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Racing Master (2021)

ID Speedy17

2021-10-16 04:52
Looks like something Renault Trucks would made in the future, there are resemblances to the old AE Magnum on the front bumper. A competitor of Scania R-Series

Racing Master (2021)
RU moskagazs543

2021-10-15 08:11
Volvo FM/KamAZ??
Aston Martin DB11

Racing Master (2021)

ID zorbkobra18

2021-10-14 11:05
ingame Vehicle Manual

Racing Master (2021)

CN GD-6493

2021-09-22 11:19
Should we add cars only in Chinese version into this page,or create another page?The CN Ver is coming…

Racing Master (2021)

BR Victor_2003

2021-08-20 18:48
I hate when the developers make a great non-generic car game for Android and only run in cellphones made for rich people and millionaires.

Racing Master (2021)

US Green Runner

2021-05-14 03:45
I wanted to download this game but Google Play said my Galaxy A70 can't run it, So it means this is for High-End phones...
MINI John Cooper Works GP

Racing Master (2021)
US TheGreaser

2021-05-11 21:55
We need to see this in Forza soon. It's one of the most powerful MINI JCWs yet. But it is also one of the most brittle, overpowered, and half-built performance cars out there, sadly.

Racing Master (2021)
US TheGreaser

2021-03-17 17:55
It's a lot worse now, since EA now owns Codemasters. Did you not read what I wrote on the Dirt 5 page?

Racing Master (2021)

2021-03-17 10:23
Only for mobile? Meh.... definitely a skip for me, this is what happens when Codies screw up on two games , Dirt five and the last Grid, they knew mobile users are a winning market as lot of people spend on it like crazy

I hate how companies now focuses more on mobile than consoles... and what we got, two broken games that i expected to be better, PC3 is long ass dead too

Racing Master (2021)

PL damianea103

2021-03-13 19:48
Game is gonna have a beta next month, so i’m assuming it will release this year. Current pics are from trailer and promo images.