Surname: Herrera Outlaw

Class: Sedan

Playable vehicle



Contributor: TheCanadianStig

Contributor: TheCanadianStig

Contributor: TheCanadianStig


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AU Bond007stig

2020-10-18 03:05
2017 Mazda Vision Coupe Concept - The cars front end is similar and it also has a similar body profile

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2020-10-21 06:36:41

2020-10-12 17:19
Bentley EXP 100 GT? Same swooping rear and overall shape, even the color in the first pic is almost identical to the Bentley's one. The only big difference is that it's a 2 door.
US Youresowronglmao

2020-07-28 19:59
TheGreaser wrote

Correct, sort of. Whoever said Savage Rivale is most likely incorrect.

That was Chesty...everyone's favorite troll.
CA car-dude44

2020-07-23 22:18
Lamborghini Estoque with a different rear end, maybe?

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