UD Trucks Condor

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Origine: JP Japon

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Contributeur: Mark0


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CN tunedricer

2018-11-07 16:53
Nissan Diesel trucks are sold here in USA under the brand UD. And I still think this is a UD Condor because the grille & bumper matches thr truck in game.

RU Nickolay27PM

2018-11-07 14:27
UD Trucks Condor in USA?

This vehicle more like a narrow version of Freightliner Condor, IMO because they are common garbage truck in USA

PL damianea103

2018-11-06 15:28
tunedricer a écrit


CN tunedricer

2018-11-06 15:15
UD Trucks Condor


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2018-11-06 15:16:06

RU Nickolay27PM

2018-11-06 11:54
Freightliner Condor
US carcrasher88

2014-09-18 14:10
I can agree with that. The step below the door looks more Terrapro than any other US market garbage truck.
CA car-dude44

2014-09-18 04:09
Mack Terrapro garbage truck with different lights and doors, maybe?

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