2003 Toyota Corolla

Châssis: E120

Mk: 9

Catégorie: Berline

Origine: JP Japon

Véhicule non jouable



Contributeur: TrueCrime

Contributeur: TrueCrime


Auteur Message
US lcpdcv

2013-01-31 18:32
And ofc, important comments get bumped down by a few certain people flailing their dicks around over "ZOOOOOOOMG FORZAAAAAAAA".

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2013-01-31 18:32:38
US carcrasher88

2013-01-31 04:28
Yeah, it's a Corolla with a Forenza-like grille.
US insanecow

2013-01-31 04:10
Agreed, it resembles a Corolla more.
US lcpdcv

2013-01-31 03:30
This is an '03-'04 Corolla.
Even the hubcaps match!

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2013-01-31 03:32:26
PT .:TruenoLevin2000:.

2011-12-27 20:45
But it still should be Japanese!

2011-12-27 18:21
Gamer a écrit
About the origin; Suzuki is Japanese, not Korean.

forenza is actually a rebadged Daewoo lacetti under Suzuki brand.

DE Gamer

2011-12-27 16:31
About the origin; Suzuki is Japanese, not Korean.

US Black Bart

2010-07-23 16:48
2004 Suzuki Forenza

US geoman

2009-05-02 23:41
2005 Civic

2009-04-20 22:12
check the Byd its not a civic

2009-04-19 15:55
www.autoserver.ru/_files/uphoto/article_3953/23973_img.jpg Byd f3

also why have people like think im ivisaBle
ES lastinpurple

2007-05-27 11:13
Honda Civic

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