Type: Simulation

Developer: BeamNG GmbH

Publisher: BeamNG GmbH

Platforms: PC

Damageable vehicles: Yes


  • Playable Vehicles

    2012 BMW 3 Touring
    ETK 800 Series
    1986 BMW 7
    ETK I Series
    2011 BMW Z4
    ETK K Series
    1994 Chevrolet C-Series
    Gavril D15 Extended Cab
    1994 Chevrolet C-Series
    Gavril D15
    1994 Chevrolet C-Series
    Gavril D15 Crew Cab
    1994 Chevrolet C-Series
    Gavril D35 Extended Cab
    1973 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu
    1973-75 Bruckell Moonhawk
    1976 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu
    1976-78 Bruckell Moonhawk
    1992 Chevrolet Suburban
    Gavril D10 Kentarch
    1994 Chevrolet Suburban
    Gavril D30 Kentarch
    1953 De Soto Firedome
    Burnside Special
    1963 Dodge Custom 880
    Gavril Bluebuck
    1963 Dodge Custom 880
    Gavril Bluebuck
    1973 Ferrari 512 BB
    Civetta Bolide
    1959 Fiat 600
    Autobello Piccolina
    1985 Ford Bronco
    Gavril D10 Charro
    1992 Ford Econoline
    Gavril H15 Ambulance
    1992 Ford Econoline
    Gavril H15 Vanster
    1992 Ford Econoline
    Gavril H45 Cabster Cargo Box Uplift
    1997 Ford Expedition
    Gavril Roamer LXT
    1995 Ford Explorer
    Gavril Roamer
    1982 Ford F-150
    Gavril D15
    1982 Ford F-150
    Gavril D15 Extended Cab
    1983 Ford F-350
    Gavril D25 Crew Cab
    1969 Ford Torino
    Gavril Barstow
    1990 Honda Accord
    Ibishu Pessima
    1986 Honda Civic
    Ibishu Covet
    1987 International 9300
    Gavril T65 Cargo Box Upfit
    1987 International 9300
    Gavril T75
    1997 Jeep Wrangler
    Ibishu Hopper
    1998 Lincoln Navigator
    2000-06 Gavril Roamer
    Made for Game
    Cherrier Tograc
    Made for Game
    Cherrier Vivace
    Made for Game
    Hirochi SBR4
    1998 Mazda 626
    Ibishu Pessima
    1992 Mercury Grand Marquis
    Gavril Grand Marshal
    1991 New Flyer D 40 LF
    Wentward DT40L
    1989 Nissan 240SX
    Ibishu 200BX
    1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera
    Bruckell LeGran
    1982 Reliant Rialto
    Ibishu Pigeon
    2009 Subaru Impreza
    Hirochi Sunburst
    1964 Toyota Corona
    Ibishu Miramar

    Unplayable Vehicles

    Komatsu PC 30 MR-1

    Tracks or places:

    Hirochi raceway


    Author Message
    RU AudiRS4

    2020-08-09 13:32
    Can we list the Vivace and Vivace S as diffrent cars?

    2020-08-09 01:52
    Yes, the game needs LOADS more cars. Just think of the D-series - if it's a truck line running since WW2, it will need at least three generations that came before, and three after, the current '88-'94 D-series. To add as many cars as the game needs, they need to add two or three totally brand new cars per update, instead of two or three a year, and that's if we're lucky. I think the realistic, (usually) well-designed cars, with history and trim levels, is a big draw for Beam. But it doesn't mean anything if you don't have enough cars.

    -- Last edit:
    2020-08-09 01:52:43

    ID Alif R

    2020-08-09 01:28
    The cars are still far from complete.Each manufacturer should has a full list of cars from all types.Gavril needs a minivan and some 2010s lineup.Also for Ibishu it needs SUVs and minivans

    2020-08-08 22:59
    I think the solution to adding all the variants to the page is add the variants in the comments? The page isn't cluttered but the information is still there for those that need it.

    Am I the only one who thinks the Beam devs have bit off more than they can chew? The game had been out for seven years now, and in development for longer. It's no where near finished. It has 26 cars and a dozen or so maps, most of them small. The only gameplay is free roaming or the scenarios, basically mini-games. The most recent update only added water physics, and remastered what already existed. (The Roamer and Industrial map)

    Whenever the game gets a new update, the BeamNG community go crazy for more features. Now they've added water physics people on the forums want snowrunner type mud physics. The community is awful, you critice the game and people act like you're a heretic. Mod makers are abused constantly, and the community praises every tiny update, and rave about Beam players are lucky that they get small updates twice a year.

    In the past, Beam devs have said they want a story where you buy and fix up regular cars and use them in various challenges. How many years will that take? 10? 15?

    I just use Beam to test my Automation cars now. Beam doesn't have enough content to be intresting, and the physics arn't good enough to make driving around fun. It's a shame, because when I was younger I bought into the hype of Beam having game changing physics and an amazing community-led design philosphy. In 2012, they posted a lot of the games cars on the forums and asked people to vote on what is added first, with the implication all would come soon. Eight years later, they've still not done with that list. (The Solidad Wendover is the last car)

    I don't like to rant, but it's hard too see a game with so much potential go to waste like this.
    RU AudiRS4

    2020-08-08 11:48
    Alif R wrote
    Maybe they don't want to completely change the Roamer as a Japanese SUV... which doesnt fit since Gavril is an American brand.But who knows in the future they'll add LX470 as an Ibishu :D

    Well, it already has Land Ctuiser/LX470 tails so...

    ID Alif R

    2020-08-08 06:27
    TheGreaser wrote
    Why don't they make a Roamer look more like a 1996 Lexus LX450 or 1998 Lexus LX470, while were at it
    Maybe they don't want to completely change the Roamer as a Japanese SUV... which doesnt fit since Gavril is an American brand.But who knows in the future they'll add LX470 as an Ibishu :D
    UK cherrier_vivace

    2020-08-07 18:10
    I think the facelift looks cute

    US generalrusty78

    2020-08-07 05:07
    Good news and bad news good news, the good news is the Roamer got a facelife, the bad is it's kinda ugly, like a weird mix of first gen Cadillac Escalade, Toyota Century, and a Ford Excursion
    US carcrasher88

    2020-08-06 22:37
    I saw that Roamer, and literally looks like they slapped a 1998+ Crown Victoria grille and headlights on it, stretched to fit the Roamer's nose, while the rear looks like they put second generation Lexus LX tail lights and moved the backup lights to the bottom, instead of the top.

    ES J-2

    2020-08-06 18:46
    0.20 is out, featuring the restyling of the Gavril Roamer. Looks like they added a first gen Escalade into the mix now...

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