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Saints Row (2022)
Really looks like a 5th gen VW Polo to me.

Gotham Knights (2022)
Seeing it in a charcoal color really screams Ford Expedition or mid 2000s explorer to me. From the rear quarter view, it almost takes on the appearance of a Jeep Liberty.

Vague does not even begin to describe this thing.

Gotham Knights (2022)
The front looks an older Super Duty and I know its way too short, but the closest SUV would be the Ford Expedition 3rd gen (U324). Side profile is really low, almost Flex-like. Rear is fake, but it's got Nissan Titan/2015 F-150-style tailights.

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)
Since we are adding trains now, the Subway is based on the MTA's R32-type cars.

Saints Row (2022)
Mostly EMD SD70ACE. Not FRA freight service compliant, as it appears that the rear of the locomotive cannot be reached from the cab.
Ford E-350

Saints Row (2022)
The grille reminds me of Ubisoft's various vans WAY more than it should.
Jeep Wrangler

Watch Dogs: Legion (2020)
Literally the Mountain King from Watch Dogs 2. Interesting.
Freightliner FLB

The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience (2021)
I have a Matchbox Kenworth cabover is this exact paint job. It's not a Kenworth, but I think I know where the livery for this truck came from.

Demolition Derby 3 (2018)
I wonder when IOS will be updated.
Uralvagonzavod T-55M

Far Cry 6 (2021)
Just a disabled T-54/55.

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
Honestly though, Rockstar's car designers have no creativity anymore. Slap an Audi logo on the Obey Tailgater S and you can't tell the difference.

I'll give them this, though: I do quite like the Ubermacht Cypher.

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Land-Rover Defender

Watch Dogs: Legion (2020)
A very nice fictional Defender. Perhaps one of a few decent cars in Legion. A Metropolitan Police variant would have been awesome.
Lincoln Continental

Watch Dogs 2 (2016)
I wish they had the Crown Vic from The Division back when they were developing the first Watch Dogs. That was a good fictional Crown Vic.

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Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)
Bohan is not a restricted borough- it is accessible from the start of the game.
Ford F-150 SVT Lightning

Max Payne 3 (2012)
Vapid Contender from GTA IV.
International 4700

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)
The best way to obtain this vehicle is to take it during "Tunnel of Death". Take out Packie. This will fail the mission but will not introduce a cutscene. The truck will be unlocked. Take it and lose your wanted level. Drive it to any safehouse (Ideally the Middle Park East safehouse or North Holland safehouse, as police rarely patrol on foot here, and therefore will not take your vehicle if they arrest a suspect) and save the vehicle.
International 4000-Series

Smash Cops Heat (2012)
References the Brute Enforcer from GTA IV.
Ford Gran Torino

Demolition Derby 3 (2018)
Okay. This is most certainly NOT a disappointment. This is one of the best cars that they could have added.
Volkswagen Transporter

Demolition Derby 3 (2018)
Kind of a disappointment after a 3-month wait.
Made for Game Tank

Steel Reign (1997)
Made for game Centurion MK3 with extra road wheel.
Chevrolet Impala

Tom Clancy's The Division (2016)
tempacc123 wrote

I found nothing to back this claim but supposedly they got hit with C&D letters from nypd, fdny and the freaking empire state building for using their likeness, that made them scrap all of the cars they had in the 2013 build as some of them were very similar to their real life counterparts. The burning police car in the reveal gameplay is pretty much a 1:1 copy of the impala while they changed the rear a bit for the other cop cars. Also in the first minute or two when the camera pans to the right following gun noises you can see a white crown vic that looks almost as if they used an actual crown vic model. It was different from the taxis that only resembled the vics. It hurts me as well that these models are gone and I was dying to find info on who made them but it seems whoever did wasn't even allowed to post them to their portfolio. It really sucks

Right when the demo players enter the police precinct parking lot, a Tahoe-looking SUV can be seen in a CHP-style livery with the beta NYPD patch on the door. There are next to no good shots of it, though.
Chevrolet Lumina NASCAR

Demolition Derby 3 (2018)
An underrated vehicle. It is fast, loud and handles surprisingly well.
Audi Sport quattro S1

Demolition Derby 3 (2018)
This vehicle used to be unstoppable in races, along with the Lanvo, another AWD vehicle. It is great off-road, but expect challenges on street circuits from vehicles like the Charice Formula and skilled players.
Chevrolet Nova

Demolition Derby 3 (2018)
A terrible vehicle, both in terms of styling and performance, but a very popular one, as evidenced when doing multiplayer races. It's staggering.

Demolition Derby 3 (2018)
One of the next vehicles to be added (featured under tarp at the end of the car list in the garage) is a 1971 Dodge Tradesman based on grill and headlight arrangement seen if the player zooms in.
Saviem SM8

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
A bloated GAZ 66?

Demolition Derby 3 (2018)
Petrol Crawl gives me NFS Most Wanted 2012 vibes.
Ford Transit

Driving School Sim (2020)
Game has Ford Transit- Does not have Crown Vic. #LOGIC
AM General HMMWV M1097A2

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
It's coming? Finally? Hype.

Asphalt 9: Legends (2018)
I don't know why someone can't make a good game like this for mobile but with the real cars that people drive every day. Forget the Revzxyy 469 superleggusa and all these warehouse supercar companies. I wanna race the streets of San Francisco in a Mercury Grand Marquis.

Mafia III (2016)
Now THIS is a well-done fake Beetle.
Toyota RSC

Mafia (2002)
I love the fact this game is jam-packed with unused test vehicles. It Makes me wonder what other games are like this.

Mafia (2002)
It's got the grille of a Rover for some reason...
Daimler-Benz Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. F

Mafia (2002)
The stubby cannon and forward-set turret gives me Neubaufahrzeug vibes...

...but I think its the low-poly design of the vehicle playing tricks on me. some Pz. III variant is probably closer.
Ford Crown Victoria

Saints Row 2 (2008)
"Mom, can we get a Crown Vic?"
"We already have a Crown Vic at home."
The Crown Vic at home:
Audi A3 Sedan

Audi A3: Enter The Next Level (2016)
Clearly a Bentley Continental GT.
Chevrolet Tahoe PPV

Asphalt 9: Legends (2018)
Speedy17 wrote
Would be more awsome if this was a NFS,not an Asphalt

You are right. Asphalt 9 can feel like an imitation of other games sometimes.
Pontiac Bonneville

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (2020)
Pontiac Bonneville front.
Also, what an absolutely hideous low-effort Vice City-inspired livery that is. I feel offended.

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Ford Mustang

Playroom Racer 2 (2011)
Depicted on app icon as having Matchbox's Split 10 spoke wheels. Possibly based on Matchbox's Ford Mustang Cobra Jet (MB298), but looks more like the Hot Wheels' '65 Mustang Fastback (L9942).
GMC Vandura

Playroom Racer 2 (2011)
2007 Matchbox '75 Chevy Van (MB709). Same sunroofs.
Jeep Hurricane

Playroom Racer 2 (2011)
Based on a Matchbox casting of a real vehicle.
Matchbox Dune Buggy

Playroom Racer 2 (2011)
2006 Matchbox Dune Buggy (MB685)
Matchbox Cement Mixer

Playroom Racer 2 (2011)
2006 Matchbox Cement Mixer (MB690)
Toyota Hilux

Colin McRae Rally 04 (2003)
Literally has the words "Toyota" on the grill.

DiRT 5 (2020)
Chevy Aveo T200 (First Gen)?
Nissan Laurel

Night Race - Idle Car Merger (2019)
Silnev wrote
imo, it's an early 70's Skyline GTR. With light covers from the previous gen + different quarter windows.

Agreed. Only thing that trips me up are those Peugeot-looking headlights.
Honda Civic

Inertial Drift (2020)
carcrasher88 wrote
Seems French to me. Almost like some sort of Renault Clio, with a Renault 5 looking nose.

I agree, but personally I got Citroen C4 Rally car vibes, especially in the nose and spoiler. It sure as hell isn't any JDM.

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Playroom Racer 2 (2011)
Basically all the cars in this game are based on Matchbox castings. The Dune and Mixer are both Matchbox fantasy models.

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Dodge Royal Monaco

Demolition Derby 3 (2018)
Excellent car. I dominate multiplayer with this thing.
Subaru Impreza

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004)
I don't know why but this anachronism bugs me more than the Premier, Bullet and Jester combined.
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