Daimler-Benz D38

Игровое имя: Bismarck 36

Тип: Двухэтажный автобус (Дабл-дэкер)

Страна: DE Германия

Неиграбельное транспортное средство

Участник: NFC94


Автор Сообщение

ID GamerFIB7590

2016-06-16 04:38
Looks like the double-decker school bus :lol: :lol: :lol:

BE Speedevil

2016-06-15 22:26
Burn Rubber написан

Woah. :wow:

Must have had very unbalanced weight. :lol:

Actually, I believe the front wheels were placed behind the engine because the rear was extremely heavy. It's a two-stories bus. :p

PL Hakari

2016-06-15 22:04
I found it. It's called Bssing-NAG D38 on imcdb. www.imcdb.org/vehicle_583753-Bussing-NAG-D38-1938.html

PL Hakari

2016-06-15 21:44
Burn Rubber написан

So these busses were actually real!? :lol:

Then again all cars pre-war were ugly. :p

It's 100% real. Just look at this: www.doppelstockbus.de/bilder/d38/o2.jpg

PL Hakari

2016-06-15 21:40
Burn Rubber написан
What the hell is this? :wow: :lol:

It's just a pre-war german double decker. :)
And I wonder if this name is correct. This bus is mostly called Bussing D38 on other sites.

PL Hakari

2016-06-15 21:24
It's hard to believe but something like that actually existed.

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