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Acciona 100% EcoPowered

Gravel (2018)
Auto-Friki wrote
So this car is electric or not?

This car is electric, AND has 6-speed transmission, their official web site says.
Honda NSX

Driving Emotion Type-S (2000)
Type-S zero was exclusively for chassis code NA2.
NA2 is this generation of NSX with 3.2 litre engine and 6-speed gearbox, whichever it comes with pop-up headlights or fixed one.
Subaru Impreza

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)
At least the developers say this car is "Impreza WRX STI CS400", but personally I don't want to consider that this is CS400...
Toyota Corolla

Juiced: Eliminator (2006)
Kinda underpowered for racing in stock form, but with upgrades, this ordinally-looking hatchback with 6-speed gearbox will become a cool sleeper.
Fiat Grande Punto

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)
Gagarsa06 wrote
Customized, non-stock OZ wheels, and Honda-ish sounds.

In addition, it's got a close-ratio, 6 speed gearbox.

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Volkswagen Golf

Need for Speed: Payback (2017)
This car with exclusive USDM taillights is the one out of three starter cars of Race class.
Subaru Impreza

GT Racing (1996)
And, this gen of Impreza Wagon's chassis code is GF.
Subaru Impreza

GT Racing (1996)
Somewhy, this is not Sedan, also not the STi version.
Strangely, this specification is the Sedan one with 4-speed Automatic transmission... Clearly, in-game model is Wagon, though.
Nissan Skyline GT-R

Need for Speed: Payback (2017)
I don't remember the exact date, but in an update of the game, regular R32 in Drift version became purchasable.
Chevrolet Corvette

Shutokō Battle 01 (2003)
Since this is the Japanese-origin game, this Corvette has JDM taillights.
When turn on the turn signal, lower half of the taillights flash sepalately unlike the original US version.
Lexus GS

Shutokō Battle 01 (2003)
carcrazedalex586 wrote
Is this a Toyota Aristo in the Japanese version?

Yes, GS and LS are appeared as Aristo and Celsior in Japanese version.
Honda CR-X

Shutokō Battle 0 (2001)
In the field of competition, this huge glass roof is not liked.
But, hey, who doesn't love to drive this such a pretty ride under the moonshine?
Ferrari 250 GT Passo Corto

まげる つける はしー (2002)
A.k.a. "250 GT Breadvan".
Made for Game Convertible

Choro Q Wonderful! (1999)
strike9 wrote
it looks like one of the game pieces from LIFE

This IS the game pieces from LIFE.
Honda NSX

Choro Q HG (2000)
It certainly is the NSX, but it has a kind of strange model...
Subaru Legacy Wagon

Choro Q HG (2000)
This is the standard Legacy Wagon or Touring Wagon, I think.
M2 1015

Choro Q HG (2000)
This is not the standard AZ-1.
According to hood-mounted fog lights and "Exclusive Spoiler"(専用スポイラー, seems to be deleted from export versions), this AZ-1 is a special version named "M2 1015". But different from the real one, in-game model has two-tone paint like standard AZ-1.
Austin-Healey Sprite

Enthusia: Professional Racing (2005)
What an adorable car...
Toyota Corolla

Torque Burnout (2015)
Ordinary Sedan with 2 doors, I think.
Whichever it is Sedan or Coupe, it's not a Hatchback.
Race Car

Sega Rally Revo (2007)
According to this blog(, this machine is designed for this game.
Ford M151 'MUTT'

Sega Rally Revo (2007)
Actually I'm not familiar with this site's rule of considering vehicle, but I think this is a kind of dune buggy with Jeep-like bodyshell, not like a "true" Jeep.
Subaru Impreza

SRS: Street Racing Syndicate (2004)
It clearly says 2.5RS...
Nissan Skyline GT-R

Meisha Retsuden: Greatest 70's (1997)
As my remembrance, developers hoped us to compare the classics and moderns through these modern cars.
Nissan 180SX

Touge Max: Saisoku Driver Master (1997)
This can be altered into Sileighty through choose Machine Class B while pressing down the triangle button.
Subaru Impreza WRC

Choro Q HG 2 (2002)
This is not like WRC version.
It's more like the 1998 "RA Limited" trim because of aero parts, roof scoop, and having 4 doors.
West Corvette

Shutokō Battle 01 (2003)
burn rubber wrote
Seen in USA intro. I don't know if it appears in other country's intros

This is also seen in JPN intro.
Nissan Teana

Choro Q Works (2005)
This Should correct to J31 Teana.
Nissan Skyline GT-R

Shutokō Battle 0 (2001)
It is Char Aznable intensified R34, the Shutokou Battle classic.
Toyota Sprinter Trueno

Racing Battle: C1 Grand Prix (2005)
Shinka Nibutani wrote
Tofu Delivery time :D

But this Trueno delivers udon noodle :D
Suzuki Cultus Pikes Peak

Gran Turismo 2 (1999)
TWormely wrote
How do you unlock this?

At least in Japanese version, it is purchasable in Suzuki dealership's special car section.
Ford F-100

Super Runabout (2000)
carcrasher88 wrote
The name appears to be a reference to the 1989 Aerosmith album, Pump, even though the trucks on the cover of the album were International Harvesters, not Fords.

I think the name is taken from the nickname of Ford F-100(maybe only in Japan), "The Pumpkin Truck".
Made for Game Mecha

Runabout 3: Neo Age (2002)
Tycek wrote
Does it have an any form of engine? If not, then it's gotta go.

This kind of Tea Serving Karakuri-Doll is spring-powered in real life. It might not be considered as "Engine", though.
Dodge Challenger

Runabout 3: Neo Age (2002)
MTP02 wrote
Is this car exclusive to US version or also appears in Japanese?

It also appears in JPN version, too.
Fiat 500

Runabout 2 (1999)
It's the parody of the fiat 500 that is appeared in "Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro".
When it goes fast, rear hood will open and shows supercharged engine.
Honda Civic

Runabout (1997)
This car says "SIR",but the specification is taken from VTi version...
Nissan Sileighty

Option Tuning Car Battle Spec-R (2000)
Originally, the S14 wasn't offered 3-door version and still there was 180SX(S13 chassis), but some swapped S14 or S15 face to 180SX.
So, if this machine's rear half is 180SX, this is Sileighty.
Subaru Impreza Wagon

Top Gear: Donuts Dash (2017)
Somewhy, this is the GF Impreza that swapped GD/GG face...
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

Forza Horizon 4 (2018)
As a subie, I really miss Mitsubishi.
Nissan MID4-II

Racing Lagoon (1999)
tail light of this machine is nissan MID-4 Ⅱ clearly.
Mazda RX-7

Racing Lagoon (1999)
And referred as "SAVANNA"