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Kia Carnival

Dr. Parking 3D (2015)
1st gen Kia Carnival indeed A.K.A. Kia Sedona
And also, there's NO FUCKING WAY it's an Opel Meriva neither Mazda MPV

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2020-04-19 16:05:54

Burnin' Rubber 5 (2013)
The Air version sucks IMO, hate to see there are no boss cars in it, and what's next? Auto-gas? Pay to win? No thanks
At least the ONLY good things here are there's the multiplayer mode and that version makes the game look kinda realistic, so real it's boring

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2020-04-19 15:11:21
Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse

Grand Street Racing Tour (2019)
And NEITHER WILL I, it's a C-Klasse indeed, like this one
Kia Picanto

Dr. Parking 3D (2015)
Kia Picanto
Ford Capri

Revhead (2017)
martino wrote
Its a car in a video game stop arguing people

Not really

Idle Racing Tycoon (2020)
Firstly listed as MFG, or should be listed as Race Car NASCAR
Dodge Viper

Idle Racing Tycoon (2020)
Listed as Viper in
Chevrolet Silverado Baja

Idle Racing Tycoon (2020)
Made for Game Racecar

Idle Racing Tycoon (2020)
Might be MFG, nuff said
Chevrolet Malibu

Idle Racing Tycoon (2020)
Either Chevy Malibu or MFG, also, class: coupé, not racecar
Race Car Formula

Idle Racing Tycoon (2020)
The_Medical_Car wrote
Race Car Formula

+1 and same model
Ferrari F50

Horizon Chase (2015)
With a mix of Jaguar XJ220 and Saleen S7
Toyota LiteAce

World War Z (2019)
Dunno which is right
- Suzuki Carry
- Daihatsu Hijet
- Toyota anything Ace, like HiAce, TownAce, etc.
- Piaggio Porter
Cloudstinger wrote


Also, how do you know that's a Toyota?

Just because it looks like a HiAce, but i guess it might not be
Chevrolet Corvette

Retrowave (2020)
valera wrote
Corvette c3

Hyundai Excel

Rumble in the Midwest (2020)
VW Jetta or Bora
Hyundai Excel

Rumble in the Midwest (2020)
VW Jetta or Bora
Shell Sunchaser

Shell Racing (2019)
Rather than MFG, this actually looks like an Aston Martin AM-RB 001

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Mazda RX-7

Colin McRae Rally (GBC) (2001)
Mazda RX-7, not too sure about Savanna or not, and SA22C chassis
Chevrolet Chevy Van

Arizona Sunshine (2016)

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Chevrolet Impala

Arizona Sunshine (2016)
Honestly, i thought the rear is from Skyline R33 & R34 mix

Arizona Sunshine (2016)
Just Hummer, no model, and HMCS chassis
Suzuki Satria 150

Bus Simulator Indonesia (2017)
We can say it as the first Satria on site after looking up this link and nothing
Origin Indonesia, hence 'Satria', same case with Kijang (Indonesian Tamaraw/Innova)

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2020-03-16 00:17:16
Yamaha Mio

Bus Simulator Indonesia (2017)
Wrong origin, it's Indonesia actually
Wikipedia Indonesia (translated in English) wrote
Suzuki Satria 150

Bus Simulator Indonesia (2017)
RushCars24 wrote
Next time, please notice any informations before identifying
Dodge Challenger

Need for Speed: Undercover (2008)
Z3ph7r wrote
The police dispatcher identifies the car as a Ford Mustang when the player uses it in police pursuits.

Funny enough, it's like the dispatcher identifying the helicopter as Porsche when the player uses it back in Carbon
Ames Iron Works

American Truck Simulator (2016)
mca0004 wrote
Is this the oldest vehicle on this site?

Wrong, Cugnot IS older than this
smart fortwo electric drive

Hill Climb Racing (2012)
Also, should this be classified as supermini?
smart fortwo electric drive

Hill Climb Racing (2012)
Front and rear portion of Daewoo Matiz, side looks like a smart
Made for Game Convertible

Hill Climb Racing (2012)
Mixture of KITT and Batman? :wow:
Seems like it might not resemble anything
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

El Matador (2006)
Something Japanese?
Alastor: HA! No
It's too big for any Japanese vans, but rather Europe/American, such as T1N Mercedes Sprinter as it was identified, 1995 facelift Transit, or 3rd gen Iveco Daily
Made for Game Coupe

Used Car Dealer (2017)
volt01 wrote
reminds me of a tesla cybertruck

Only the body shape does, but overall? Nah...

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2020-03-09 03:46:59
Sterling Acterra

American Truck Simulator (2016)
TheGreaser wrote
Are my previous comments randomly getting deleted for no reason? This isn't right.... Am I under moderation?

I don't see a rule saying having comments removed for no reason - the only time a comment is removed is because the comment was bad/offensive, yet for some reason, my comments, regardless if it's offensive or not (most of it isn't), is getting randomly deleted. Why?

If i were you, i could assume there might be some admin abuse, or some admin was hypocrite
Fiat 600

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Mobile (2017)
This is a 600, not 500. Also, class is ALWAYS supermini
Pressed Steel Car Company M4A1(76)W 'Sherman'

GIRLS und PANZER Dream Tank Match (2018)
Found it, it's M4 Sherman
Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR

Hotshot Racing (2020)
MBR wrote

Eww, and no it’s not

He's already gone for a very long while

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 (2019)
WarLord wrote
Not going to be picky, but you know, you posted this picture here, why didn't you add a rear view?

You can't just tell someone if it's same as that. It's better to add it, so you can get another point :)

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2020-03-02 23:42:07
Pressed Steel Car Company M4A1(76)W 'Sherman'

GIRLS und PANZER Dream Tank Match (2018)
Not very good at identifying tanks but...
Anything like Panzerkampfwagen?

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2020-03-02 16:39:03
Volkswagen Santana

Transport Fever 2 (2019)
B2 is not an extra info, but Mk is 2 and it will be turned into B2
Typ 32B chassis
Made for Game Sedan

Hero Hunters (2017)
Three identical cars in this game. This one isn't known, the taxi one is Stinger, and the police one is Carbon Motors E7. Screw the logic
Nissan 350Z

Crackdown (2007)
AuntieAliasing wrote
Alfa 8C

Only rear, and the window isn't identical to it
Made for Game SUV

Crackdown (2007)
AuntieAliasing wrote
Hummer H2?

This car doesn't have any D-pillar, so too short to be an H2

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2020-03-01 12:35:31
Made for Game Coupe

Crackdown (2007)
AuntieAliasing wrote
1995 Chrysler Atlantic Concept

Almost, but i still don't think it's Atlantic, i'm thinking more of any Hot Wheels car here

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2020-03-01 12:31:44
Nissan 180SX

Gran Turismo Sport (2017)
RushCars24 wrote
NO, @Silnev, down you. [hits you with a broom]

I agreed with @TheGreaser, Top Gear Fan's style on GT Sport are way MUCH better than Silnev, I think Silnev's style looks more like copy-paste of TGF's style and I could consider as an imposter version of it so should be denied, TGF should stop letting Silnev to do these shots.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Don't try it!
I doubt if this is any point, but you know, i gotta admit i did the same thing with TunedRicer, since i remembered that i lost many of my points because many of my shots (i.e. Dr. Driving 2) were replaced by him and then i was aware some of the shots (not just mine) are mediocre to bad, so i decided to do the same thing by replacing any old, small, and bad shots, for a prime example: NFS Carbon, so what do you think? Considering me as an imposter? :/

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2020-02-28 10:39:06

Grabatron (2011)
Lombax wrote

I'm not saying that this car is a Falcon but your statement is false - The '63 Falcon -did- come in 4-door sedan.

Ahh, my bad, didn't know that

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2020-02-28 04:10:13
Made for Game Coupe

Used Car Dealer (2017)
pongmai510 wrote
Then why did you list it as unknown? :/

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 (2002)
tatar1234284 wrote
Not Plate?

bowl 4 sure :lol:
Suzuki RG 125 F

Ride 3 (2018)
tatar1234284 wrote
3d Model

it's 1d model y'know
International Harvester Fleetstar

SnowRunner (2020)
And the playable-only one tho :love:
International Harvester Loadstar

SnowRunner (2020)
Will be more awesome, if it's a school bus :D
Lada Niva

SnowRunner (2020)
Since it's Lada, model name is just Niva and 21213 should be in chassis
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