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Cupra Formentor

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
Glad this is in, especially being the VZ5 with the RS3 I5 engine, 390 hp in total.
Mercedes-Benz 200 T

Retro Garage - Car mechanic simulator (2019)
alexmobil wrote

its not a Mercedes-Benz 200 T, the person who put this is not a car pro and stupid, this car is the mercedes w124 touring!!!!

Calm down, no need to call people names specially when the edit isn't that far off:

I will say specifying this is a 200 T is maybe a bit too much since I can't see proof of that in the pics alone, but a 200 T did exist on this gen, and BTW, the wagon version of a W124 is a S124, so that's 100% correct by all means here and there was no need to specify that in your comment, unless you didn't know about it, which would be ironic considering you are calling others not car-pros.

Top Drives (2017)
Top Drives is now complete! Future content will be promptly added as it comes of course.
Audi A3

Darkwind: War on Wheels (2007)
shotgunner20 wrote
The file name is called "audi1"

Dead giveaway for what this is, a first gen Audi A3.
Morgan Plus 4 Plus

Top Drives (2017)
Incredibly rare, as only 26 were made.

Top Drives (2017)
I suspect a new JDM update isn't very far off, brands like Nissan or Subaru have been given lots of attention, but Honda and Mitsubishi are lack lusting to say the least, not a single Carisma, Eclipse, FTO, Galant, GTO, Legnum, or Starion to be seen, quite strange really.
Maserati GranSport

Top Drives (2017)
So according to Maserati itself, these were coded M138, but it seems the M128 was for US Spec models only, nothing really clear on those.

Top Drives (2017)
GabbyTheReaper wrote

Hey, J-2, I didn't meant to disagree or annoy you with those questions, I'm sorry if I did that to you. This car list is amazing and keep doing the good work!!

Thanks! Just reached M now, so still quite a road ahead.
Lancia Thema

Top Drives (2017)
Well, at least we can say it got licensed in a videogame...but a crying shame not in a proper '3D' way.
Koenigsegg CCXR

Asphalt 8: Airborne (2013)
Attacker1997 wrote

We don't need to follow 100% what is shown on our sister sites, since some vehicles only change the engine or in small aesthetic details. This one, for example, is just a limited edition with diamond weave carbon fiber finish

That's the trying part of it, many cars have very specific differences so it's all about finding out where to make the cut, in this case, it's quite clear for example.
Koenigsegg CCXR

Asphalt 8: Airborne (2013)
Daboi492 wrote
What was the point of point of updating all this and the F-Type pages?

The point? Well, check the changes. I'm trying to standardize car naming across IGCD and IMCDB, we have a big problem with what's put under extra info and the main name, sometimes something is considered part of the main name for a car, and sometimes it's put under extra info as if was a simple trim level, so some steps should start to happen to make it clear.
Jaguar XK-SS

Top Drives (2017)
Built up to the original car specifications, as if was a 1957...but manufactured 60 years later.
Infiniti M30

Top Drives (2017)
Definitely not made by Lexus! (movie reference, just in case)

Top Drives (2017)
With 235 cars, Ford has been finally added, being the maker with most cars on its roster (between Americans, Europeans, Aussies, Concepts, was to be expected) and also means that with 1433 current cars, Top Drives is now the #1 game with most cars at IGCD, which will only grow until the also current 3400 total car list is reached.
Ford Mustang

Top Drives (2017)
Fixed, thanks.
Abarth 695

Top Drives (2017)
Another example of 'So close, yet so far' on having a Ferrari in the game for the time being..

But due to how the game has been growing, and how most (if not all) main competitors to Ferrari are already in-game (Porsche, Lamborghini, Pagani, Koenigsegg...) I wouldn't be surprised if it arrives sooner than later.

Top Drives (2017)
Leandro wrote

That will cost too much time tho

Well, at this rate, maybe 1 week, so it's not that bad.

Top Drives (2017)
Top Drives currently have 3400 officially licensed cars, so it will top #1 when finished for quite a long time I guess...
Dodge Slingshot

Top Drives (2017)
Based on a smart Roadster Coupť, hence the origin.
Dodge Challenger

Top Drives (2017)
People complain some names are being disgraced today, being turned into SUVs for example, which is right, but the trend of ruining a good name started a long time ago it seems.

Top Drives (2017)
Ok, time to recap to avoid answering the same questions over and over.

1-This game will NOT be deleted in the foreseeable future unless any actual issues happen.
2-First thing to be done was a quick discuss among admins, and most at the very least didn't mind the game being re-listed, so again, unless there is a clear demand for the game to be taken down, it will stay.
3-The main reasons for a take down would be copyright issues, but for the 4th time, EVERY picture and EVERY car shown here is properly licensed, the car to the manufacturer and the picture to the right holder of EVO magazine, it wasn't one guy lurking around Google pics looking for the first pic available.
4-I wouldn't be wasting my time uploading 3400 pics if I knew it was going to be gone, again, I can't speak for other games in particular, but as for TD right now, it should be safe for the long run.
5-One of the biggest reasons to re-add the game, legal reasons and admin opinions put first aside, is again, the sheer number of licensed cars. Yes, they are represented by real life pictures, but as it was also said, some will never seen in a game again, and I think it's a shame not having a game like this listed on IGCD, it just makes sense.

-- Last edit:
2023-04-23 09:27:54
Fiat Grande Punto

GT-R Touring (2006)
Ericwanted wrote
Looks more like an Abarth Grande Punto

Agree. Only the misplaced taillights are from a Leůn.

Top Drives (2017)
GabbyTheReaper wrote
Hey, if I recall correctly, there was a game called "Ondarun" or something like that, and in that game that was like a card game of some sorts, had a very similar car line up to ths game, and was never finished here in IGCD. Eventually the game vanished, and I have to ask, does that game that I just mentioned and this one was the same?

If I recall correctly, that was on the thin line way more than this.

First of all, it was a browser game, which is not a problem by itself, just a 'step' lower, so just based on that could be listed, but the big issue was licensing, I'm sure both the cars and the pics weren't actually properly licensed, so I don't think a return can be done unless proof of actual licensing for both things can be provided.
Audi RS6 Avant

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
e-tron GT, RS4, RS5, RS7 and now this, finally Audi is starting to get up to date!

Top Drives (2017)
Considered the very first M5, years before the M535i. Too bad both are always forgotten about in other games...
Bentley Mulsanne

Top Drives (2017)
Back in Hutch...

-We managed to secure the new Mulsanne!
-Really? So we can have as many as we want?
-Yes! How many versions you would like?
-Taking into account how hard is this car to license...yes.
Audi quattro

Top Drives (2017)
Funnily enough not only the picture is from a 1990 20V version, is the rear view of the also listed 1990 20V version, so Hutch should change this pic...

Top Drives (2017)
VectorX wrote
Hey J-2, since I'm kinda new to this site, just to make sure, if someone's already contributing for a game then no one else can right?

Sorry, I missed your previous comment, no problem in being new, normally it's the case yes, one person does a game, and in case help is needed, it's up to the contributor to ask.

In this case, even though is a giant game, I already have a method to go fast, but if at any point I need help to move on, I'll remember your offering, thank you.

Top Drives (2017)
LRF Modding wrote
This game has 3000 CARS???

3400. As stated, it's a shame real-life pics are the way to go on this one, but as for licensing efforts, this game takes the cake for sure.

Top Drives (2017)
Antti-san wrote
Personally, I find it a bit boring that these are "just" real pictures, instead of actual 3D models or something made specifically for the game.

But I suppose there's nothing wrong with it, if these are "licensed" so to speak and not just taken off the net by some rando. And I'm not an admin or anything anyways. :p

I definitely agree on that, everything is quite balanced, the cons are definitely there, including your first point, they are adding more unique 3d models, but it will never be enough to differentiate every and each car.

As for the pros, as you also said, every car here is licensed so the real pic is a 'placeholder' in my mind, most cars seen here will never be featured again in any other game (at least in 3d form) so I guess it's worth it.

Top Drives (2017)
Daboi492 wrote
But isnít the non-original images the issue?

It was a bit of a mixed bag of many things, currently most admins have stated they don't mind the game being re-added for the time being, and the pictures are officially licensed to the game by Autovia Limited, who holds the trademark to EVO Magazine, so they are properly sourced.
Alfa Romeo GT 1300

Top Drives (2017)
Sadly it seems some mess is still being made by the car pictured, if I'm correct, this is a 1974 GT, not a 1968 GTA

Top Drives (2017)
Currently this page serves as a demo until a decision on whether or not keep it for good is reached.
Lamborghini Revuelto

Asphalt 9: Legends (2018)
And yet another name that sounds quite awfully in Spanish.

I'm sure it's named after a bull as always, but revuelto can be translated into feeling stomach churned or as scrambled eggs among other things.

(To be fair, Reventůn was even worse, since it literally means blowout, something you don't want to associate with a supercar)
Toyota Corona (2013)
IvanGalaxy123 wrote

Keep it educated, extra cursing and all caps is not going to make your point any more valid.
Ford Focus WRC

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
Quite a welcomed surprise for sure
Opel Corsa

Biohazard RE:3 (2020)
This is not a movie, so the setting doesn't matter as much as the developers want to.

It's 100% an Opel Corsa A, it's identical! The front clip is a bit altered, but the side flares are a perfect match, not to mention the handles, the lights, the windows...
CitroŽn BX

OutRun Europa (1991)
A CitroŽn BX is a good match, even the taillight bulbs configuration is the same.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V

Gran Turismo 7 (2022)
Hansen Sebastian wrote

It is. And it's not spam, it's teaching others a lesson in how an old joke becomes less funny with age.

It's not. What he is telling you is that you could simply group all quotes and replies into a single message, instead of filling the page with so many messages.

World Racing 2: Champion Edition (2022)
I had to search for far, looks like a really pointless game, I can just see WR2 looking exactly the same, but with all the licensing lost for all cars.
Gumpert Apollo

Project CARS (2015)
Daboi492 wrote
Sadly currently the last appearance of a Gumpert, itís weird that Apollo doesnít hold the rights now. Are the rights just unobtainable now?

Both Gumperts and Apollos appear on Top Drives under the Apollo tag (The Gumperts use their logo and naming though) that's the only recent case I'm aware of.
Spark Odyssey 21

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
The whole grid in fact. Too bad the Hummer one will just be yet another livery instead of having its own custom body.

Test Drive 4 (1997)
It's clearly an E39.

Forza Motorsport (2023)
ThePorsche934.5 wrote
I hope this game will manage to stay with the expectations and will not turns to be a shitshow as we've seen in Gran Turismo 7...

Well, by the time is released they will had spent 6 years making it, which is unheard of in a Forza title, so expectations should be reasonably high.
Volkswagen Pickup

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
At least is somewhat fitting for the setting, FH5 in terms of car localization is the biggest disappointment so far, at least since FH3, in which great car was taken in order to bring as much local car culture as possible.

And yes, of course is way easier to add aussie or british cars rather than mexican ones, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to add. A Nissan Tsuru or a late VW Vocho (not the recycled one from years ago) would have been quite a nice start...
Audi RS5

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
Finally Audi is getting some deserved love, the lineup was quite dated by now.
Toyota Tacoma

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
To be honest, Toyota never had a good off-road lineup in Forza until recently, when the Artic Trucks and the FJ40 Land Cruiser appeared.

Plus, this is the perfect game for those, so as long they don't forget about the other cars, such as the examples you said, I welcome all these models for sure.
Toyota Tacoma

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
Upcoming car for Series 7
Alfa Romeo 33

SpotRacers (2018)
Agree on Alfa 33
Changan-Ford Taurus

Used Car Tycoon Game (2021)
I have only been able to find that front-end with the extended headlights all the way to the grill in the chinese Taurus, is there any pics of the chinese Mondeo with the same front?
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