Racing Simulation 3 (2002)

Type: Racing

Developer: Ubisoft

Publisher: Ubisoft

Platforms: PC, PS2

Damageable vehicles: ?


  • Playable Vehicles

    2000 Arrows A21 Supertec
    Blue Line
    2000 BAR 002 Honda
    2000 Benetton B200 Supertec
    2000 Ferrari F1-2000
    2000 Jaguar R1 Ford
    2000 Jordan EJ10 Mugen Honda
    2000 McLaren MP4/15 Mercedes-Benz
    2000 Minardi M02 Fondmetal
    2000 Prost AP03 Peugeot
    2000 Sauber C19 Petronas
    2000 Williams FW22 BMW


    Author Message

    IL ThePorsche934.5

    2021-11-20 21:29
    I think most of you don't know about this, but this game was supposed to be the sequel to the F1 Racing Championship (Named as F1 Racing Championship 2), this game was never released on any platform. The exact reason behind the cancellation remains unknown, although it is speculated that Ubi Soft lost the F1 license following a dispute with the FIA over releasing the game with online multiplayer. The game was therefore reworked into Racing Simulation 3, dropping any links connecting it to Formula One, and releasing the game around December 2002. Monaco is the missing track in the game itself.

    Only 9 screenshots from the unreleased game has been found on Unseen64, with no any video footage of what the game suppose to be like (

    DE Fisico9798

    2021-11-20 00:29
    Racing Simulation 3 wasn't really a new game, but rather a major patch/update or "improved version" of 'F1 Racing Championship'.

    Since F1 Racing Championship had an extremely buggy A.I, which made the game unfortunately unplayable and a patch never appeared by Ubisoft, F1 Racing Championship flopped to other F1 games at the time - namely Grand Prix 3 by Geoff Crammond/MicroProse and F1 2001 by Electronic Arts.

    After just over a year, the revised version came as Racing Simulation 3, which again linked to the name of the first two parts. The FIA ​​F1 license has therefore also been removed.

    -The A.I errors have been removed or improved.
    -Driving physics
    -No real F1 licenses anymore, but the names of the drivers and teams adapted to the F1 2000 season.
    -Scenario mode that imitates real moments from the 2000 season.
    -The cars are a mix of Formula 1 and Indycar
    - Noises have been improved a bit

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