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John Deere 6930

EA Sports WRC (2023)
John Deere 6930
TAM Vive

Ghostrunner 2 (2023)
Im pretty sure this is a TAM Vive
IMT 509D

Euro Truck Simulator 2 (2012)

Ford Racing 3 (2004)
Claas Lexion

WRC Generations (2022)
John Deere 6 Series

Counter Strike 2 (2023)
We talked on discord what to do with CS2 and the best course of action is to make a separate page for it in order not to mess up the GO entry. Some vehicle models in CS2 are new, some are retextured and some are direct ports of old models. Even though it replaces CS:GO its a new game (modded Half Life:Alyx basically) that runs on Source 2 and recreates the old CS experience.
IMT 539 DeLuxe

Derail Valley (2019)
halbtollekreatur wrote
Ursus C342

Nope, IMT 539 DeLuxe

Hitman 2 (2018)
Made for Game
John Deere 6810

Back 4 Blood (2021)
ChuffersDanube wrote
Fendt 700 Vario

Gran Turismo 7 (2022)
Not a Fendt, its a Claas Axion with Case IH Puma headlights
Fiat Grande Punto

GT-R Touring (2006)
Not an Abarth, standard Grande Punto with Maserati 3200 headlights, you can tell by the bumpers. Also you can see where the taillights were, but they were removed because of the spoiler.
Dodge Charger

Test Drive Unlimited 2 (2011)
Here are some images for you:
Dodge Charger

Test Drive Unlimited 2 (2011)
I modded an unpacked game version to make the police cars appear in dealers, bought them and transferred to my online save.
Lotus Evora

Test Drive Unlimited 2 (2011)
Daboi492 wrote
Fun fact: this car erroneously has itís 3rd and 4th gear ratios swapped. This is evidenced by the 3rd starting at a lower RPM then usual and the 4th gear being skipped.

Good find, it goes 1,2,3,5, what a weird way to break a car, it makes it a lot worse off than a regular Evora.
Nissan 370Z

Test Drive Unlimited 2 (2011)
Victor_2003 wrote
Looks more a default 370Z than the Nismo one.

Its because its unfinished, it only has the Nismo specs
Nissan 370Z

Test Drive Unlimited 2 (2011)
Fixed Z has a totally different modded model, so i used the original broken Z for this entry.
Nissan 370Z

Test Drive Unlimited 2 (2011)
Nope, this is how it looks in the game, both this and the Mustang V6 are unfinished in the same way, but i used a fix for the Mustang entry
Massey Ferguson 385

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (2012)
weird Massey Ferguson 385
Fiatagri G 210

Asphalt 9: Legends (2018)
Fiatagri G 210
John Deere 720

Lake (2021)
John Deere 720
Yanmar FK 453

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (2020)
Yanmar FK 453 is the closest match. Just because its green and yellow it doesnt mean its a JD.

The Expendables 2 (2012)
WarLord wrote
Yugoslav 1984 Đuro Đaković M-84

Yep, with T-72B style reactive armor

The Little Acre (2016)
IH Farmall M i think
Oshkosh MTVR

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)
Tove wrote
Reminds me more of a Ural variant then anything else.

Its literally an unchanged MTVR
Rimac Nevera

PUBG: New State (2021)
Klumb3r wrote
Nevera? hahaha

Nevera is Spanish means fridge/cooler

Matches with the design and powerplant of the car lol

Farming Simulator 22 (2021)
Klumb3r wrote
Nice work, Dimi!

My knowledge of farming vehicles is equal to zero, but I love seeing these vehicles on IGCD e.ť

Yeah, its nice to see them like this. Too bad FS22 sucks, and the vehicle choice is terrible.
Made for Game Coupe

The Sims 3 (2009)
Peugeot 907?
Claas Lexion

Parking Mania (2009)
Thats a Claas Lexion
Made for Game Tractor

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (2019)
Bond007stig wrote
Case IH Autonomous Concept 2016, No tracks though

Nah, this is definitely meant to be a Challenger

GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience (2013)
MBR wrote
The screenshots looks so bad, I think they have low end device hence the bad textures in the cars and road (it made me think there was a Java version), they looks much more refined when plated in better device with max settings

Hopefully They can be replaced with better shots

This was emulated
Kurganmashzavod BMP-1

Vigor (2018)
Uralvagonzavod T-62

Vigor (2018)
Zastava 750

No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way (2002)
Zastava 750, even has the badges

Carmageddon TDR 2000 (2000)
Looks like a T44 and a Tiger 2 had a baby
John Deere 7810

Winter Sale (2016)
John Deere 7810, not M4G
Ferguson TE-20

Biohazard: Village (2021)
Maserati 3500 GT

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (2017)
Either a Maserati 3500 or Volvo P1800?

Blocky Highway (2015)
Claas Lexion

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (2017)
Looks like a short Force protection industries MRAP, perhaps a Buffalo
Made for Game Coupe

Cyberpunk 2077 (2020)
Source: trust me
Honda Accord

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (2020)
alatriste2003 wrote
A '98 car in a '80s game? Treyarch does it again xD

Thats because this is a MW model, sticks out like a sore thumb in BO, they also re used the Fendt tractor from MW

Teardown (2022)
J-2 wrote
Just placeholders, please feel free to replace them by the ones to be added by the person responsible for this game.

Aight, i have pics of all the vehicles ready.

IGCD Future releases and to-do list (2023)
I will be providing pictures for Teardown
Oshkosh MTVR

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)
Different only in colour, not worth an entry imo

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)
Kecske wrote
Also there are armored police Land Rovers briefly seen at the end of the Old Comrades mission. I added it a while back, but it seems the submission got deleted.

Alright, will add
Made for Game Motorcycle

Devil May Cry 5 (2019)
Made for Game Motorcycle

Devil May Cry 5 (2019)
I would list this as a playable vehicle, you can drive it towards an enemy with one move
Scania 113 H

art of rally (2020)
Looks more like a Kamaz?

Drive Simulator 2020 (2020)
Volvo EW 130 ?
New Holland CR 9090

Asphalt 5 (2009)
New Holland CR 9090
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