2003 Chevrolet Express

Surnom: Speedo

Catégorie: Fourgon / Monospace

Origine: US Etats-Unis

Véhicule jouable



Contributeur: Silnev

Contributeur: Silnev


Auteur Message
US Geoman photo_librarymode_comment

2012-03-24 06:49
carfanatic280698 photo_librarymode_comment

2012-02-18 16:23
"Speedo" is another name word for "Express".
US geoman photo_librarymode_comment

2009-05-01 01:38
Chevy Express ;}
TheHeartbreakKid15 photo_librarymode_comment

2008-07-13 15:31
Made by Vapid
HU SMC1706 photo_librarymode_comment

2008-06-12 14:57
The front is a Ford E for me, but the rear is a Chevy Express

UK TA-caprice-XI photo_librarymode_comment

2008-05-09 16:45
CA badlymad photo_librarymode_comment

2007-12-13 03:54
Why hasn't this one been changed? It looks nothing like the current Econoline.
CA badlymad photo_librarymode_comment

2007-12-07 22:05
I'd have to agree with Explorer, the front end has much more in common with the 2003-current Chevrolet Express than the Econoline:

ES lastinpurple photo_librarymode_comment

2007-12-05 18:49
Ford Econoline?
Star Wars Fanatic photo_librarymode_comment

2007-12-05 17:59
Most likely the new Rumpo/Pony.

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