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Trabant 601

Death Road to Canada (2016)
How about a Glas Isar then?
Karsan J9

Husk (2017)
Peugeot J7 or one of those 1960's Hanomag/Mercedes vans.
FSO Polonez

The Secret World (2012)

I was thinking between Polonez and old Passat, but decided to choose Passat, since there's no Polonezes in USA.
Proton Wira

Tommi Mškinen Rally (1998)
Why persona, because it's called Proton Wira in the game ?
CitroŽn 11 BL

The Saboteur (2009)
Same model as Corrino LX Junker.
CitroŽn 11 BL

The Saboteur (2009)
Citroen Traction Avant 11 CV
Tyrrell 023 Yamaha

Emergency: Fighters For Life (1998)
By colouring, first car looks like 1995 Tyrrell - Yamaha, Second car 1992 Jordan - Ford, and third car 90's Marlboro sponsored McLaren.
Renault Trafic

Drift City (2007)
1991 Renault Trafic
Toyota Corona

Tekken TAG Tournament (1999)
You both are right, In Europe it's called Carina E, in Japan it's called Corona.
Ford Aerostar

The Duel: Test Drive II (1989)
I would say Ford Aerostar
Ford Thunderbird NASCAR

Andretti Racing (1996)
on 1996 Texaco/Havoline car was a Ford Thunderbird.
Volvo 240 Estate

Interstate '76: Nitro Pack (1997)
Volvo 240 estate maybe ? At least the name says that it is swedish V(IKEA).
Mazda Familia

Burning Fight (1991)
323 / Protege
Peugeot 505

Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja (1988)
Peugeot 305
Ford Mondeo

London Racer: Police Madness (2005)
Ford Mondeo ?
Toyota Carina II

World Racing (2003)
1990 Toyota Carina II
Toyota 222D

Carmageddon (1997)
Front reminds me of Peugeot 205