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Dallara F192 Ferrari

F1 Super Lap (1993)
This car model name is wrong!

It is the Dallara 192.

The official Dallara F1 team (called BMS Scudeira Italia) raced with this car in 1992 with Ferrari engine.
GMC Vandura 'A-Team'

LEGO Dimensions (2015)
cle5f3f9 wrote
Its obviosly supposed to be the van from A-TEAM so a GMC Vandura

I agree.
Volvo 245

LEGO Dimensions (2015)
I think, it is a first generation (1969) Range Rover
Suzuki Swift

Gran Turismo 7 (2022)
It is a Swift Sport, but it has a rear wing.
ZAZ 968 M Zaporozhets

PUBG: New State (2021)
Kadett A?

Zombie Panic! Source (2007)
RealCarter wrote
Mercedes-Benz W110

No. I think it is a W111.

The W110 has a circle headlights, and W111 has a "standing" headlights.

Offroad Outlaws (2017)
Knugcab wrote
1981 Volvo 242 maybe?

I think it is not a 242. Because the trunk of the Volvo 242 is flat, so it is not placed beetween the two rear lights.
unknown Formula Ford

GRID Legends (2022)
This is Not a Jedi F1000!!

It is a Formula Ford (1600 maybe) I don't know the exact chassis maker for this car in the game, but I think the most active manufacture is the Mygale. So it is maybe a Mygale SJ10 or SJ11 Formula Ford racecar.
Suzuki Swift

Police Interceptors (2023)

Suzuki Swift 2004-2010. Simple stock version. (In a video, we can see the front of the car.)
Porsche Macan

DiRT 5 (2020)
Wow... Hungarian made car in Dirt :D

IGCD Future releases and to-do list (2023)
OK I joined, after 10min maybe I can wrote message on there :D

(Or not if a this storm increased here :S )

IGCD Future releases and to-do list (2023)
Rinspeed wrote

it's already the case i have an array with 0=> Race, 1=> Action etc.
It's not the problem. When i use the code that i post before i want to have the number 1 to enter it in my database but it done Action instead of 1 (i don't understand why it don't take the value=... in my code)

Where is the database? :D I 'can't see database... Only ul list items, or haven't got the full code?
This is what I copied from your post:

When this code run, it writes into html something this:

(Do you have Discord, Skype, (FaceBook) account where we can speak? I't will be easier to show codes. :D )

IGCD Future releases and to-do list (2023)
(I can't remember now, what was that select Country at the old site sorry.)

Say If I misunderstand you. (Maybe my English is not so good.. :D )

You have an Array full of game types [Action, Driving, Shooting, etc....]

And you don't want to assign a number for them? Like 1-Action, 2-Driving?

But you need to get all elements of this Array?

Maybe you can use For-Each loops:

IGCD Future releases and to-do list (2023)
Rinspeed wrote
you can't see it in the comments but you can see it by quote

Ok. Now I try to understand your code :D

IGCD Future releases and to-do list (2023)
Rinspeed wrote
atiwrc, you known a lot about coding website?

I'm now exactly atiwrc's brother, Tibi.(We both use this account)

I'm originally a programmer(Java,C# console and GUI).
But I'm working as a Math and Informatics teacher, and I teach some base of HTML, CSS, JavaScript. So I'm not a professional webprogrammer.

If you have some base question maybe I can answer it, but as I said I'm not an experienced webprogrammer.

IGCD Future releases and to-do list (2023)
Rinspeed wrote

and now?

Perfect :D
The weird stuff disappeard.

IGCD Future releases and to-do list (2023)
And this weird stuff at the right is only appear, when I logged in.

IGCD Future releases and to-do list (2023)
Rinspeed wrote

1. i can't see your pic
2. Ok i will see but i think it's not a big problem as it's very small no?
3. Corrected,no?

1. My old picture:
EDIT!! Here is a new you can saw the bottom border.

2. Is it not too narrow, so not big problem. :)

3. Corrected, but something weird appear at the right side...

-- Last edit:
2020-08-23 15:17:37

IGCD Future releases and to-do list (2023)
First! Sorry my previous post was a bit messy, and incomplete, when I copy a code into it, mix everything on this page.


1. I want to show on my picture(xxSPC.jpg) that if you set some margins, the grey boxes of the cars are not contact each other. There is some place beetween. I think looks better. (see for example the distance beetween the brabham and benetton)

2. Yes the Add comment box can be a bit wider. (It is not responsible, it is 60 col width.)

3. How can I quote a comment? Because, the 3 icon( leftarrow(quote), pen(edit), bin(delete) only appear in my comments. There is no leftarrow on others comments.

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2020-08-23 14:42:01

IGCD Future releases and to-do list (2023)
3. Yes, the site is responsive, but the Add comment box is not.

If I figure well this is what is determinated it:

-- Last edit: 2020-08-23 14:11:49

IGCD Future releases and to-do list (2023)

And something, if you want to look like as a card. Maybe you need to set some margin.
For example in css if you change some value in .mdl-card class-selector its look like better.
margin-right: 5px;
margin-bottom: 5px;

and I rounded more the cards (border-radius: 5px;)

And its look like this:

(Maybe need a little tweek in Advertisment box, because a bottom rollbar is appear in 100% zoom1920x768. On lower or higher zoom this rollbar in't appera.)

IGCD Future releases and to-do list (2023)
It is a hibrid for me. Some page is old, some is new. (As you wrote.)

The look:
I more prefer the higher contrast, so the old is better (for me), white on black background mixed a bit red.

The new is too grey :S Only a bit red color appear.
At the left side, the menu's font color is a bit dark for that backgroundcolor.

Missing, wrong functions:

1. The search function is not working (now) on either layout.

2. The most important, missing feature, that I can't order the cars by date added. How can I know that, what is the new for example in RealRacing3, Forza or GT series, where there are a lot of cars??

Ps. I only browse this site from PC (Win10, FullHD), why is the ADD comment box is so narrow? It is 33% of the page width? (For me.) Maybe if you don't use fixed size width, it will be better.

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2020-08-23 13:22:56
KamAZ 4911

Dakar Game (2016)
KamAZ 4911 (49256)
Dallara GP3/13

Red Bull Racers (2014)
Sorry but this is not an Arden car. Arden is the Team name.

It is the second generation gp3 car for 2013 to 2015.

So it is a Dallara GP3/13.
RAM Racing 01

Motorsport Manager Online (2020)
I think it is definitely a Formula1 car from 1983 or 1984. But I can't find exactly the same, where the rear wing, the sidepods (Y shape from top view), and the front nose is mach.
Volkswagen Scirocco

#DRIVE (2019)
Scirocco 2
Ikarus 415

Bus Simulator 3D 2016 (2016)
Ikarus 415, but I dont know the exact number 415.xx
Ford Fiesta

Automation - The Car Company Tycoon Game (2015)
The back is look like a Ford Fiesta MK1, but the Fiesta has no 5 door version, and unveiled in 1976...

I try to search on Wiki 1971 production car page but didn't find good car for it.

But see the other car of this game.
It is the same with different back. Maybe we try to search cars which has got 5 door and different body shape versions.
MG Metro 6R4

Paris to Dakar (1991)
I think this is not the MG Metro 6R4 Dakar version.
I find pictures from that 6R4:

And this not looks same as the picture above.

I think it's an Peugeot 205 Dakar version:
Datsun Fairlady 2000

Driving Zone: Japan (2016)
It is NOT a HONDA S800, Check the rear lights, front indicator lights, etc.

This is a Nissan (or Datsun) Fairlady SPL-311.
Opel Astra

A2 Racer II (1998)
Oh.... Sorry :D I'm watching Astras from all games, and it was appeared, and I say this is not F. And I didn't see the other G astra from this game. Sorry again. :D
Opel Astra

A2 Racer II (1998)
This is not an Astra F, this is an Opel Astra G, !!
Opel Blitz

Stunt Rally (2014)
I think its looks like more to Opel Blitz, but that is made earlier than 1960.
But see the side windows, the windshield,the mirrors,the nose of the truck, the side of the hood. It is the same as in my picture.

-- Last edit:
2015-01-11 14:51:53
Reynard 02i Honda

Speed Dreams (2010)
Yes! (CART, not IRL)

The helmet is Dario Franchitti's helmet. He was racing in the Team KOOL Green (=Andretti Motorsport) from 1998 to 2002.
They used Reynard chassis with Honda engine. (In the mid of 2002 season they switched to Lola chassis, but then they changed their liveries to a silver-green (and silver blue).

So It is a Reynard-Honda. (I cant see differencies beetween the year's chassis. (Reynard 98i, 99i, 2Ki, 01i, 02i)


The car has Bridgestone Tyres. Bridgestone is debuted in Cart (as the exclusive tyre supplier) in 2002. This must be the 2002 car, which is used only a half season.

So this is a Reynard 02i - Honda.
Ford LTD

Soccer Rally 2 (2014)
In this game, all Taurus brand car is Fords. So I think it is a Ford Gran Torino.
I see that, the head- and taillights are not match, but the hood, and the nose is came from this Ford.
Galmer G92

IndyCar Racing (1993)
Galmer G92
Willys Jeep Station Wagon

Warfare: Im Auge des Terrors (2008)
Ford Focus ST BTCC

GRID Autosport (2014)
Yes! This is an NGTC specification Focus built by Motorbase Performance.
Please rename it to Ford Focus ST MKIII NGTC!
Honda Civic BTCC

GRID Autosport (2014)
Maybe you can add the NGTC specification to the name, as it is in the Rfactor2 version:
MAN LE 2000

MXGP: The Official Motocross Videogame (2014)
No! Where are your eyes? :)
The front grill, and the angle of windshield is totally different in that MAN TGM.
Here is the Man LE2000.

The grill, the windshiled, the lights, the side windows (!!) are maatch. The only difference that this is not 6 wheeler.
Alfa Romeo 147 BTC-T

TOCA Race Driver (2002)
This is not a 147 cup car. This is the BTC-T spec car. (See the rear wing!) This is built by JS-Motorsport for the 2001 BTCC season.

If my sources right, only 2 car is built. One of them is converted to an S1600 rally car

The other is modified to an S2000 car by a belgian team. It got the new 147 lights, and new home made S2000 engine and gearbox. Before they race with it, a hungarian team bought it. It raced on several Hungarian and CEZ Trophy races.
Toyota Starlet

Rally Sport (1996)
I'm sure it is a Toyota Starlet. That is a famous rally car in Finland. (The game developer is finnish too)
Lancia Delta S4

Network Q RAC Rally (1993)
I got this game, but I can't run it, because a protect screen appear, and ask to write a word (from the manual(?), and I haven't got it).
(other old games (like lombard rally, steet rod1-2) is run perfectly on dosbox)

I think there is NO other unlockable car in this game. In my post I mean \"other cars\" that you can see the back of the opponet's cars. Those are the same 5 car which you can drive. See this video from 3:55.

I think the Lancia Delta is the Integrale, because this is in A8 class as all the other 4 car. The S4 is a group B car, banned in 1986. Why they put it to a game which is based on the 1992 or (93) World Rally Championship's season closer race, the British Rally.

Lancia Delta S4

Network Q RAC Rally (1993)

There is a mistake with this car. That's true that Delta S4 Proto is on the menu pictures, but if you click on Car info, you can see, that it is a Delta Integrale 16V.

Maybe it will be good if you can take pictures from the cars. I know that there is no external cam, but at the end of the stage you may see other cars.

Rally Championship 2000 (1999)
Maltravers wrote
Reminds me a Scania, but I need a proper front view image.

It is only a backround picture in the game. But (I don't know why) the textures of the service vehicles are in the game folders too. :D Maybe somewhere they use the models.
Here you can see the textures of 5 type of van/truck.

(Victor! you didn't upload the Golf4 Kit-Car's service vehicle. That is a VW LT, but I think it use the Iveco 3d model.)
Other rally car's vehicle have one of these five with other livery (Example Skoda and Seat have Mercedes van)
Iveco Daily

DiRT 3 (2011)
Iveco Daily

Dakar 2: The World's Ultimate Rally (2003)

If you can change the name of the truck, please modify it to "MAN" (from "Man"). THX
Sorry, but I can't find the exact name of the model.