1995 Toyota Crown Comfort

Châssis: XS10

Mk: 1

Catégorie: Berline

Origine: JP Japon

Véhicule non jouable
: Remix version



Contributeur: tupacserbia

Contributeur: tupacserbia


Auteur Message


2019-04-26 01:27
Always seems to be running from the cops In Tokyo. It's like a get away car.

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2019-04-26 01:27:25
RB tupacserbia

2014-10-22 02:24
The UV mapping on the model controls the overall appearance of the texture on the model. The reason why it looks streched is due to the fact it's a cropped version of a 16:9 1080p image while MC3 is meant to run at a 4:3 resolution.

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2014-10-22 02:28:45
US carcrasher88

2014-10-21 23:24
In the case of the first three Midnight Club games, many of the traffic vehicles have an exact texture map (literally, the texture of the vehicle) that is of the actual vehicle (minus badging), then modified to look less like the vehicle.

Usually that includes modification to vehicle lighting, grilles, and other vents.

In this case, it's not as modified. The only apparent changes to the badgeless texture is that it was placed on a mesh (the structure underneath the texture) that is a bit wider, so it's not in proper proportion, along with non-Crown Comfort wheels.
RB tupacserbia

2014-10-21 18:56
burn rubber a écrit
Rear hints towards Mercedes. But it isn't. So Made for Game?

Even if it did have a rear off a Mercedes, that wouldn't make it made for game. Every game with non-licensed vehicles uses aspects from two or more vehicles so they don't look 100 percent like their real counterpart.

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2014-10-21 18:57:12
US carcrasher88

2014-10-21 04:34
No, that's actually how the Crown Comfort's rear looks.


It just seems to have been stretched a bit, which is why the taillights look a bit out of proportion.

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