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Made for Game 'Velocita'

Made for Game 'Velocita' dans Sleeping Dogs, Action, 2012

Catégorie: Voitures, Coupé

Playable Vehicle Véhicule jouable

Made for Game 'Velocita'

Image fournie par : TrueCrime

Made for Game 'Velocita'

Image fournie par : TrueCrime

Commentaires sur ce véhicle


TheTerminator248 EE (0)

2012-08-27 23:57

It's a Köenigsegg, I know that.

-- Last edit: 2012-08-27 23:57:44

LPG BR (0)

2012-08-28 02:02

It's a Saleen S7.

stratosupra US (0)

2012-08-28 02:20

It may be a Mosler MT900.

Maltravers RU (8)

2012-08-28 20:53

Koenigsegg CCX perhaps.

Classic-car-nut EN (4)

2012-08-30 11:11

As this has quite a prominent spoiler I think it may be a Koenigsegg CCXR.

Ford78 PT (13)

2012-09-09 15:27

Maltravers a écrit Koenigsegg CCX perhaps.


bugravarol TR (2)

2012-09-10 12:13

I vote for Koenigsegg CCX...

ditha57 ID (3)

2012-09-10 14:14

I prefer Koenigsegg Agera

dragonboy AU (16)

2012-09-11 01:30

Im not seeing koenigsegg in this at all. It looks more like this: or an Ultima GTR, but not a koenigsegg

-- Last edit: 2012-09-11 01:33:42

ditha57 ID (3)

2012-09-11 11:39

dragonboy a écrit Im not seeing koenigsegg in this at all. It looks more like this: or an Ultima GTR, but not a koenigsegg

Ultima GTR is out of my opinion because it's too short, but the RCR might be close.

civic_eg6_94 ID (71)

2012-09-16 13:36

The bodywork resembles more of Saleen S7 to me

amilo-d NO (0)

2012-09-16 22:40

Pagani Hyura.

ItsaUserName EN (69)

2012-09-16 23:33

Noble M600?

Tycek PL (169)

2012-09-16 23:35

MFG, because it's cluster from many different supercars (mostly Saleen, Pagani or RCR), but not single of them will be close enough to identify this car as one of them.

dragonboy AU (16)

2012-10-04 01:24

Its not majority Saleen, i agree with made for game, as tycek said, too many elements of different cars, i reckon its more zonda than saleen, while still looking a bit like the saleen and the rcr.

JDMracerocket96 US (0)

2015-11-27 18:36

the name parodys the veloci from mc2

GamerFIB7590 ID (216)

2015-11-28 06:26

Looks more like Genty Akylone

Burn Rubber US (346)

2016-01-02 03:28

I'd say Saleen S7 but lack of rear shit makes me not want to...

speedfreak975 LB (284)

2017-05-06 10:51

whats with low quality. looks like taken from phone

Zack BR (0)

2019-02-02 07:53

it's a SSC Ultimate Aero, c'mon guys

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