2012 Lamborghini Urus

Catégorie: Proto / Concept

Origine: IT Italie

Véhicule jouable à débloquer



Contributeur: AutoTracker

Contributeur: AutoTracker


Auteur Message

BR Rodrigo

2018-03-08 03:02
RushCars24 a écrit
This is NOT the real full production 2018/2019 Urus, this is FAKE, it just a 2012 Concept model being heavily edited to look like a production 2018 model. Well done, lazy mobile vehicle designers of Driving School '17, first, you faked the F90 M5 before it was unveiled with EA's Need for Speed: Payback, now THIS?

Unlicensed car, does not need to faithfully represent the original car.

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