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Forza Customs (2023)
Forza-wise it's a really strange game in my opinion.
Lamborghini Miura

Driver: San Francisco (Wii) (2011)
I didn't expect Melizanno to appear as a police car.

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2024-05-18 12:54:23

Driver: San Francisco (Wii) (2011)
I am close to complete the game, only one award (Tourist) left.
Edit: Got all concept art.

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2024-05-18 22:45:14

Car Detailing Simulator (2022)
Are the cars really drivable?, from videos I saw about it, I don't think so.
Ford F-350

Driver: San Francisco (Wii) (2011)
I haven't figured out how to unlock this vehicle yet.

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Ford LTD

Driver: San Francisco (Wii) (2011)
Paul Spain wrote
This also what the police car is?

Yup, even Customs one.

Driver: San Francisco (Wii) (2011)
Ryan2t4 wrote
There's few more of vehicles need to added

I'll take care of that.

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The Godfather (1991)
I guess I assume, the part happens in the Godfather Part III.
International Harvester K-Series

The Godfather: The Game (2006)
The vehicle is drivable.
AEC Routemaster

Gangs of London (2006)
The bus only has onboard view when driven.
Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse

Gangs of London (2006)
Steele Assocation is not a choosable gang in story mode, so I think this goes similarly with playable gangs, in my case with Zakharov organisation.
GM AVGP Grizzly

Driver: Renegade (2011)
4 wheel version of Negotiator.
Chrysler 300 M

Driver: Renegade (2011)
Model name is shared with Parallel Lines counterpart.
Ford Crown Victoria

Driver: Renegade (2011)
Based on Torrex (Driver: Parallel Lines).
Sisu XA-180

MMX Hill Climb (2016)
Hill Dash version of Blok APC.

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Shuanghuan Noble

MMX Hill Climb (2016)
Hill Dash version of Paige's truck.
Shelby Cobra

MMX Hill Climb (2016)
Hill Dash version of John Cena's truck.
Race Car Formula 1

MMX Hill Climb (2016)
Hill Dash version of Zoltan Zenith.
Peterbilt 378

MMX Hill Climb (2016)
Hill Dash version of Mag 1200.
Ford Three Window Coupe

MMX Hill Climb (2016)
Hill Dash version of Molten Growler.
Ford F-150 Trophy Truck

MMX Hill Climb (2016)
Hill Dash version of Draga DX.
Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

MMX Hill Climb (2016)
Hill Dash version of Aidley War Street.
Dune Buggy Rock Bouncer

MMX Hill Climb (2016)
Hill Dash version of Aidley Bully.
Dune Buggy

MMX Hill Climb (2016)
Hill Dash version of Odd Razor.
Chevrolet Advance-Design 3100

MMX Hill Climb (2016)
Hill Dash version of Aidley Tracker.
Cadillac Eldorado

MMX Hill Climb (2016)
Hill Dash version of Lucha Dragons' truck.
Ford Torino

MMX Hill Climb (2016)
Since MMX Racing is delisted, the only way to get the car is to accomodate 15000 Gold, then buy it.
Also, Hill Dash version of Molten Muscle.

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Rolls-Royce Dawn

KartRider: Drift (2023)
I guess I might see the Batman reference.
Isuzu Cubic

Choro Q Advance (2001)
The conspiracy version of this vehicle (Racer #50) is unlocked by winning a Tokai53 race in Amuse Area.

Choro Q Advance (2001)
Bodies available after clearing areas and by unlocking Black Markets are avaialable to buy for 700 G, including other starter choices, which are available at Circuit Area shop with exception of Elise.

Black Markets are unlocked after winning every race in a specific area.

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Lotus Elise

Choro Q Advance (2001)
Elise body can be chosen as one of the starter bodies, otherwise won from LndForst race in Nature Area.
Choro Q Motors Qi

Choro Q Advance 2 (2002)
One of the five bodies available at Quick Play.
When unlocked, it costs 3200 G in the shop.

Choro Q Advance 2 (2002)
After choosing a starter body, other choices appear in the shop for 100 G.

The XCar body is available to buy after finishing the Wonder Cup of Grand Prix mode for 2400 G.

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De Tomaso Pantera GTS

Driver: Renegade (2011)
Based on Driver: Parallel Lines' Raven.
Buick Grand National

TRAIL OUT (2022)
Practically Thunder with Zhenka in the trunk.
Plymouth Road Runner

Mario Kart 8 (2014)
It's a Flame Flyer.
Hot Wheels Ramblin' Wrecker

Hot Wheels Unleashed (2021)
Wasn't that truck that my father throw out the car's window, then it was retrieved crushed.
Hillman Avenger

EA Sports WRC (2023)
The first Hillman Avenger on the site.
Trabant 601

Velvetist: The City of Machine Guns (2023)
It's Trabant 601.
Plymouth Barracuda

Demolition Derby 3 (2018)
The update on the Stinger dispute:

Plymouth Barracuda:
Kodiak - Circuit: DD
Stinger - DD3

Dodge Charger Daytona:
Stinger Classic - DD2
Stormer Laguna - DD3
Opel Corsa

Demolition Derby 3 (2018)
Corsova is a combination of "Corsa" and "Nova".
Lancia Stratos

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
New Info: The Italian Automotive Update will re-introduce Lancias, Alfa Romeos, Fiats and Abarths.
AMC Gremlin

The Simpsons: Hit & Run (2003)
I just noticed the steering wheel is missing in that car.

Asphalt 5 (2009)
Apparently Symbian version of Asphalt 5 does not contain American cars.
De Tomaso Pantera

Fortnite (2017)
The rear end reminds me of Flatout 2's Sparrowhawk.
Hotmatch Skully

Road Rage (2017)
It's interesting to see a Hotmatch bike outside of Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition at some point.
Chevrolet Fleetline

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition (2005)
I agree with strike regarding body customization, however the stock vinyl can be removed.
Ford Falcon

King of the Mountain (2018)
The vehicle is based on Group C XD Falcon named "Tru-blu".
Peugeot 205 Turbo 16

RalliSport Challenge (2002)
The tailights come from facelifted Peugeot 205.
Opel Corsa

Demolition Derby 3 (2018)
The tailights of the car come from 1983-1985 Daihatsu Charade.
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