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Dead Island 2 (2023)
Some cars that I notice aren't, there is a Motorcycle in Beverly Hills, the neighboring home to the construction house, there is a 70s Mopar B model at Colt's house in his garage, and there is another SUV in game one is at Curtis' home
Chevrolet Corvette

SpotRacers (2018)
It's actually a 1990, third brake light in the rear bumper, plus it is more rounded off
Ferrari F40

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004)
Victor_2003 wrote

Vice City set in 1986, the F40 was released in 1987.

Plus they didn't design the Turismo when making VC
Dodge Caravan

Dead Island 2 (2023)
Off topic but man this reminds me of how I find this game kinda sad, while it is really funny, there is always that thought of, "Man, a lot of kids were eaten" this especially comes out when you find that note from a grandfather to his grandson, it's like the most depressing and sad thing ever, and it starts off with, "Sorry Loser"

Dead Island 2 (2023)
Deathblow wrote

hmmm, its also making me think there are no non damaged versions of it.

I'm at Ocean Avenue and I doubt that, also once you get to Ocean Avenue the best most clear version of this van is right in front of you
New Flyer Low Floor

Dead Island 2 (2023)
Antti-san wrote
I think those doors are on the wrong side for America. :p

It's actually not because there are two other doors on the other side
GMC Savana

Dead Island 2 (2023)
Killercar34 wrote
For some reason the wheels and bullbar make me thing it's a A-Team reference

Same thought I have when I saw a company van verison of this

Dead Island 2 (2023)
Deathblow wrote
i found a right hand drive of the minivan in beverly hills, also was next to my first crown vic i found, very weird.

There's one crashed thru the wall in Beverly Hills, the Hunter Lady House
Chevrolet Blazer

Automation - The Car Company Tycoon Game (2018)
This looks more like a old Suburban
Ford F-150

Dead Island 2 (2023)
Honestly I always thought this was a Ford Maverick, I now kinda feel like a idiot
Ford Crown Victoria

Dead Island 2 (2023)
BMW Mitch wrote

They're pretty rare in-game, they're only seen in a couple locations including a taxi version in a movie set at Monarch Studios.

I mean it does make sense, most of the game take place in the Rich Areas of LA, unless they're going to add more neighborhoods like Compton, or Glendale it's probably going to stay like that, also a Disneyland like Monarch Park would be hype
Mack CH

Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction (2002)
M00ndreamer wrote

Which one might it be? Idk much of these and whether they made similar big panel vans. Both Dog Pound and this use the same base btw.

Like a Ch
Honda Accord

Dead Island 2 (2023)
plasticbodypanels wrote
from what ive seen looking around the maps, this only appears wrecked. also is right hand drive? not sure why - probably a developer oversight

Though it is old enough to be imported, so who knows

Dead Island 2 (2023)
A couple of vehicles missing, 2 Vans one is a modern one with some A Team ass rims, and the other is a 80s GMC van, (I'm aware there is more but I wanted to point this fact out)
Ford LTD

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (2006)
Silnev wrote

1. This model is ported from the original vice city.
2. Often times developers will feature vehicles in games regardless if they fit the time period or not.

Plus does it really matter, it's only a year off, in some cases you can get away with having a vehicle a decade off from when the game takes place in, as long you downgrade it to fit the time period
Made for Game Coupe (2013)
Is it too late to suggest Scion TC?
Chevrolet Corvair Monza

FlatOut (2004)
Now granted BMW's design is based off of the Corvair
Oldsmobile Delta 88

Call of Duty: Ghosts (2013)
Flippedoutkyrii wrote
Shame this model never reappears, it's nice and grungy! There's also a unique Helix model on the other side of the bridge!

Didn't it comeback in Infinite Warfare Zombies?
Ford Mustang

Mad Max (2015)
Silnev wrote
It's kinda hard to see but this is actually 1 of two real life replicas of the Magnum Opus made as promotion for the game. One (the west coast customs build) was made out of a Maverick and was painted chrome to resemble the Wild Hunt opus you see on all the promotional material. This one, built off a Mustang was the prize of a competition from before the release of the game. I can find no information on who built it, or who won it. Just that it existed.

Also in terms of accuracy. This car is way closer to the ingame depiction of the Shovelface. Compared to the West Coast Customs Magnum Opus which kinda looks like the Wild Hunt version of the car.

Yeah West Coast Customs Wild Hunt looks horrible, like they picked the worst car to do, like Death Rattle or Furnace would've been way easier

Mad Max Game Magnum Opus | Cars | hobbyDB

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2023-01-06 18:45:45 (Silnev)
Chevrolet Malibu

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
mcthieve wrote

What's so bad about it anyway? If we gave it normal sized wheels it's just an average coupe, nothing too horrible.

Basically if the Grand National didn't exist, there will be tons of articles about how outdated and stupid it is, it's like the Boxy T Birds of 1980-82, but extended into 1988, shit the fucking rear windows don't work
Chevrolet Malibu

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
Ah the G Body Malibu, like the worst example of the American Auto Industry in the 1980s
Made for Game Convertible

Disney Infinity (2013)
StigBelcher wrote
Looks very much like the Curtiss-Wright Model 2500 Air Car, 1959

That's a bit of a stretch, also really obscure, well now I guess I know what that Hoover car in Fallout is based on

Test Drive: Eve of Destruction (2004)
This has to be a 90s Monte Carlo
Chevrolet Monza

Test Drive: Eve of Destruction (2004)
Well the only other car that I think is similar to this is the Mustang ii, mainly for it's coke body, and a bit of the front end

1974-78 Ford Mustang II - The New York Times
Made for Game Custom Vehicle

Dead Rising 2 (2010)
Shouldn't Off the Record have it's own page given it's not a DLC but it's own spin off?
Ford Mustang

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022)
Seems to be the Predecessor to this thing from Cold War
Chevrolet Monza

Test Drive: Eve of Destruction (2004)
Silnev wrote

Not that either. It looks more like something from the 1980s. Like a Chrysler coupe.

No it's a Monza, it's a 78 1980 Chevrolet Monza in
Pontiac Grand Prix

Test Drive: Eve of Destruction (2004)
Thank you Silnev for updating all of the photos, so I can finally say this looks nothing like a Monte Carlo, personally I think it's more likely a Grand Prix, which even then I think is a bit of a stretch, I only think that because of the front end kinda being similar (Assuming the angry look comes from how the headlights are lower than the grill) the taillights are kinda similar (At least more similar than the Monte Carlo's) and that slight coke body is pretty Grand Prix when compared to the Brick to the Face subtle lines of the Monte Carlo
Buick Century

Gotham Knights (2022)
Looks like a Buick Century to me
Dodge Bighorn

Minna no Rhythm Tengoku (2011)
Looks like a old Dodge Big Horn truck

File:1973-75 Dodge Bighorn.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Chevrolet Chevy Van

Dead Matter (2023)
Nickolay27PM wrote
No, not Econoline. 1980 Chevrolet Chevy Van.

It's more like a 1992
Chevrolet Suburban

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (2006)
I wonder how can a vehicle this big be so poorly designed, comparing it to other cars in game, it stands out, in a bad way, it doesn't really fit, it's too cartoony and out of the realm in terms of car design

IHRA Drag Racing 2 (2002)
New Edge Mustang

IHRA Drag Racing 2 (2002)
1980 Corvette

IHRA Drag Racing 2 (2002)
Another Firebird

IHRA Drag Racing 2 (2002)
Looks like a Mercury Cougar to me
GMC Vandura

The Need for Speed (1994)
GMC Vandura. It looks like a Chevrolet G-20 but its not[/quote]

No it's a Chevy, GMC's grills don't have anything and it's just a Black void, while Chevy's splits

1994 GMC Vandura 3500 Cargo Van BigIron Auctions


Chevrolet van - Wikipedia

The Need for Speed (1994)
playr97 wrote

Looks like it. Maybe the GMC-branded Vandura, since there's another variation of it in the game.

Nah it's Chevy, there is a split bar in there

The Need for Speed (1994)
Looks like a Chevy Van
GMC B-Series

The Need for Speed (1994)
GMC C5500
GMC B-Series

#DRIVE (2019)
Looks like a GMC B Series
Chevrolet Impala

E.O.S.: Exhibition of Speed (2001)
Oh this is straight up a old Dodge Polara
Chevrolet S-10

Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed (2022)
Hard to tell do to how rusted it is, to me it kinda look like a S10 Chevy from the 1990s, though you could say it might be a Ford Courier
Chevrolet Corvette

Turbo Outrun (1989)
86 do to third brake light
Pontiac G6

Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights (2007)
Burninrubber12345 wrote
Strange that, to this day, this is the only game that got the license of this car!

I mean it's not that weird, because no one really cared about this car
Pontiac Bonneville G/XP

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)
Silnev wrote
In regards to the G/XP, from what other sites say it's written like that in regards to the concept car. As for it's inclusion in the model name, that's just how concept cars are listed.

But it made it to production, why list it as a concept car even though it's was actually real and was sold in dealerships
Pontiac Bonneville G/XP

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)
Mathias98 wrote

I've read Silnev's comments, he wrote it's "based off the 02 Bonneville GXP concept for the body" - which I don't understand, as the GXP concept has the same body as the 2000-05 production model.

Not fully, the regular models (Anything that didn't have a V8) did have a different trim and bumper than the GXP, but yes they are the same car, just with different more normal bumpers


2004 Pontiac Bonneville Value - $885-$5,449 | Edmunds


2004 Pontiac Bonneville GXP Program #2351 | MotorWeek

Edit: Turns out the weird looking one isn't actually most Non GXP Bonnevilles, it's the SLE, the actual Base model Bonnevilles look like this, basically just the GXP but with some bullshit on the doors

Used 2004 Pontiac Bonneville SE Sedan 4D Prices | Kelley Blue Book

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2022-09-23 03:59:14
Chevrolet C-10

Mafia III (2016)
The more I look at this, the more it looks like a 1964 Ford F100, despite them not making a panel van verison of that
Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

IHRA Drag Racing 2 (2002)
I love how obvious it is that they used the Camaro model and slightly change it into a Firebird
Pontiac Bonneville G/XP

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)
Yegoloda69 wrote
This could be returning in GTA VI, its been spotted in the leaked clips, along with the Feroci

Makes sense, Buy American is much more of a thing East of the Rockies
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