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Citroën Xsara WRC

Racing Master (2023)
Cool to see they're adding genuinely interesting vehicles.
Porsche 718 Boxster

Hidden Cats in Berlin (2024)
This looks more like a 981 Boxster rather than a 718 imo

CSR Racing 3 (2024)
It's real.

The Crew: Motorfest (2023)
carknower wrote

Bog off !!

What's your problem?
Porsche 911 GT3 RS

The Crew: Motorfest (2023)
A bit of a shame you can't see the windshield decals from the inside.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 (2012)
Why is the interior pic so ass? You can barely see the interior

The Crew: Motorfest (2023)
carknower wrote

Do your homework and stop assume things out of thin air !!
It`s been proven NOT to have single player...

Brother lay off the zaza

Adrenaline Racing: Hypercars (2015)
I have a feeling this is all stolen models

The Crew: Motorfest (2023)
carknower wrote
If this game had single player, it would be an awesome competitor to Forza Horizon 5 and Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, but with multiplayer only, they miss out on a big audience...

What the hell are you talking about? It has single player

Jected - Rivals (2023)
Huh, i didn't even know this launched, randomly found this game in my WL and only learned from reviews that this was previously Stuntfest. What a waste of development time.

CSR Racing 2 (2016)
LRF Modding wrote

I go by admin rules:

The ones who usually update the page, add the new cars themselves. :P

You have my permission to add new cars to the page :)

CSR Racing 2 (2016)
LRF Modding wrote
Lot of missing cars from new update

Then add them ya lazy bastard :P

Asphalt 8: Airborne (2013)
ShinnyShin wrote
Cars in the RUF brand have been deleted from the game as of Update 62.

Even for owners. Gone completely!

Wow, that's quite sad...
Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG Black Series

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
Whooo, only took nearly two years to release a car we already had in the previous game! So cool!
Subaru Impreza

Need for Speed: Pro Street (Mobile) (2007)
Victor_2003 wrote

Hood vents and big spoiler shows that is the WRX version.

Yeah, WRX version, but not the model. Model is Impreza.
Ford Mustang

CSR Racing 2 (2016)
Why did someone edit this to 2023? In-game year is 2024.

Gangstar: New York (2024)
Klumb3r wrote

The alpha now is active.
Now it's not an open world like GTA or similar, it's a battleroyale with touches of open world, a unique mix.

Battle Royale? Like we don't already have enough of those... I'm giving this game a year max before it shuts down like many of the BRs before it.

CSR Classics (2013)
Leandro wrote
When i entered to the game, it appeared a message that said "The game servers were shut down and if You uninstall it, you´ll lose your progress" This means CSR Racing 2 is getting more popular that CSR: Calssics and CSR Racing 1

You're like 5 years late with that bud
Lucid Air

Gangstar: New York (2024)
Vxctec wrote
This vehicle has a closer resemblance to the Sony Afeela:

Porsche Mission R

Forza Motorsport (2023)
Oh man, great to see a game picked up this beauty, and it wasn't even a mobile game!
TVS Apache RR 310

Asphalt 8: Airborne (2013)
ShinnyShin wrote
To the IGCD curator[s]

RE: 'How to Unlock?' section edit

I added the page for this bike based on the information that was available at the time, on Dec 1, 2022.

However, events have changed rapidly.

The Apache was withdrawn from all players' Garages less than 2 days after being released as a "free gift from the manufacturer, TVS Motor Company".

Gameloft erroneously released the bike without first clearing the licensing and permissions to have it in the game and have stated this in-game via a resource compensation screen.

They expect to re-release it at some point in future, but there's no indications of as to when this will happen.

So for the time being, please accept the edits to the unlocking method and keep the page available as the Apache has simply been held back indefinitely and not deleted from the game.

I will update any new details as soon as they are available and verified by Gameloft on their official channels.

Many thanks,


I can't believe the made the same mistake AGAIN, and with another bike as well! It's like they didn't learn anything last time lmao.

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2022-12-03 10:11:24

CSR Racing 2 (2016)
Burninrubber12345 wrote
Oh look, this shitty mobile game got another new car.
I wish developers close the servers, just like Forza Street.

Imagine being so salty that you want less games available. The racing genre is already small enough, no need to make it even smaller.

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (2017)
Missing platforms: Android, iOS, Switch
Ford Granada

EcoRun (2016)
R107 Mercedes SL

Forza Street (2018)
Uploaded pics of all the cars i managed to get before the shutdown. Unless someone has pics of the other cars, they are gone to history.

Heavy Metal Machines (2018)
If someone wants to finish this page you should do it soon.

Assetto Corsa (2014)
Skyline159 wrote
The 2020 Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo is missing, but it's part in Ferrari Hublot Esport Series Pack DLC.

The same way of Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo, it can downloaded once redeemed the code.

Here's the key if someone wants to add it
Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo

Asphalt 8: Airborne (2013)
ShinnyShin wrote
This is my first submission here as an introduction.

I'm ShinnyShin, an long-time Asphalt 8 veteran and occasional blogger/researcher.

It's a pleasure to be here and to meet you all!

A bit late, but welcome ShinnyShin, nice to see you here :)

Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed (2000)
Silnev wrote

We are not splitting this entry.

If the two games have different car lists and different tracks it really should be split.

GRID Legends (2022)
burninrubber12345 wrote

To me it costs €59,99. To you?

You can compare pre-EA and post-EA prices for yourself.
Price hike pretty much everywhere except US, because fuck regional pricing :P
Hot Wheels Deora II

Team Hot Wheels: Baja (2012)
Made by Foose

Team Hot Wheels: Night Racer - Rubble Ruckus (2013)
Oh man what a throwback, happy to see someone adding these. Still have a few of those on discs.

Asphalt 8: Airborne (2013)
Victor_2003 wrote
Why the cut cars like Supra don't is listed was deleted?

Because they weren't deleted?
You can still use them, race them etc.
The only cars that were cut were the Villain Wheels and MP4X
Rimac Nevera

Asphalt 9: Legends (2018)
Renamed to Nevera with the latest update.
Nissan 370Z

Need for Speed: Heat (2019)
Placeholder pic. If anyone managed to grab it from the promo while it was available, please replace it :)
Acura RL

Driver: Parallel Lines (2006)
BazzemBoi wrote
Front, yes.
Back, no.
The RL is closer.
Chrysler 300 C

Need for Speed: Undercover (2008)
Silnev wrote
"PS2 & Wii versions only" does not explain how you unlock this vehicle.

Well, it ought to be mentioned somewhere. Because currently it looks like this vehicle is available in all versions of the game.
Infiniti Q60 Concept

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
Davidbillmanoy wrote
Concept version again? Turn 10/Playground prefers the concept version better than the production version.

Or they’re just too lazy to update the model ;)

Asphalt: Injection (2012)
Victor_2003 wrote
I wanted to play the Lenovo version (that works on Android) to add more cars, replace promotional images and put tracks, but that version have screen compatibility problem, in my tablet, the game appears with small screen and in my Samsung, appears with a big screen. I don't know how to fix this, ir someone have a PSVita or a friend with this console, can add more content to this page?

Do you have a link? I have a Lenovo tablet so i could test it.

Car Simulator 2 (2019)
How has this not been deleted yet for stolen models?
smart fortwo

Golf Club: Wasteland (2018)
This is a duplicate of this

Golf Club: Wasteland (2018)
Please add PC, Switch, XOne and PS4 to the platforms.

Asphalt 9: Legends (2018)
Please add Xbox One and Xbox Series to the platforms

CarX Rally (2020)
LRF Modding wrote
There are a few cars left to add.

Yeah i know. Just no internet atm.

CarX Rally (2020)
I’m not great with rally cars, so if i mistake a model or year, please correct me :)

Nitro Nation Drag & Drift (2014)
Attacker1997 wrote
Nice pics Damianea

Thanks :)
Nissan 370Z

Nitro Nation Drag & Drift (2014)
Klumb3r wrote ?

I see, couldn’t find it because i was looking for 370Z :P
Nissan 370Z

Nitro Nation Drag & Drift (2014)
Another first on IGCD :)

Nitro Nation Drag & Drift (2014)
First on IGCD! :D
Liberty Walk LB-Super Silhouette S15 Silvia

ドリフトスピリッツ (2013)
Silnev wrote

The S15 and R34 get listed under the brand because they are custom builds Liberty Walk did. The CSR2 cars are just cars with body kits.

So, if we're counting the Silhouette cars. Why did the Huracan get denied?

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2021-08-20 15:39:00
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