Rolls-Royce Phantom VII

Surname: Justice

Class: Sedan

Origin: UK United Kingdom

Playable vehicle



Contributor: Attacker1997

Contributor: Attacker1997


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PL Tycek

2013-09-20 17:01
Fix'd that for you Andra.

What you're saying is partially true as there is no way at current coding to change the contributor of other pic that the main. When there's just the main pic, it's not a problem to change the contributor.

ID civic_eg6_94

2013-09-20 16:29
Andra wrote

If I were you I create a new page for this vehicle.

I had the same problem when I wanted to replace some pics in Sleeping Dogs page, but one of the admin said if I asked the admin to replace the pics, the credit would go to the admin since he changed it and can't give the credit to the author (which is me). So he suggest that I created a new vehicle page with my better pics on it. That's why I replaced the trailer shots in Saints Row IV by adding new vehicle pages with my better pics and let the admin delete the old one.

SI Andra

2013-09-13 20:25
Stock version:

-- Last edit:
2013-09-13 20:26:22

2011-04-28 18:12
Too big. Needs to be smaller.
US GTAmaniac

2010-11-03 23:11
if you see one on the street
is from chop shop

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