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Chevy Chevy Van

Teardown (2022)
undriveable, prop only.
Chevrolet Bel Air

Krai Mira (2016)
Gives me Highwayman vibes

Duty Driver Taxi Full (2013)
TheGame wrote
I remember that I installed all the games in this saga on my cell phone.

Same. They even updated this one to have cars and stuff but this page never got updated. Pretty sure an apk is around

High on Life (2022)
Oh another game using the free unity vehicle pack I see

Teardown (2022)
Why was the RAF 2203 removed and why is the game realese date set to 2022 when it released in 2020

Edit: It says it was early access until 2022 but I don't remember hearing it was in early access when I bought the game in 2020, anyways I guess the 2022 makes sense in that reason.

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2024-02-14 22:13:38
Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)
One of my favorites

Grand Theft Auto VI (2025)
See ya in 2025

Alan Wake II (2023)
Kecske wrote
Isn't this supposed to be set in the present day?
Vehicle selection is very 90's looking.

Yeh, the last one was, although some cars including the police cars were 80s, so maybe there was some mixup based on the previous games vehicle selection? I haven't seen gameplay of this game yet so when I do I'll keep an eye out for other cues of time period
Toyota Alphard

7 Days to Die (2013)
Who the heck changed this to an 2002 Alphard? The front looks nothing like it. The headlights on that are huge! These ones are thin! Not an Alphard!

Half-Life 2 (2004)
This is in Episode 2 not main HL2

7 Days to Die (2013)
Tuning95 wrote
Hyundai Tucson

Ye it looks a lot like the 2004 Tuscon

7 Days to Die (2013)
Got the Alpha 21 vehicles in. A little variety in there. The Crown Vic and the other vehicles from the previous versions are still in the game too. (minus the Mazda which probably became the Ford)

7 Days to Die (2013)
So massive I couldn't fully crop out the ui

7 Days to Die (2013)
This one is like a mash of different crossovers..
Jeep Wrangler

Under the Sand (2020)
tankcatapult wrote

Definitely a YJ with the square headlights.

I agree those headlights make it be like a YJ
Geo Prizm

ArmA 2 (2009)
Oh cool upon closer inspection of the model they kept the original badging, even a low res "Prizm" is seen on the trunk unlike the other cars like the Datsun truck..Which just says Sundat instead

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Just Cause (2006)
WolfLover94 wrote
Great argument, really helpful and inspiring...-_-

Oh please. You say poorly designed and dont give further explanation.

Just Cause (2006)
WolfLover94 wrote
Some were poorly designed.


Just Cause (2006)
Flippedoutkyrii wrote
The first game definitely had the greatest selection of classic cars by a mile ^^

True that! I wish the newer games had just a little more vintage vehicle variety (and more civilian vehicle variety in general)

Somerville (2022)
From the looks, this game gives me Simon Stålenhag vibes

Monster 4x4: Masters of Metal (2003)
Nick Name wrote
How do you add cut Vehicles?

Same way you normally add vehicles that are not cut, you just have to find the checkbox that says if the vehicle is cut from the game
Wartburg 353W Tourist

The Long Drive (2019)
Yet this game is set in 1979..

Dead Island 2 (2023)
LeakyLine wrote
The leaked alpha build had playable vehicles. The fact the final game doesn't is a disappointment.

Dang that really does suck. I'll stick to Project Zomboid then..
Jeep Cherokee

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022)
Naw. XJ models never had a round headlamps. This looks more like a Toyota Land Cruiser.
Wartburg 353W Tourist

The Long Drive (2019)
Forgot to mark it as playable. Give it a sec to update
Jeep Cherokee

Biohazard RE:4 (2023)
Cannot tell if its actually a grand or actually a xj model

Atomic Heart (2023)
SolanaBogon2 wrote

Progress is not the same as design

Sure, but progress makes design, like computer screens on every dashboard.
Jeep Cherokee

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
I had realized that the front was taken from the 80's Wagoneer special...
Jeep Cherokee

Primal Fears (2013)
Not 1992, that's the 1997 facelifted version..
Dodge S-Series

Remnant: From the Ashes (2019)
ChuffersDanube wrote

Pretty much on the money, I do believe it's a '62 Dodge S-Series

Yup the front matches up. We found our bus.
And also the rest if the body including the top lights that flash match up too

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Dodge Dart

Remnant: From the Ashes (2019)
Rear still looks like someone stuck a back part of a Mercedes 560 SL to it
BMW 7 (2013)
Looks way more like an Audi 200 than a BMW 7
At least it does to me

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2023-01-07 00:30:59
Reliant Rialto (2013)
What if, 1985 Cushman 3

Teardown (2022)
Found something interesting, in the files added to the game from the most recent update, theres 2 unused vehicles, an Raf and a sidecar motorbike..

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2022-12-28 06:39:55

The Long Drive (2019)
Attacker1997 wrote

If you want to replace some pictures, send their replacement links in the comments. Don't use the 'Upload a Picture' for that, unless it's to load a different view

Ah, I see. Thanks!
Volkswagen Golf

The Long Drive (2019)
same for this one, better photos..
Volkswagen Caddy

The Long Drive (2019)
Also got better photos for this vehicle

The Long Drive (2019)
Dang looks like only 3 pictures can be uploaded. Since I got newer and better photos the old ones can be removed..
Buick Super

Half-Life 2 (2004)
huatuanhai wrote

Oh snap didn't think you'd see this.
(I was just flabbergasted by all the beta stuff that came here)
Buick Super

Half-Life 2 (2004)
General Dynamics M1 'Abrams'

Scribblenauts Unlimited (2012)
There is actually a driveable version of this in the game
Made for Game Sedan

Scribblenauts (2009)
To me these new made for game subcategories are kinda too much...
Volkswagen Station Wagon

Regular Show: Winging It (2012)
Volkswagen Station Wagon??!
That's a van..

Head On (1979)
Head on, apply directly to the forehead.
Head on, apply directly to the forehead.
Head on, apply directly to the forehead.

Also cool 70's game
Ford Bronco

The Quarry (2022)
Bruisemobile wrote
Ford Bronco.

At first I thought of a Jeep Wagoneer, but this makes more sense
Dodge Dart

Remnant: From the Ashes (2019)
This looks like a weird cross of a GAZ 24, a 24-10, 60s Ford Falcon, and a Mercedes 560 SL

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Chevrolet Step Van

Remnant: From the Ashes (2019)
Some resemblance to a 68/69 Chevy p30

Edit: actually maybe 1977

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Dodge S-Series

Remnant: From the Ashes (2019)
Double headlights, square-ish body probably 1960s/1970s era

Theres a few busses in that category..
Ford B series
57-66 GMC
Dodge I think aswell..

Granny (2017)
There was another car model that was cut and replaced by the one we see today, but used to be in the game for some time
Land-Rover Defender

The Crew 2 (2018)
Daboi492 wrote
What’s with the Defender being mass updated?

I know, right? It is so deflating when you see someone in new and hope it's a new discovery but instead just some car updated for little reason
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