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Ford Crown Victoria

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing (2003)
It's not look like Chevrolet Caprice mk4, highly doubt it's a Ford Crown Victoria

Forza Customs (2023)
This is honestly makes Forza Street to look like masterpiece...
Lexus GS 300

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)
I hate the minority.

ZipZaps: Street Rally (2003)
ZipZaps also have two additional game specials, 2Fast 2Furious and Initial D, both of them are sharing the same codes from the Redline Rumble series.
As the former is a reskin RR1, while the latter is using the same vehicle physics from RR2.

But facts aside, this game is a pure nostalgia...!

LEGO 2K Drive (2023)
It's not gonna be a surprise that the original iOS game from a decade before would be overshadowed and become into a lost media game in the next years because of this one. I can really see that coming.

MotoGP 22 (2022)
Back to the track after almost 7 months of silent, adding both 500's and 990's 4-stroke bikes category + 2011 Honda RC 212V from 800's 4-stroke

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NHRA Championship Drag Racing: Speed For All (2022)
Who would have believed that the developers of Flatout 3 and the publishers of Big Rigs will come together to create this game...

Room and a half 2 (2018)
An Israeli game, in my Israeli soul.

Forza Motorsport (2023)
I hope this game will manage to stay with the expectations and will not turns to be a shitshow as we've seen in Gran Turismo 7...

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Touhou Fumo Racing (2022)

MotoGP 22 (2022)
Moto2 and Moto3 bikes are now uploaded

MotoGP 22 (2022)
All tracks & the MotoGP class only vehicles are now uploaded, the rest I'll do it later in the next weeks...
Made for Game Kart

Monkey Racing (2014)
"If Need for Pig was success, then why there is no sequel of it like Need for Pig: Hot Bacon?"

SimDrive (1992)
bensinly wrote

Is it known as to what happend to the machines, did they get lost like the 1990 Sonic 1 prototype or destroyed?

As for that, I have no idea if it's lost or destroyed. I'm hope Namco is keeping some prototypes of them and maybe they will release it to the home console in honor of 30 years of System 22 in 2022...
Maybe it will happen, maybe not.

SimDrive (1992)
I read an article about this game in Giant Bomb and said there it was the debut title for the Namco System 22 arcade system in 1992.
It debuted at the 30th JAMMA Amusement Machine show in Japan, in 1992, around the same time that Virtua Racing released in Japan. However, SimDrive was cancelled and Namco re-worked it into Ridge Racer, released the following year in 1993.
Sim Drive had a limited Japanese release in December 1992, but did not get a mass-market release. It served as a prototype for Ridge Racer.
It's kinda shame that this game is now completely lost. But hey, without this game the Ridge Racer franchise may have never made at this point.

Racing Simulation 3 (2002)
I think most of you don't know about this, but this game was supposed to be the sequel to the F1 Racing Championship (Named as F1 Racing Championship 2), this game was never released on any platform. The exact reason behind the cancellation remains unknown, although it is speculated that Ubi Soft lost the F1 license following a dispute with the FIA over releasing the game with online multiplayer. The game was therefore reworked into Racing Simulation 3, dropping any links connecting it to Formula One, and releasing the game around December 2002. Monaco is the missing track in the game itself.

Only 9 screenshots from the unreleased game has been found on Unseen64, with no any video footage of what the game suppose to be like (

NASCAR Racing 2003 Season (2003)
Game Tracks are completed
Boeing Lunar Roving Vehicle

Touhou LostWord (2020)
1971 Boeing LEV-001

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown (2024)
With all due respect to them, I guess this will be the first time that test drive game will gets a PEGI 18 rate
And it will be the first time since Test Drive 2001 that test drive game will be released to an Nintendo console

Gran Turismo HD Concept (2006)
It actually interests me to know that this game has been "lost" for 11 years and fortunately was found in 2018. I was interested in reading about it in the Lost Media Wiki so you can read as well as you like (;_2006).
You can also find in The Cutting Room Floor all kinds of usused things such as camera angle, vehicles and audio. (

NASCAR Heat 4 (2019)
All vehicles in the game have been completed. Unfortunately, 12 vehicles are correctly unknown (by make and class), I'm apologize about that. If by chance you know about the vehicle make, feel free to post in the car page :)

Cruis'n Blast (2017)
Oh dear... I really want to forget about the things I contributed to this game (including my old reactions where my behavior was so stupid)

F1 2021 (2021)
Excuse me for interrupting your hopes for this game, but It's actually impossible that Peel Trident will make an appearance in this game, because only Formula 1 and 2 cars enter this game and also some old Formula 1 cars from 1980 - 2010 in the downloadable content.
And for vehicles like Mastercard Lola can not appear in the game, even if they are as a "legendary" car for you. So "why did Jordan 191 actually get into the 2020 game"? This is because it was Michael Schumacher's first debut in Formula One.

SRX: The Game (2021)
Chevrolet Silverado Baja (?)

SRX: The Game (2021)
USAC 410 or USAC model 360, not kinda sure
Dirt Limited Late Model

SRX: The Game (2021)
Dirt Limited Late Model

SRX: The Game (2021)
huatuanhai wrote
Year release date may 28 2021 and who Contributor this is? there no username here

If i'm not mistake, it was Tatar (unknown number), he was probably infamous user here and his former accounts was banned over and over again as i can see.

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Police Interceptors (2023)
In my opinion this game actually looks impressive in the trailer, I don't know what will happened next, but I hope the developers will not rush and take their time to make this game.

Police Interceptors (2023)

Age of Speed 2 (2009)
Victor_2003 wrote
Looking by old videos dates that as posted in YouTube, probably that game was released in 2009.

To put it nicely, I don't think the game released in 2009, I guess the first game came out in 2006 and this game came out somewhere in 2007 or 2008.

And just in case, Age of Speed 1 probably developed on Macromedia Director MX 2004, and Age of Speed 2 probably developed on Adobe Director 11. This is just an average guess of course.

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2021-04-30 14:02:06

Test Drive Cycles (2000)
Test Drive Cycles also have versions for PlayStation 1 and Dreamcast which was cancelled.

In Unseen64 you can see prototype images of the PSX version ( while you can find also some prototype videos of the dreamcast version
Chevrolet SS NASCAR

rFactor 2 (2012)
Chevrolet SS NASCAR
Toyota GR Supra NASCAR

rFactor 2 (2012)
Toyota Supra NASCAR

Scud Race (1996)
There are also 3 Bonus vehicles that can be driven in a Super Beginner Track in Scud Race Plus / Sega Super GT Plus (Rocket, Bus and Tank). I'm pretty sure the all of them are Made for Game.
There are also Cat in the super beginner, but he's not a car (;

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Sports Car GT (1999)
For users who want to see screenshots of the game's beta(?) (Which called "Professional Sportscar Racing" before it was changed), you can enter here:
Toyota Mark X MC

SEGA World Drivers Championship 2018 (2017)
Toyota Mark X MC

IGCD Future releases and to-do list (2023)
I have a discord account, but unfortunately the code has probably expired

Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)
So ironic that this game and the planes is so realistic, but some of the vehicles are very unrealistic :miam:

Troll Face Quest: Video Memes 2 (2020)
Another Troll Face Quest game... :/

Gran Turismo 2 (1999)
If I'm not mistaken, there is also Dodge Intrepid with racing modifications applied.
With only 2 colors: Yellow and White
Ford Taurus NASCAR

Gran Turismo 2 (1999)
Presumably due to licensing issues with Roush Racing (Mark Martin's team during the 1999 NASCAR Winston Cup Series), the livery was changed to a generic NASCAR-inspired design in the NTSC-U 1.2 and PAL versions of the game.

"Originally" when Racing Modifications are applied in the NTSC-J and NTSC-U 1.0 and 1.1 versions of Gran Turismo 2, the car's appearance is altered to match that of NASCAR driver Mark Martin's 1999 #6 Valvoline/Eagle One Taurus.

Here is a video that showing a race between Mark Martin's design to this design:

Race (1978)
After 14 years since IGCD made, Atari's Race it's finally here! :sun:

Fast & Furious: Crossroads (2020)
Be honest or not, this game is sure to be disappointing, like F&F Showdown

Gran Turismo 7 (2022)
The game it's gonna release to Playstation 5, but right now there no PS5 role in this game. Maybe administrators gonna added this soon :)
Toyota Camry NASCAR

Cars: Lightning League (2017)
Toyota Camry NASCAR
Dodge Charger NASCAR

Cars: Lightning League (2017)
Dodge Charger NASCAR
Chevrolet Monte Carlo NASCAR

Motor Toon Grand Prix (1994)
Race Car NASCAR or Chevrolet Monte Carlo NASCAR
Made for Game Coupe

Motor Toon Grand Prix (1994)
1956 Chevrolet Bel Air
Checker A8

Motor Toon Grand Prix (1994)
1968 Checker Marathon (?)

Road Rage (2017)
Team 6 Studio, one of the most infamous game developments in steam, mading the worst game in steam "FlatOut 3" and mading a lot of some horrible racing games in steam...
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