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Hyundai Accent WRC

Gran Turismo 6 (2013)
Oh god... I have a silver 2000 Accent and omg i am drooling over this, makes me a bit more proud of my own one! I have almoost a rally car! ;p
Suzuki Alto

Colin McRae Rally (2013)
Front is 1986-1989 Honda Accord.
Škoda Forman

Serious Sam 3: BFE (2011)
GAZ 24 Volga

Biohazard 6 (2012)
oh my fucking god....

Big effing deal about some rear lights, still is a GAZ-24. Same bodyshape...

LOL same front lights!!!!! suck it up <3
Chevrolet Caprice

Biohazard 6 (2012)
Caprice front end at least.
VAZ 2104 Zhiguli

Biohazard 6 (2012)
LADA 2104/21043. :)
Toyota Corolla

Biohazard 6 (2012)
Looks like a Toyota Corolla AE82 BODY to me, with different lights infront & rear.
Could also be a Nissan Sunny (1986-1989) body. but with lights from another car.
GAZ 24 Volga

Biohazard 6 (2012)
It is a GAZ-24. Same body shape, similar rear lights.
Volkswagen Brasilia

Max Payne 3 (2012)
This should go into GTA V... I'll not be able to hold water over that car, seriously.
Lada 2107

007 Legends (2012)
Yup, it's the Lada 2107 or VAZ.
Škoda Forman

Serious Sam 3: BFE (2011)
lcpdcv a écrit
Refer to yourself by your actual username.
And it's not an IZH, for Christ's sake. Fenders, tail lights, rear hatch, I could go on-don't match.

ok then... it's a mix up of Favorit, IZH, Renault 11.


- Skoda120Luvr

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2013-05-13 03:05:53
Honda Accord

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)
ooh nice. :)

Yeah, i posted it on there once. :D
Honda Accord

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)
Here are my 1988 Skoda 105 L, my 120 L '89 is the red one behind it.
My other 120 L '89
Charade '86
Peugeot 309 GL '87
Honda Accord

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)
Andra125 a écrit
I personally don't believe that...

Lol, don't believe me.

I know myself how many i own and now I own 11 cars.

DaihatsU charade '86
Peugeot 309 '87
Citroen AX '87
Mazda 626 '87
Mitsubishi Lancer '87
Fiat Uno 45S '87
Honda Accord '88
Skoda 105 L '88
Skoda 120 L '89
Skoda 120 L '89
coming soon:
Daihatsu Cuore '86
Chevrolet Monza '87
Skoda 120 '??
Honda Accord

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)
Nah, it's unlicensed. :( I can't drive it. :P

and yup, I have these two and 7 more cars!
Honda Accord

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)
Daaamn, I love this car haha, I only drive this car when I'm playing, you know why?

Cause I own one myself, IRL. It's black. :D
and it's also a 1988!

Just feels so awesome to driver your own car in a game!
Škoda Forman

Serious Sam 3: BFE (2011)
lcpdcv a écrit
Uh, no. Whoever this Skoda120luvr guy is, he doesn't even have an account here.
@Escudo-You could have used a picture of the correct 5 door variant. :p

I don't have an account here?

oh god.

It's not a Lada Samara. It's a IZH-2126.
Moskvitch 2141

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (2001)
Agreed with AZLK 2141.
Moskvitch 2140

SARA: The Prologue (2013)
Moskvitch or a GAZ 24.
Škoda Forman

Serious Sam 3: BFE (2011)
Agree on IZH-2126. Not on a Lada Samara, sadly more similar to the Izh pictured. Bodystyle, taillights, headlights. :P

- Skoda120luvr.
Ford Zodiac

Chevrolet Camaro: Wild Ride (2010)
It's a really European'ish car!

Here is what I think it is, it looks really similar. Same body look, looks also like Skoda 120 '81 to me.

oh and this car is definately a Skoda 120 1981. :) Same side doors, same body shape. Same 4-lights in front.
Ford Escort

Republic: The Revolution (2003)
Looks more like a Saab 9000 to me. :P
Ford Taunus

Republic: The Revolution (2003)
Alfa Romeo Giulia? :S Reminds me of that somehow.
Mitsubishi Eclipse

Super Cars (1990)
I'd say it's a Lotus Esprit '87.
Cizeta-Moroder V16T

Super Cars (1990)
Lotus Esprit all the way! 1987 Lotus Esprit!
Yugo 45

Street Fighter IV (2009)
Fiat Uno Mk1 with Fiat 126 rear end & lights.
Toyota Crown

Time Crisis II (1997)
I'm sure it's a Toyota Crown. :]
Škoda 105

Memento Mori (2008)
Arghhh i want to drive that Skoda :(
Peugeot 309

Rally Championship 2000 (1999)
Nows the question, does maybe that peugeot rally car exist after all those years? :o

I know of a Fiat Uno been standing since 2001, Charade been standing since 2001, Peugeot 309 standing since 2003. I own the Peugeot and Charade btw. :P
Yugo 45

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (2010)
I would say it's a Fiat Uno Mk1 body with Fiat 126 taillights, and that Fordcortina83 is just a noob, I wouldn't listen to him.

The body is of a Fiat Uno atleast, the stripe on the side, the rear window, side window and body style all look like my '87 Fiat Uno. :P

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2012-08-26 23:51:37
Yugo 45

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (2010)
It's a Fiat 126.

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2012-08-14 11:38:13
De Tomaso Deauville

Max Payne 3 (2012)
wow dudes, god damn I hope GTA V has THIS graphics! and these kind of cars - They are so realistic and cool! <3

btw love that peugeot.
Volkswagen Santana

Max Payne 3 (2012)
Rear end is like of a Hyundai Pony.
Lexus LS 400

Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix (2002)
LS400 :)
Oldsmobile 442

The Warriors (2005)
It's the Stallion :D
Lincoln Continental

The Warriors (2005)
It's a 4-door Esperanto :)
Datsun 510

Dead Island (2011)
Fiat 128 or 131 or Lada 1201 ?
Fiat Panda

Muscle Car 3: Illegal Street (2003)
J-2 a écrit
The grill and headlights only make a small % of the car, and since the whole body is from a Panda, it should stay as a Panda.

Ford Corcel

Driver 2: Back On The Streets (2000)
loooove this car :D<3

Dunno why... but it reminds me of a 1981 Skoda 120 <3
Has been my fav car in Driver 2 since '2003? :P
Chevrolet Chevy II Nova

Playstation Home (2008)
This reminds me of a car from Driver 3 XD

(not the car itself, but the graphics on it.)
Citroën Xsara

Gran Turismo 5 (2010)
Why this ugly SHIT?

Why couldn't they choose the 1997 version, it simply looks astonishingly beautiful :D

But this ugly shit should be destroyed.

Well If I get my hands on this sick game, I'm buying that car and DESTROYING IT!
Fiat Panda

Muscle Car 3: Illegal Street (2003)
The grill is from a damn FIAT UNO..... and the lights are too.. sooo FIAT UNO. with a body of a Fiat Panda.
Renault 5

Burnout 3: Takedown (2004)
Fiat uno 1984 - 1988 with FIAT PAnda classic front lights . the body is a Fiat uno.
Renault 5

Burnout Legends (2005)
Not a renault 5, It's a 1984 - 1988 Fiat Uno with fiat panda classic lights.
Isuzu Trooper

Test Drive Unlimited 2 (2011)
Isuzu trooper!
Austin Allegro

Micro Machines (2002)
you can see the body shape of a Fiat 126 and the front lights are similar.
Volkswagen Panel Van

Kung Fu Rider (2010)
Škoda 120

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis (2001)
same here :D gotta love all these skodas ^^, remind me of my 1988 105 L :D
Škoda 105

ArmA 2 (2009)
swwweeeet :D
Fiat Uno

Micro Machines V4 (2006)
fiat unoo :D
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