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Dodge Deora

#DRIVE (2019)
1965 Dodge Deora

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2022-01-20 16:27:02 (2013)
Auto-Friki wrote

What Lambo? What do you say? You mean a possible brother of the Bolide?

It could be (2013)
Auto-Friki wrote
It has been 9 years since Beamng was released to the public. And for that, I would have liked that, apart from adding a sleeping version of the Gavril T-Series, there was a Cab-Over variant of the T-series. My future suggestion would be that it was also made by Gavril, but under the name FN-Series. The FN is for Flat-Nose, a design inspired by European Cab-Over's.

Not until they'll add that Lambo-like supercar they teased

Automobilista 2 (2020)
chuffersdanube wrote
Ford D-Series?

Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept-E

Blur Overdrive (2013)
That's a weird one. The front reminds me of Marussia, while overall design looks like a mix between a Veyron and a Ford GT90
Porsche Boxster

Joy Ride Turbo (2012)
Looks more like an F430 to me

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 (2019)
zorbkobra18 wrote
Daihatsu Midget II?

My thoughts exactly. But a bit larger
Mercury Sable

Vanishing Point (2000)
Auto-Friki wrote
The front end reminds me of the 1998 Ford Taurus.

Because Mecrury was basically a division of Ford company
Hyundai Genesis Coupé

Team Hot Wheels: Baja (2012)
The badge is definitely Infiniti'sh
Chevrolet Corvette

Need for Speed: Underground 2 (2004)
And also a C5 Corvette at the top picture
Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
Shogo wrote
Such an underwhelming interior for such a purported luxury car.

Yup. R* are getting more and more lazy with each DLC
Lotus Evija

GRID Legends (2022)
MBR wrote
Second Console Appearance after Forza

Remember Project CARS 3

Gangstar: New York (2024)
Is that a Watch Dogs: Legion for poor?

Super Arcade Racing (2019)
I was thinking about a Baja Bug...
BMW 2002 Turbo

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
It is a barn find

Off The Road (2018)
Geolkom P8WD i guess
Metropolitan Carriage Mark V

Tanki Online (2009)
Silnev wrote
Looks like a futuristic representation of a WW1 tank.

It really does looks like a futuristic version of Metropolitan Carriage Mark V
Evoluzione GT

Rise: Race the Future (2018)
Definitely a Delta

Downtown Challenge (2005)
The rear reminds me of E63 BMW M6
UPD: I'm 100% sure that it is BMW M6

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International 3800

Far Cry 6 (2021)
Deathblow wrote
ubisoft at it again in reusing models

I mean, what's the point of creating new models for every game if it fits the game?
GMC Jimmy

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
What a beauty!

7 Days to Die (2013)
Dmitry wrote

wait in the editor you can see all the models of vehicles that are in the game it's just brilliant.

You can spawn them using creative menu (U button)

7 Days to Die (2013)
Dmitry wrote

It's very difficult to take a picture of the interior without a video clip, but I'll try. If it doesn't work out, come what may.

You can use world editor that's in the game and use no-clip for that
Mazda 6

7 Days to Die (2013)
Deathblow wrote

it’s still in the Console version, i have the playstation version

I know. But i guess you should mention that it's only in Console version and not in PC, which is the original version
Mazda 6

7 Days to Die (2013)
This is an old version of sedan. This model was deleted in a PC version and was updated with another model

7 Days to Die (2013)
There are a few more similar cargo trucks and a flat-nose city bus, a Jeep Wrangler-like truck, a minibike and a custom motorcycle
Lexus SC 300

Forza Horizon 5 (2021)
Welcome back!
Porsche 917 Living Legend

王牌競速 (2020)
Highly reminds me of De Tomaso P72
Chevrolet Caprice

Need for Speed: Undercover Velocity (2008)
Looks like 2000' Impala

KartRider (2004)
Mazda MX-5

Saints Row (2022)
Looks like Peugeot RCZ to me

Real Racing Next (2024)
MBR wrote
Lol Real Racing (NEXT) what an original title for a game xD

I'm not sure it's the final name. The game is still in very early development stage.
Lotus Seven

Hypnospace Outlaw (2019)
AnicroRB26 wrote

Ah, I was not aware of the existence of the Lotus Seven, so I thought the closest to it was the Meyers Manx. Thanks, Carter!

You're welcome!
Lotus Seven

Hypnospace Outlaw (2019)
Are you sure it's not Lotus Seven?
Volkswagen Multivan

Emergency 2012 (2010)
VW Transporter T4
Hyundai Tiburon

Nitrovista (2020)
Tiburon's front end + a bit of first-gen Audi TT and last gen of Toyota Celica
Bentley Continental GT3

Transformers Rescue Bots: Disaster Dash (2017)
Kinda reminds me of Bentley Continental

Transformers Rescue Bots: Disaster Dash (2017)
Looks like a first-gen Audi TT to me

Transformers Rescue Bots: Disaster Dash (2017)
2006' Charger
Made for Game Van

Dirty Bomb (2015)
Futuristic Chevy Express?
Porsche 912

Top Speed 2 (2019)
Victor_2003 wrote
The name its wrong and should be "911"?

Tell me you're joking
Holden Monaro

Forza Motorsport 7 (2017)
Aya wrote

No more new car for Forza Horizon 4.

You DO know that you're responding to 3 years old comment, right?
Audi S5

Midnight Club: Los Angeles (2008)
Attacker1997 wrote

Yeah, it's a reference to the 8F Drafter, which came on the DLC Diamond Casino & Resort

I mean, this game came out in 2008 and that car in GTA came out in 2019
Audi A3

Crayola Design & Drive (2014)
I can see a bit of Civic and Golf here, but it's definitely NOT a TT
Audi S5

Midnight Club: Los Angeles (2008)
AudiRS4 wrote
DRAFTER - Basically a reference to its GTA universe counterpart

Umm... I'd say it's other way around
Lotus Carlton

Forza Motorsport 4 (2011)
wezymh wrote
heres a question. is it more Vauxhall or Lotus?

Vauxhall with an engine of Lutus
Cadillac Cyclone

Monster Truck Championship (2020)
My first thought was 1955 Lincoln Futura as well

Monster Truck Championship (2020)
Heavy modified 2015' Mustang?
Thames Trader

Rogue Company (2020)
Origin: UK instead of USA

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
Silnev wrote

I think he means that the Sentra's rear resembles the Oracle's. Not that the Oracle's resembles the Sentra.

I highly doubt that such a giant as Nissan would do something like this
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