Project CARS GO (0)

Type: Racing

Developer: Slightly Mad Studios

Publisher: Gamevil

Platforms: Android, iOS

Damageable vehicles: ?


  • Playable Vehicles

    2017 Acura NSX
    2017 Aston Martin DB11
    2014 Aston Martin V8 Vantage GTE
    1981 BMW M1 Procar
    2016 Dallara DW12
    1967 Ferrari 330 P4
    1987 Ferrari F40
    2015 Ferrari FXX K
    2012 Ford Formula 1600
    Formula Rookie
    2017 Ford GT
    2016 Ford GT LM GTE
    2013 Ford Mustang
    2015 McLaren P1 GTR
    2017 Mercedes-AMG GT R
    1991 Nissan Skyline
    2016 Porsche 911 GT3 R
    2013 Porsche 918 Spyder
    1989 Sauber C9
    2013 Toyota 86
    2016 Toyota TS050

    Unplayable Vehicles

    2016 BMW M6 GT3


    Author Message
    SM MBR

    2020-10-17 15:14
    The project was near abandoned, but since Project cars 3 did poorly, they know they can recover and make a compensation for their loss, they know that the mobile market is successful because there will always be this type of,people,who spend $1000+ on a F****ng mobile game, this is why now they are resuming the development for it

    Not to mention PC3 is actually a highly suspicious of been originally a ported Mobile game, but since games like CSR, RR3, A8 & A9 are doing so well, they may as well try to finish and release their mobile version

    Itís sad nowadays that gaming world is like this, but this is unfortunately the only smart way & strategy for a game developer to earn money as this is how it works nowadays & they know they can sell it like hot cakes

    If PC3 was successful and they meet their target, they might actually abandon PCG and maybe Change the game name and start from scratch & make a new one for mobile, but they donít have an option so this was their only workaround and Iím %100 sure it will works for them

    Btw slightly mad studio is the one to blame for what happened to PC3, I canít blame Fully Blame Codemasters, SMS throw to them a completely new game and Codemasters donít have the experience for a racing simulation experience so they made it into arcade (aside from their Dirt rally) But Iím sure Codemasters probably ran out of time tol

    -- Last edit:
    2020-10-17 15:18:32

    US hjlogan7

    2020-10-16 02:48
    The game is currently in closed beta testing
    SM MBR

    2020-10-16 01:26
    Looks like the game is back again for real, I bet itís due to the bad impressions they got on their last installment

    US RKDxNT3000

    2020-10-16 01:12
    Who broke the NDA?
    SM MBR

    2020-06-12 00:19
    Itís abandoned

    US Green Runner

    2020-02-16 19:10
    Is this game still under development?

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