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Austin Mini Cooper

Wreckfest (2018)
A truly iconic British racing machine. This little devil has tussled with rivals bigger and heavier than itself, and can truly hold its own on any track. With fantastic acceleration and phenomenal handling, this mischievous marvel has earned its keep as the go-to track car! Even the KillerBee struggles to measure up!
Buckshot Racing X2 RL

Wreckfest (2018)
Wreckfest is all about racing dirty. But sometimes, it's not DIRTY enough. That's where this savage Sandstorm makes its debut! This high-powered, big-wheeled beast can churn up any rough surface! It'll demolish on dirt, sand, snow, you name it! You'll bury rivals in dust and storm any arena! Just don't let its mighty torque get the better of you!
Jeep Wrangler

Wreckfest (2018)
A classic military jeep, redesigned for the road, now seriously souped-up to grind dirt and mud in some tough racing! Straight from the street-legal category for Formula Off-Road, this machine is all about serious off-piste action! It may look like a small jeep, but don't be fooled! One look at those headlights, and you'll regret not wearing the brown trousers!
Opel Manta 400

Wreckfest (2018)
A forgotten icon of the Group B rally era, this sleek coupe has earned its racing credential and pedigree. Its lightweight form and handling make it a superb track-racing machine. Whether on tarmac or gravel, it'll out-perform any contendor bold enough to get in your way!
Toyota Hilux

Wreckfest (2018)
If you want a serious off-roading machine, then look no further. This tough trophy truck is the real deal, and is no slouch either. It can take any terrain thrown at it, and crunch it all into mulch, all thanks to its heavy-duty suspension, big tyres, and four-wheel drive. And don't worry, it's still a battle-ready heavyweight! Get behind the wheel, and bring forth some steel-crunching carnage!
Volvo 240 Estate

Wreckfest (2018)
Did you know that the HammerHead used to compete in top-level track racing? Well guess what! This fully kitted out race-spec version is ready to be taken for a spin! With better power, handling, and a big wing on the back, this machine will tear up the tarmac, and smoke your rivals like never before!
Dodge D-Series

Vigilante 8: Second Offense (1999)
DezertCruzer wrote

That's not a 74, this is a 74

1974 GMC Pickup - Information and photos - MOMENTcar
Ferrari 275 GTB/2

Far Cry 6 (2021)
Looks like the Jag from Watch Dogs 3
Cadillac Escalade

Max Payne 3 (2012)
Victor_2003 wrote

I agree to you, don't looks a Escalade.

Plus if it was suppose to be a Escalade I believe Rockstar would've reused one from GTA 4
GAZ 2330 Tigr

Far Cry 6 (2021)
Ford Mustang

Saints Row 2 (2008)
[quote=Killercar34]1969 Ford Torino[/quote]

No it's a Mustang


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AMC Gremlin

No Limit Drag Racing 2 (2021)
MTP02 wrote
I didn't expect Gremlin to be here. I see it is here, because it was offered with 5.0L V8 in its lifespan. That is why I downloaded this game.

From what I heard they are a sub-genre in Drag Culture because it's funny, and because AMC made it big enough that you can put a pretty big V8 in it
Honda Civic

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (2020)
WarzonFanboy1985 wrote

To be honest, not all of them use the Rambler, as BO3 didn't have a single trace of the car. Probably didn't include it due to the game using the Ghosts engine.

Vector M12

Grand Theft Auto III (2001)
Attacker1997 wrote

But the only difference between Vice City Infernus and this one is that despite the changes, the final VC model still similar to a Countach, while in GTA III, the model changed so much that it lost almost all similarities to Diablo

Then again, it doesn't look much like a Vector, the rear is completely different aside for the spoiler
Ford Mustang

Idle Police Tycoon (2020)
Honestly has some Mustang ii vibes
Toyota Celica

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
I heard for the 20th anniversary, they're adding the Kuruma classic, I wonder if this is it
Chevrolet Caprice

Need for Speed: Shift (2009)
Boxy Chevy Caprice
Chevrolet C-20

Twisted Metal (2012)
Looks more like a OJ Ford
Chevrolet Corvette Z06

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage (2008)
So according to some rando on the wiki, this is a heavily customized version of the Malice, I'm not saying it is, I honestly doubt that and this thing is its own thing, plus we still don't know what the Malice is
Chevrolet K-10

FlatOut 2 (2006)
Wouldn't this be a K10 since it's 4x4?
Nissan Patrol

Biohazard: Village (2021)
Looks like a 80s Toyota
Porsche 911

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 (2021)
Looks like there is a some mid-engine 80s Sports Car next to it

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct (2013)
Looks like a Focus of the same time this game came out

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct (2013)
Toyota Land Cruiser
Made for Game Coupe

Lucky & Wild (1993)
Honestly this look like a custom Dodge Daytona

Dodge Daytona IROC R/T 227 hp - Specs & performance
Ferrari F355 GTS

Last Year: The Nightmare (2020)
Seems to be a Ferrari F355
Jeep Cherokee

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead (2020)
Jeep Cherokee
Ford Explorer

Last Year: The Nightmare (2020)
Ford Explorer, but this car doesn't exist
Ford LTD

Hell Driver (2011)
Most likely a 1977 Chevy Impala
Lamborghini Reventón

Little Racers STREET (2012)
MuhammadOkky86 wrote
rear bumper: reventon
front bumper: reventon
sides: murcielago
headlights: corvette c4

No the headlights seem like normal popups, C4 Corvette popups are flipup

Corvette 80er anos 80 GIF - Find on GIFER
Chevrolet Corvette

Grand Theft Auto (1997)
twilight sparkplug wrote

Image seems to be broken,
Got it on my list as most likely Matchbox 83 corvette. I should really get back to finishing that list :|

Sorry about that here's a better photo

Chevrolet Corvette

Grand Theft Auto (1997)
Seems to be based on the Hot Wheels '80's Corvette you can kinda see the gap for the openable hood
Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

Rage Racer (1996)
This looks like a Camaro (2013)
Should the new LeGran be in too?
Buick LeSabre (2013)
It's a late 80s Toronado, well the facelifted one is, the older one could be a Riviera
Curbside Classic: 1986 Buick Riviera – GM's Deadly Sin #1 | Curbside Classic

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Stubbs the Zombie (2005)
Ford F-100
Avia A-31

Left 4 Dead 2 (2009)
This truck has a way too bright of a green
Dodge Charger

Half-Life 2 (2004)
Fun fact, the film Scorched Earth has a referenced to this vehicle
Ford F-150 (2013)

Heavy Metal Machines (2018)
Cadillac Eldorado (2013)
New view of the Interior of the Wendover

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel (2001)
Silnev wrote

It still has it's fans, the most forgotten would probably be Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2. Now that game no one talks about anymore.

Because it was never made

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel (2001)
The most forgotten Fallout game

Race Drivin' (1993)
The rear reminds me of a Dodge Daytona
Chevrolet Caprice

Beat Cop (2017)
[quote=Carini89]Dodge Diplomat[/quote]

Nope, different headlights

1985 Dodge Diplomat Police Package: Plain White Wrapper - Riverside Green
Made for Game Tractor

Death Skid Marks (2014)
One of the better vehicles give you don't need any Melee

Police Quest: SWAT 2 (1998)
Jeep, probably a YJ

Police Quest: SWAT 2 (1998)
Toyota Corolla?

Police Quest: SWAT 2 (1998)
1980 Monte Carlo

Police Quest: SWAT 2 (1998)
Chevy Beretta?
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