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Toyota Camry

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004)
RetroGUY wrote
I always thought it was like a Ford Granada Scorpio

Only issue with that being that the game is set in the states, heh, That and the shape of the car >.>

Still since someone commented here I figure I better say some random stuff too :P I think the badge makes some of us think its ford like.. maybe it is? Allways reminded me of something like a Topaz or such, I never personally saw this as a japanese car anyhows.
Ford F-150

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (2004)
Ya know what. Im gona put this here.. nobodys usually intrested in my rant about where textures came from but take a look at this.

Its the Harley Davidson edition of the superduty, And that just happend to be introduced in 2004? The orange ones look like it, the wheels even seem to match, and the others are just re-hues.. So I belive the textures are just taken from the side of the Harley ford,

Making this a 2004 model Super duty?

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Mercedes-Benz 540 K

High School Driving Test (2015)
1936 Mercedes-Benz SSK the rear is almost exactly the same, And the front is close. Some even have 3 spare wheels like this one with the two on the sides. atleast from what Ive seen.
Chevrolet Task-Force 3800

Mafia III (2016)
It still has a long hood.

seems a 6500 series but.. I cant find ANY Military type stuff, Or even one thats been made to look like one.. Nothing. Maybe they just re-used the model to make something quick? I dunno, seems odd to use something that never was but thats that.
Checker Marathon

Mafia III (2016)
LeakyLine wrote
There's a unique variant of this car used by the Southern Union to traffic PCP around Frisco Fields. It's green and white instead of yellow.

Ah thats what that was, I found it by accident before I even got to that part of the game. From the distance I thought it was an older cop car. paked up outside a house.

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Chevrolet Camaro

Mafia III (2016)
This happen to anybody else?

I died and got a black one when I respawned.

International Harvester Loadstar

Mafia III (2016)
Kinda like an internatinal. but. not too? I mean It dosent have that destinct grill.

Also I think it kinda looks like this.. A White 9000

Also ive seen pics of twin headlights? but only on this australian one. so I dunno if its just a region thing.
Buick Skyhawk

Delaware St. John Volume 2: The Town With No Name (2005)
well I see the front of a camaro and the rear of a mustang.
AEC Mercury

Grand Theft Auto: Mission Pack #1 - London 1969 (1999)
Did a little more looking around and found the model name as Mercury, so I went and changed this and the other then.
Subaru Legacy B4

Forza Horizon 3 (2016)
LHD traffic bugs me way more than it should.
Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Forza Horizon 3 (2016)
Well I dont own a games console.. but gee, this is the first time Ive seen this in a game.

I hope it has hood options and such, Would love to make a replica of the one I owned from 2008 - 2015
Bedford S Type

Grand Theft Auto: Mission Pack #1 - London 1969 (1999)
Here to break up the forza again,
From a little research the RL seems more military used? and for heavy duty stuff?

Where as the S Type ive seen plenty of tanker images.

So I propose renaming to Bedford S Type,
Bedford CA

Grand Theft Auto: Mission Pack #1 - London 1969 (1999)
Forza forza -Cross counter!-
I belive this to be a Bedford CF. Note the more square shape and even the roof box thingy.
I was unable to find a toy one but ya

Random fun fact?
There was an un-used ambulance that never managed to get ingame, It was a much older looking model seen here.

The was also a carotina looking police car.. hm.
AEC Mercury

Grand Theft Auto: Mission Pack #1 - London 1969 (1999)
Got it!

So Most GTA London cars seem to be based on toys, Most cars apear to be a picture of a top of a toy, that has then been touched up before being stuck in game, This is more clear on some than others., Mostly stands out on the 'Bentover' in London 1961.
This one tho I belive I found the actual Toy it was.

Its a Corgi AEC Ladder Truck.
Now I dont know What kind of AEC this is because thats a truck I know nothing about, But check the image below to see the explination. I belive it to be Early 70s.

I allways thought the body of the firetruck looked a little thin, and I guess that explains it. heh were basically driving a flatbed.
Next Im off to cover the Mangler.

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International 4700

APB Reloaded (2010)
Well I agre with Stratumx heres.
Ford Three Window Coupe

MMX Hill Climb (2016)
well id say the body is from a 1934 Ford 3 window coupe, with a choped down roof, Just, the generic hotrod body without the front fenders.

Orr... Possibly a 34 Chevrolet Standard coupe? Ford more likley tho

Forza Horizon 3 (2016)
I still prefer the Delorean,
This may be a refined motorsport car.
But the delorean slaps you in the face with pure 80s-ness
Chevrolet K-3500

Rally Championship 2002 (2001)
Uh, CHevrolet K3500?

Just a little deformed in the model is all :P

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Rally Championship 2002 (2001)

Textures seem to be of a 60 - 66 C-10 so, Agree with JFK.
Oddley enough you can see the side of the hood on the texture, Despite the hood being open.

Rally Championship 2002 (2001)
The shape kinda reminds me of this M705, But I cant find any info on it since all sites with an image of this truck set off my virus scannor.. seriusly.. Every site with a pic of this truck, its elusive.

But I dont think it is that exact one, I belive tho it is some kind of old GM? unless the textures are just thrown onto a random truck shape heh.
Mack R-Series

Cyclemania (1994)
Well.. A definate R Series of some kind eh?
White-Freightliner COE

Mafia III (2016)
looks like my comment and replys have been deleted,
The only reson I post images insted of links is because I feel it wont really work unless I slam things infront of peoples faces, Hell even if I post an explination with images, I still get random car names afterwords.

so here goes....
The picture on the left is an internatinal... the picture on the right is a kenworth bullnose... Unknown to me if thats the name officialy or if its just a nickanem.. but whatever... thats all I got.

also looking up kenworth bullnose trucks most seem sleeper cabs, maybe thats just what survived the most, the fact theres no fenders and such stkicing our sugest its not the internatnal (I first thought it was) and id say its cirtenly not a ford.

Notification would be nice people..
Buick Riviera

Mafia III (2016)
patridam wrote

What year Fairlane were you thinking?

1970? Just has hints of it too me. the lovechild of a fairline and riviera.
Buick Riviera

Mafia III (2016)
is it just me or does this also have a hint of Fairlane in it, The rear end looks like a pointy fairline to me, but the rest is total Riviera ya, Wich is nice since I really like the riviera :P
Buick Electra

Mafia III (2016)
the whole styling reminds me of the 66 Electra
Plymouth Gran Fury

Mafia III (2016)
can we really say Gran Fury, I mean I would just say Fury to keep it simple. but k?

I do agree with pat here I think, It kinda fits, looks fairly close, fits the police car role wich is also the same car as this, and.. Also fits mafias tridition of having police cars from the future I guess? heh
Porsche 911

Cross Racing Championship 2005 (2005)
well this is a mix, Kinda reminds me of a slant nose porsche, but shorter, with a daytona rear end and headlights.. Allmost like someone got a Miata and did one of those sports car bodykit things.
some images,

Drawing from there website looks more like a defromed 911 almost reminds me of a short version of the GTA SA commet with diffrent headlights.

I traced a picture of the front end of a 911, (or I think the pic is a 93 but still same body?) and added daytona lights, I guess all the ingame one needs is a chunky front bumper?

and the rear end, Well thats kinda a mess, again it looks like it has daytona elements such as the lights, and the way the exhausts look, But the rear 'trunk' looks too long for a 911 or such, Looks more like a 944

heres another roughly traced image with daytona elements.

And ingame from the vid I watched smoke from rear end would indicate its also rear engined.

Dont know how to callit but ill just leave all this here as food for tought.
Steyr Multi 4115

Farming Simulator 17 (2016)
Yeah, all that too.
I mean In FS15 I allready have a mod for.. Manual ignition, and such, glitches out with some stuff tho.. Also manual transmission mod dosent seem to mesh well with some mods. Itll be good to see all that stuff reliably working, and standurd ingame. The only thing missing to make this american map complete is.. John deere, Unfortunatly it dosent look like theyll have a license for that still.
Ford F-150

Farming Simulator 17 (2016)
Still, they went for 4 door again, I kinda hpe for a pickup with a long bed single cab too? or even a flatbed?
Hope there are more than One pickup option anyways, I mean there are two semi cabs.
Steyr Multi 4115

Farming Simulator 17 (2016)
xndrzz wrote

on the game page announced tractors Steyr Multi, power 99-114 hp. This means in the game on: 4095 MULTI, 4105 MULTШ, 4115 MULTI.
In this version of the game can be changed on the tractor engine. Also, as in ETS2. Accordingly, with the engine change will be together and change index model.

And also I heard about customisable wheel colors, body colors, and things like wheel types, size, and wheel weights? Just keeps getting better eh? heh
Peterbilt 389

Farming Simulator 17 (2016)
Now that I think about it more, The headlights are definatly pete, the rear I dunno what that is, The grill however really reminds me of a freightliner, I think this just falls under generic truck catogory? Bit of everything.

Burnout Legends (2005)

anyway Looks like what happens if you breed an old Celcia with an Infinity or something.
Peterbilt 389

Farming Simulator 17 (2016)
Woo for american trucks again, Now hopefully we will also get euro trucks for euro maps.. so far its been one or the other, without relying on, well Lets face it, mostly bad, and unreliable mods.

Headlights and front really seeme Pete tho.
Ford Thunderbird

Mafia III (2016)
Apears to just be a more modified version of the old thunderbird model from Mafia II

So I assumne all DLC cars are just more moded versions of what we allready get?

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Chevrolet Task-Force 3800

Mafia III (2016)
Saw this in the vid, But its allready posted here.
Ford Model AA

Motorama (2014)
Oddly enough the textures seem to be taken from a real life Ford model AA, The door texture is fliped but it has the orignal license plate, company name, and phone number.

Ok so I was wrong, The place is diffrent, Maybe im jsut dumb :P But ok it ended the same.

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Plymouth Gran Fury

Mafia III (2016)
Well I got to say the front end really reminds me of a 75 Caprice. But the body looks much squarer.
Mazda Bongo

Cities in Motion (2011)
Looks like it has fog lamp type things where the turn signals should be,
But really reminds me of the Subrau 360 Van.

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New Holland TC 5.90

Farming Simulator 15 (2014)
fontheking5 wrote
The pipe is still to low to clear the big Semi Trailer .

A few of them are, Thats why I usually use auger wagons, Also this was the first new harvester I bought.
Holmer Terra Variant 600

Farming Simulator 15 (2014)
Holmer Deutschland, Did I screw something up?
Wow I suck at uploading stuff here.
New Holland W 170 C

Farming Simulator 15 (2014)
Much nicer than the stock Liebherr in my opinion, But.. it still bugs me how it apears in Mods section, despite being official DLC, even if it was free.
JCB 260

Farming Simulator 15 (2014)
Also, I love this thing, Its not expencive in game, and has so many practical uses that its one of my most used vehicles also just seems somehow fun to use.
VAZ 21213 Niva

Farming Simulator 15 (2014)
ryan2t4 wrote
what dlc is used?

These are traffic cars from the Gold addon, A farm called Sosnovka in eastern europe.. The same addon that has the zetor tractors, and such.
I got it on sale on steam a few months back so dident set me back much at all. Cant recall how much exactly, But its nice to have a new official map.
Ford Cargo

Multi-Level Car Parking Simulator 4 (2016)
Ford Cargo, 1981,
Used to have one where I work, Till they junked it last year after 29 years of service.. shame.
Peterbilt 359

Carmageddon: Max Damage (2016)
This may sound. nitpicky?.. But wouldent it have been better if ya took the shot of the trailer that it spawned with since thats its.. Regular form? Kinda thing.
Chevrolet Step Van

Dead Rising 3 (2013)
The ingame truck does not have a split windsheild but the closest I can find so far is the Chevrolet step van, The 300 series, forword control, Ive also seen it listed as a P30, but I dunno Im not really a van expert. I just know they were used as food trucks, icecream trucks and such.

And dspite the 1960 on the brosure, Ive seen the same bodystyle back to 1958 from what ive looked up. Hopefully this will be helpfull for some people who know there stuff :P
Kenworth W-900

Nitro Type (2014)
The easy one for being a Clear W900. with a sleeper even.
Peterbilt 379

Nitro Type (2014)
The hood definatly says pete 379 so id go with that ya?
Ducati Scrambler

American Truck Simulator (2016)
I set the wrong country,
Because I am a moron.

But still Puccato heh
Peterbilt 289

CarX Drift Racing (2014)
Hakari wrote

Was it officialy produced in 4x2 configuration?

There is plenty of single axel ones around so Id assume so,
I know one thing tho, they were never produced with orange headlights :P that texturing is just odd.
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