1981 BMW M1 Procar

Chassis: E26

Class: Racecar

Origin: DE Germany

Playable vehicle



Contributor: Green Runner


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2019-01-11 09:02
TrueCrime wrote
I don't think this is even a beta. Admittedly I was certain it'd hit Early Access. By the time the decade is over we get smartphones that are much more tech-y (ones that can handle older games on our living rooms and bedrooms) and games that get even more greedier by the year. And it's going up, trust me. You can try to avoid it.... but good luck with that.

Yeah Iím absolutely gonna avoid it, but you know pcars fanboys gonna praise it as if itís the best thing ever :/

2019-01-09 18:11
Looking at this screenshot the graphics still doesnít impress me, asphalt 9, real racing 3 and other games are far better ahead than this, I hope itís just a beta and not the final look
US AutoTracker

2019-01-09 15:33
I believe that's the California Highway track from the console games so I would say yes.

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