedlam (2015)
Entry complete.
Going back to this game after not playing it for a few years, I can see why this never got a sequel. It was based off a book, and I think the author intended to make a sequel book, but the game It's alright. The story and characters are interesting but the actual gameplay leaves alot to be desired.

The game is delisted these days so, yeah a shame, all things considered.

Gran Turismo 6 (2013)
Solarriors wrote
Do we have the definite number of playable cars ?

There a few cars that were limited to the gt academy that have not been added. I've been looking into getting those cars. I'll get around to them, one day.
Dodge Charger

Cities: Skylines II (2023)
Leandro wrote

Or a mix of both cars

Body shape wise, it leans more towards a Charger than Camaro.

198X (2019)
Entry Complete.
Made for Game Mecha

Switchcars (2016)
Looks like ED209 from Robocop.

Just Cause (2006)
Could be a Lockheed C-5.

KartRider: Drift (2023)
Alkan wrote
I think Rimac Concept One

Alkan, in the future can you denote what update or date a vehicle was added. It's hard to identify vehicles when they're dlc but they're listed as non-dlc in a game from 2004.

TASTEE: Lethal Tactics (2016)
Isuzu Trooper:

Life is Strange (2015)
ParhamNitro2008 wrote

Strong opinion...

IGCD Future releases and to-do list (2023)
Police Sim 2022 and Taxi Sim 2022 Evolution have been removed for featuring stolen models from Grand Theft Auto.
Pontiac GTO

Gran Turismo (2009)
Aaron46 wrote
This is a duplicate car. Please delete this.

What part, of "stop doing that" did you not comprehend?
Chevrolet Corvette C6.R

Cars 2: The Video Game (2011)
rayjunhwang1357x wrote

According to IMCDb, it's a 2005 model year.

Really? Replying to an 11 year old comment?

Hot Wheels Unleashed (2021)
Daboi492 wrote
What were the Racing seasons? I only got it after those ended, is it just a Battle Pass?

Pretty much, they lasted like 2-3 months and you had to do all of them to get all the cars. They were also not cheap.
Peugeot 905B Evo 1C

Gran Turismo (2009)
Aaron46 wrote

Stop doing that.
Alfa Romeo Montreal

SpotRacers (2018)
IvanGalaxy123 wrote
Why do you think it's Alfa Romeo? doesn't look Montreal to me

Uh, because it's pretty much a dead on, 1:1 match of an Alfa Montreal?

Custom Made Lada Raven

Bolshie Gonki (2012)
ww_sanderwolf846_ww wrote
lada raven its real concept

It's not a real concept car. It was a design created by a russian fellow. Since the game car is based off that design it get's labeled as Custom Made. There is no real concept car called the Lada Raven.

Saints Row (2022)
mcthieve wrote

Almost like a self fulfilling profecy, I was the one who decided to take the bullet and post pics of that car.
Without mods the front looks closer to a 1980 Country Squire while the back is fully recycled from the '66 Vista Cruiser.

That wasn't really necessary Mcthieve. Speedfreak has expressed intentions to return to Saints Row and get any new vehicles that come about as part of dlcs.

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2023-05-16 19:04:52
Land-Rover Range Rover Sport

Max Payne 3 (2012)
Looks to be the Huntley Sport from GTA IV.
Audi R8 Spyder

Gran Turismo 7 (2022)
Daboi492 wrote
What part of the track is this?

It's Grand Valley on the PS5.
Toyota Sprinter Trueno

Gran Turismo 7 (2022)
Peterkragger wrote
2000? How?

On IGCD we list custom build cars, like this, by the year the build was completed. So in this instance this AE86 is based off a real AE86 that belonged to Shuichi Shigeno, the author of Initial D.

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2023-05-09 15:54:22
Toyota Century

Ghostwire: Tokyo (2022)
SatoFJWRA wrote
Surname: GSN
Hood emblem and trunk badge says GSN
Metallic yellow version appears to be a unique one

Make sure not to post such large images in the future.

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2023-05-07 13:00:31
Honda CBR 600 RR

Ghostwire: Tokyo (2022)
SatoFJWRA wrote
Unknown road bike, possibly the EX-750 Ghost

Hey man, make sure to include 'unknown' in the make section if you are unaware of the basis.

Also if you are going to list a vehicle as unknown you can't give it a country of origin.

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2023-05-07 12:55:42
Cadillac Sixteen

PowerWash Simulator (2021)
Leandro wrote
Panther De Ville?

Nah, the Panther De Ville is way more curvier than this.
Case 580 Super L

Test Drive: Eve of Destruction (2004)
dominator wrote
How did you take such close up photos?

I drove up to it, paused the game, then took the screenshot.

This is what the raw screenshot looked like before I cropped it to just focus on the digger (it's also been resized, the original was much bigger):

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2023-05-06 07:42:22
Jaguar XK-SS

Top Drives (2017)
Pic is kinda low quality...
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