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Mazda Roadster

ドリフトスピリッツ (2013)
There's an [ACC+] Version of this car, which has the same base model but increased stats
Subaru Impreza

ドリフトスピリッツ (2013)
This is actually an unlockable vehicle
Subaru R2

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 (2014)
This car also acts as a traffic car
Chevrolet Corvette

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4 (2011)
Nice found pal. I wish they add the Dodge Viper. Or Chevrolet Cobalt SS (meh, just my hope).
Chevrolet Camaro

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4 (2011)
Nah, I just wish.
Chevrolet Camaro

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4 (2011)
Neat! Now wait for Mustang Super Snake or Shelby 1000 on WMMT4 (I wish) :p.
Pagani Huayra

CSR Racing (2012)
Is that one on tier 5?
Ferrari FF

Forza Horizon (2012)
You mean the first-time ever AWD vehicle of Ferrari being produced, the FF?

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2012-10-20 18:53:49
Gumpert Apollo Enraged

Forza Horizon (2012)
Yay, love the Enraged of Appolo :love:.
Ferrari FF

Forza Horizon (2012)
What do you mean?
Lexus SC 430

Full Auto 2: Battlelines (2006)
This is a bonus skin for Enforcer though. But I don't know I will choose between Camaro, Carprice, or the SC 430.
Acura RSX

Burnout Paradise (2008)
A sure blast from the past. This car is really good to get x20 burnout, especially in Blockade Run road rage event...if you know how to handle it.
TVR Sagaris

Forza Horizon (2012)
Hamisxa wrote
Am I really seeing it or it's my imagination??
Praise The Lord And His Miracles!

Hail to the king baby. Expecting to see a stock Cerbera.
Dodge Challenger Concept

Full Auto 2: Battlelines (2006)
In game name: Inferno
Porsche Cayenne

Full Auto 2: Battlelines (2006)
Crossover of Cayenne and Dodge Magnum?
Scion FR-S

Forza Horizon (2012)
tj wrote
this is just a copy of the Subaru brz

Actually, this car is a joint-project between Toyota (called GT86, if I didn't guess wrong. And Scion(FR-S)) and Subaru (BRZ).
Aston Martin DB9

Full Auto 2: Battlelines (2006)
In game name: Sceptre (a twisted name from Spectre, which means ghost in France)
Ford GT

Full Auto 2: Battlelines (2006)
In game name: HSK-75, it's based from the game (I've a walkthrough video though. Downloaded from youtube, but won't use it until I can feel the game by self)
Porsche 911

Full Auto 2: Battlelines (2006)
In game name: Kinetik. Sorry for a mistake, that's fine though.
Pagani Zonda R

Forza Motorsport 4 (2011)
BattleMachines2009 wrote
It's a shame Pagani isn't making the Zonda anymore. It was an amazing machine and it will be missed.

We should made a salute to this car when surprisingly they freaked out and made a Zonda R Evoluzione. Damn as hell, but Zonda is something that can be considered as a one of Pagani's legacy.
Chevrolet Kodiak

Full Auto (2006)
Somebody, please change in game name of this car. This is Hookzilla, not Hookneck (Sorry guys)
Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Ridge Racer: Unbounded (2012)
Suokukko wrote
"Dorean LE"? Why the hell the name is so close to "De Lorean"?

Perhaps they ran out of car name?
Note: Bah, people these days are just constantly made an instant guess of the car without proper research and proof. No offense.

RVR72GV wrote
Good God, I think this site needs a voluntary mod specially to respond these people.

I'm agree for that.

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Nissan Skyline GT-R

Sleeping Dogs (2012)
The front doesn't resemble R34 Skyline, the headlights are Mercedes Benz SL 500, but the body is a tuned version of SL65 AMG Black Series (it's called MKB Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG Black Series P-1000)

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Ford Sierra

Forza Horizon (2012)
sajmon14 wrote

It was never sold in USA

Agreed with you, it's UK only.
Nissan R92CP

Toy Home (2007)
Ford78 wrote
Looks like a Peugeot 908 HDi with a little touch of Toyota GT One.

I will choose the same with you.
Hyundai Genesis Coupé

Arctic Drift (2011)
Ford78 wrote

Yes, it is. The front matches this car.

If the car is Coupe version, by the way.
Genty Akylone

Sleeping Dogs (2012)
dragonboy wrote
Im not seeing koenigsegg in this at all. It looks more like this: or an Ultima GTR, but not a koenigsegg

Ultima GTR is out of my opinion because it's too short, but the RCR might be close.
Toyota Supra

Sleeping Dogs (2012)
Mark0 wrote
Marcos TSO with different rear?

I guess the same with you, it was the closest I can think so far.
MV Agusta 500cc

Road Rash 3-D (1998)
Somehow it was an old 500 cc bike. Forget the models though. Maybe an old BMW?
Genty Akylone

Sleeping Dogs (2012)
I prefer Koenigsegg Agera
Ferrari Mythos

Test Drive III: The Passion (1990)
subzero wrote
:love: shame that it did not appears in newer games

A total surprise, kinda they have the ESP.
RAM 2500

Ridge Racer: Unbounded (2012)
I think it's called a RAM because RAM have divided from Dodge division.
Ford GT40

Ridge Racer: Unbounded (2012)
Is that Honda/Acura NSX? The middle resembles that.