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Chevrolet Impala

Tom Clancy's The Division (2016)
Kundra wrote
I really love this car model! It's so sad they removed it from the game, its like a mix between a 2006 Chevy Impala (Front+Body+Back) and a 2013 Ford Taurus (The back). It's a mix between modern and old. Does anyone know the reason why they removed such a great car model?

I found nothing to back this claim but supposedly they got hit with C&D letters from nypd, fdny and the freaking empire state building for using their likeness, that made them scrap all of the cars they had in the 2013 build as some of them were very similar to their real life counterparts. The burning police car in the reveal gameplay is pretty much a 1:1 copy of the impala while they changed the rear a bit for the other cop cars. Also in the first minute or two when the camera pans to the right following gun noises you can see a white crown vic that looks almost as if they used an actual crown vic model. It was different from the taxis that only resembled the vics. It hurts me as well that these models are gone and I was dying to find info on who made them but it seems whoever did wasn't even allowed to post them to their portfolio. It really sucks

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 (2019)
Bumpercars45 wrote
xcmg qy50ka? -
Has the best matching cab

LTM 1250? -
Has better wheel wells, and judging by the Division 1 page, a more similar crane

you sure nailed the cab, I'd go with xcmg cy50ka the rest was probably made for game
AM General HMMWV

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 (2019)
Flippedoutkyrii wrote
Seems like they took some liberties with the design of the Humvee due to that lawsuit last year.

If only Am General cared as much for the armor of those things as they did for their copyright protection maybe a few more US soldiers could have made it back home...

its not due to the cod lawsuit its actually due to some legal issues they faced when working on TD1, they had nypd, fdny, and empire state building all send c&d letters for using their logos, having similar looking liveries or using a building resembling the empire state in the reveal trailers. They all got changed in the final game and they also took out literally all of their cars from the 2013 reveal gameplay and replaced them with ones that don't resemble real life cars as much. They had almost 1:1 copies of an impala and the crown vic in 2013-2014 but at release those cars were replaced.
Chevrolet Impala

Tom Clancy's The Division (2016)
Kecske wrote
It only appears in one of the ECHOs.

nice catch, went through the whole game and got all the echos just to find it
weird that they removed the model from the game files but its still in that one echo, I guess the echos have their own models.

Miscreated (2014)
SolanaBogon wrote
DAF XF, the name is written on the grille...

I don't know crap about trucks, thought its a fake badge like all the others in the game.
Ford Courier

Stranglehold (2007)
hm, the rear looks like a holden ute but the rest is nothing like it
MAZ 543

Fallout 76 (2018)
naturalresistance wrote
It's some sort of joke? Do you really think this will be in game?)))

@naturalresistance its in the game, watch the noclip documentary on the making of fallout76 it appears there multiple times and I took it from there.