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Biohazard Umbrella Corps (2016)TheGreaser US (24)It's also called as just "Umbrella Corps" in the U.S.

Couple of weeks ago, I posted that this game was a disgrace to the RE franchise. Now, I'm going to explain why this is truly AWFUL about this poor excuse of a Resident Evil spinoff.

1) The camera is extremely close to your character when walking and shooting, and when you aim down the sights, it switches to a first-person view, which can be disorienting and very inconsistent.

2) The enemies (both players and zombies) are bullet-sponges. Consider this: Capcom tried to justify this with an achievement called "100 Bullets; 1 Kill." Is this rewarding? NO!

3) Idiotic zombie AI, who will frequently completely ignore your presence until you shoot them or run right into walls when they do notice you. I have seen Dead Island zombies react better than this, even the main Resident Evil zombies react better and accordingly.

4) Guns don't feel satisfying to shoot and are of the standard shooter arsenal (pistol, assault rifle, shotgun). Not interesting.

5) Talk about cheating. The most used weapon in the game (the Brainer) is completely overpowered because it kills enemies in one hit and you move much faster than with a gun (even with a handgun). Since you're also a bullet-sponge, you can kill other players with it even if they're shooting you.

6) Drab visuals that look like a game from 2008, stuttered framerate, uninteresting and cramped maps, and long loading times. This is inexcusable for a game released in 2016.

7) I'm reluctant to hold a gun, but I hate how the player character awkwardly holds his handgun very close to his face. Not to mention that's an unsafe way to hold a pistol, next to the gangster or sideways position. Gunshot residue could get in contact with your skin. No game does this. Seriously.

8) Do you know the term "unfortunate implications?" No? Then this is exactly why the game does almost nothing with the series lore (same goes for Operation Raccoon City) and any diaries you find in the single-player mode are very poorly written. (I hate him and his stupid nose!) Who wrote that?!

9) The single-player mode itself is dull and repetitive, as you have to play the same types of missions on the same map again and again until the next map is unlocked, after which the cycle repeats. It can also be completed within three hours and aside from a few cosmetic options, there is no reward for beating it. There's one mode named "The Experiment" that had 24 stages, all of its objectives is collecting samples of infected. What a joke. Also, if you get killed, you have to re-do the levels again.

10) I don't understand why there's a cover mechanic, which doesn't make sense in a game with zombies (pretty much all of which are unarmed), and the mechanic itself is awkward to use.

That's why.
2019-06-26 22:05
1937 Ford Cabriolet
Driv3r (2004)
Driver 3
Attacker1997 BR (112)
twilight sparkplug wrote Strange the Wiki also says a prowler. but oh well. Wiki and cars never usually mix.

Maybe this Wiki is based on the information shown on the IGCD
2019-06-26 21:44
2019 Toyota Avalon Mk.V [XX50]
Drift هجولة (2018)
hjlogan7 US (27)
TheGreaser wrote The site was under maintenance (Assuming that was the case, or slow day at IGCD), so I got here first.
Sadly for me, the design is not very appealing. The grille is absolutely horrendous.

Worse than the grills on new Lexus models
2019-06-26 21:29
1937 Ford Cabriolet
Driv3r (2004)
Driver 3
twilight sparkplug (22)
Ok, will thanks.
I usually wait for people to at least agree before I go and try change anything.
I was also not the first person to suggest it. :P

Strange the Wiki also says a prowler. but oh well. Wiki and cars never usually mix.
2019-06-26 19:38
2017 Chevrolet Cruze [J400]
Drift هجولة (2018)
TheGreaser US (24)I like the softer, edgier design of the new Cruze (including the 2019 facelift). But sadly, it's a shame we won't get new ones anymore since the assembly plant in Lordstown, Ohio (where the Cruze sedan is built for the U.S. market) closed down.

Blame the rise of SUV's and trucks that contributed to this issue. Same goes for the Impala (and not sure about the Malibu).
2019-06-26 19:22
Suzuki Quadsport
Drift هجولة (2018)
TheGreaser US (24)Stolen from GTA V. 2019-06-26 19:15
2019 Toyota Avalon Mk.V [XX50]
Drift هجولة (2018)
TheGreaser US (24)The site was under maintenance (Assuming that was the case, or slow day at IGCD), so I got here first.
Sadly for me, the design is not very appealing. The grille is absolutely horrendous.

-- Last edit: 2019-06-26 19:10:40
2019-06-26 19:10
Forza Horizon 4 (2018)TheGreaser US (24)We should have an improved archive page so that all comments listed prior will be there. Talk to them on Discord. I mean look at GTA V, there's so many comments that there is only one page.

Wouldn't hurt to do so, and it's a fairly easy update.
2019-06-26 19:07
1993 Porsche 928 GTS
Forza Horizon 4 (2018)
Attacker1997 BR (112)
PG forgot this car for good 2019-06-26 17:43
2017 Spyker C8 Preliator
CSR 2 (2015)
Bumpercars45 AU (21)
<3 2019-06-26 17:09
2002 Nissan Fairlady Z Veilside MkV [Z33]
CSR 2 (2015)
Bumpercars45 AU (21)
Good to see this car in a game! 2019-06-26 17:08
Ford vs. Chevy (2005)Bumpercars45 AU (21)
TheGreaser wrote I don't understand. There is no need to replace the shots. I hate having to argue who has the best shots/graphics. The last thing I want is getting you upset over this. I'm physically and emotionally hurt. :/

And besides, the game itself is completed anyway. ;)

How the hell were you physically hurt by a comment?
2019-06-26 17:01
Manhattan Chase (2005)
MBR SM (0)Maybe this? 2019-06-26 14:56
All Star Racing (2002)Silnev AU (47)
solarriors wrote Are we using PS shots whenit's also on PS2?

That's a mistake, this game was only released for the ps1. (source giant bomb since this game doesn't have a wikipedia page).
2019-06-26 14:36
Made for Game
Rocket League (2015)
PrairieRanger CA (0)
konkordski wrote
fair enough. also, it's "Apollo IE", not "Gumpert Apollo IE". gumpert has been renamed to apollo on 2016.

Interesting, I am surprised I never heard about them being rebranded to Apollo, good to know!
2019-06-26 14:16
Suzuki Quadsport
Drift هجولة (2018)
hjlogan7 US (27)
Suzuki Quadsport 2019-06-26 14:06
Forza Horizon 4 (2018)solarriors CH (23)the comment list is too long to scroll down, can we archive so we only have the 50 last ones ? 2019-06-26 10:35
1937 Ford Cabriolet
Driv3r (2004)
Driver 3
solarriors CH (23)nice find. Edit its ID then

-- Last edit: 2019-06-26 10:31:13
2019-06-26 10:30
Ford vs. Chevy (2005)solarriors CH (23)Like Attacker said I didn't meant I will replace them. It was merely a hint that the Xbox version would be preferable to me.
And of course even less asking for deletion before actually revamping the page.
Edit : And I even haven't said I have it on Xbox lol

-- Last edit: 2019-06-26 10:27:17
2019-06-26 10:26
Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (2019)Silnev AU (47)
ThePorsche934.5 wrote they need add more cars (if i not mistake)

There are other karts, I just haven't got around to uploading them. Annoyingly some are locked behind a goddamn pay wall.
2019-06-26 08:24
2019 Toyota Avalon Mk.V [XX50]
Drift هجولة (2018)
RushCars24 ID (57)
TheGreaser wrote First 2019 Avalon on site.

Damn, you beat me to it.
2019-06-26 07:58
2008 Nissan X-Trail [T31]
Choro Q Wii (2008)
Penny Racers Party: Turbo-Q Speedway
TheGreaser US (24)The X-Trail in North America wasn't offered in the United States. Only in Canada afaik.

-- Last edit: 2019-06-26 19:14:32
2019-06-26 07:31
CycloManiacs 2 (2011)TheGreaser US (24)I did, sort of. There were lots of Flash games to play with back then. Strike Force Heroes (and SFH2), Chaos Faction, Streets of Valhalla, the whole Thing Thing franchise, and the majority of Mausland's Flash games. Quite a bunch of Flash games from the 2000s and early 2010s. 2019-06-26 07:08
Ford vs. Chevy (2005)TheGreaser US (24)I don't understand. There is no need to replace the shots. I hate having to argue who has the best shots/graphics. The last thing I want is getting you upset over this. I'm physically and emotionally hurt. :/

And besides, the game itself is completed anyway. ;)
2019-06-25 23:13
Ford vs. Chevy (2005)JFK CZ (365)
Solarriors has Xbox with superior models, so I guess he will replace them. 2019-06-25 22:48
Ford vs. Chevy (2005)Attacker1997 BR (112)
What? From what I understand here, nobody said that wanted to replace the current pics

-- Last edit: 2019-06-25 22:55:43
2019-06-25 22:44
Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (2019)ThePorsche934.5 IL (66)
they need add more cars (if i not mistake) 2019-06-25 22:38
CycloManiacs 2 (2011)ThePorsche934.5 IL (66)
Do You Remember This Game From Your Childhood? 2019-06-25 22:33
Ford vs. Chevy (2005)JFK CZ (365)
This is what I the page looked like originally:
If you want to replace the pictures then go ahead, but I am not deleting anything untill I see some results.
2019-06-25 22:14
1977 Dodge Royal Monaco
Demolition Derby 3 (2018)
MTP02 PL (26)Another rare gaming car in DD3. 2019-06-25 20:54
1971 Nissan Fairlady 240ZG Steve Aoki Neon Future MkI [S30]
Need for Speed: No Limits (2015)
TheGreaser US (24)Rear pic please? 2019-06-25 19:31
2019 Toyota Avalon Mk.V [XX50]
Drift هجولة (2018)
TheGreaser US (24)First 2019 Avalon on site. 2019-06-25 19:29
1985 Toyota Starlet [EP71]
Crime Scene Manhattan (2004)
TheGreaser US (24)Opel Astra Coupe [G] in the back pic. 2019-06-25 18:18
theHunter: Call of the Wild (2017)TheGreaser US (24)I haven't gotten around to add a hunting game in awhile now, and this is the most recent title of "theHunter" saga, released in February of 2017. It's from the same publisher of the Just Cause series and I decided to get this into the site via playing it on Gamepass. The only vehicle I could find is an all-terrain vehicle. Basically, it's another hunting title that isn't another Cabela's Deer Hunt or Dangerous Hunts game, and somewhat decent at best. 2019-06-25 17:59
Watch Dogs Legion (2020)
So I finally found the car I was looking for that is the closest. The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio:

-- Last edit: 2019-06-25 17:40:44
2019-06-25 17:40
Forza Horizon 4 (2018)TheGreaser US (24)The car choices aren't lazy IMHO. I did like the new additions to the car pass, and even beyond that, including the Festival playlist ones. But I'm not too big into the others. RTR, Formula Drifts, Hoonigans, Hot Wheels, but at least they're still real cars and they're fun to drive in the right conditions (not counting the FFXV Regalia, which I do enjoy). At least they add variety. For the car list, it's still solid and provides variety. You don't want a game with just supercars and the hottest new cars, and those take awhile to actually license (not to mention it takes months to fully model it both inside and out) and some they simply can't because of a exclusive license. As for car sounds, it's not exactly quote-on-quote perfect, and neither does any racing game in general (not even GT or GT Sport). There's always going to have some sort of flaw.

I'm not saying no fun is allowed. I'd personally want to see more vans/oddballs beyond the first-gen Transit. Like those American vans (Astro for example). Or even the 2018 Honda Odyssey (which is a car that FH4 does need).
2019-06-25 17:09
Sterling Acterra Elgin Broom Bear
American Truck Simulator (2016)
hanwoo KR (146) 2019-06-25 16:46
Forza Horizon 4 (2018)speedfreak975 LB (343)
Playlist are fine...they take an hour at best and add replayability you are still getting new content, sometimes debuts. If you dont agree with car choices or just too lazy to do them thats not on them. They have done some quality choices that are questionable definitely like car sounds. But disagreement of car choices doesnt equal lazy

-- Last edit: 2019-06-25 14:53:37
2019-06-25 14:52
Rig Racer 2 (2005)Speedevil BE (173)
TheGreaser wrote It is ANNOYING! You can get banned if you keep doing that, okay?

Stop acting like you're some enforcer for the admins
2019-06-25 14:27
Forza Horizon 4 (2018)TheGreaser US (24)If you know by now, this is why the Gamepass existed. With the implementation of the Festival Playlist in March, I've completely lost interest in the game. I felt like this was a ignorant and very dirty tactic to keep players subbed into the Gamepass. :/
At this point, I have nothing to say about it, sadly. Forza Horizon 4 was an amazing game when it came out until PG decided to throw in these Playlists.

Do you think this tactic alienates the fanbase? I should've done that in March while this was still relevant. (It's just opinion). And I may write a personal review when I have time, but right now, I've lost all interest in this game.
2019-06-25 14:27
Forza Horizon 4 (2018)Mark0 RB (614)
Then it's T10 laziness :lol: 2019-06-25 14:14
Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood (2013)
M@xtimot FR (217)
Found a way to take a cleaner pic of the front:

turns out you can rewind the video in the game and rewatch the first scene without the battery low logo.
2019-06-25 14:05
Glacier (2006)MBR SM (0)
XThUnDeRX wrote

I'm sorry, but nothing will ever beat the all time lowpoint of a company that is Davilex. Atleast Team6 is trying to listen to fans for what they want to see in future Flatout games.

I agree, they are small team, and somehow try to show some potential, I don’t like their games, but they definitely want to make what they can do
2019-06-25 14:01
Mitsubishi Fuso unknown
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 (2014)
SuperPinoy PH (0)Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter 2019-06-25 14:00
Chrysler Crossfire Concept
Glacier (2006)
MBR SM (0)Maybach, just like the other one 2019-06-25 14:00
Chrysler Crossfire Concept
Glacier (2006)
MBR SM (0)Didn’t this was listed as Maybach in Glacier 2? 2019-06-25 13:59
Made for Game
Glacier 2 (2009)
MBR SM (0)i would say the rear looks like a mustang 2019-06-25 13:57
Made for Game
Glacier 2 (2009)
MBR SM (0)The rear is almost like Hyundai Tuscani 2019-06-25 13:56
Forza Horizon 4 (2018)speedfreak975 LB (343)
Not sure this reflects PG laziness when T10 is responsible for the modeling. Your trail of thought is faulty. And you just sound salty....( i mean no offense it just rhymes :p )

And if we are getting another Top gear pack usually top gear themselves have a choice in the matter

-- Last edit: 2019-06-25 13:48:00
2019-06-25 13:42
Forza Horizon 4 (2018)TheGreaser US (24)For FH4, yes. But if it shows up in FM7, I simply give up. Is it PG's laziness because they like to make things worse and worse? 2019-06-25 13:36

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