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Piaggio Vespa

Super Runabout (2000)
This is a Piaggio Vespa PX125
Honda Helix CN 250

Torrente 3: El Protector (2005)
This is definitely a Honda Helix CN250.

See here:
Opel Kadett

Far Cry 2 (2008)
Bristol 603 (mid-1980s)

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Volkswagen Panel Van

Kung Fu Rider (2010)
70s Japanese
Toyota Dyna

Kung Fu Rider (2010)
I think this is an Isuzu Elf truck or an early Mitsubishi Canter Guts:

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Mitsubishi Fuso City Bus

Choro Q HG (2000)
I think this is a type of Mitsubishi city bus
Audi TT

Vanishing Point (2000)
The Dreamcast version looks markedly better than the PS1 version (shown here).