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Beautiful Katamari (2007)
Fiat 1100 D/R
Suzuki Carry

Beautiful Katamari (2007)
Suzuki Carry
Toyota Starlet

Beautiful Katamari (2007)
Toyota Starlet P70

Jackie Chan Adventures (2001)
Could be an old Ford Transit?

Jackie Chan Adventures (2001)
Killercar34 wrote
Yeah, I thought of that too
Volkswagen Passat

Alarm für Cobra 11: Undercover (2012)
Good old Monsun
Chevrolet Corvette

The Driver Syndicate (2019)
Victor_2003 wrote

Oh the latest versions.

Latest build I found was from February 2022 and the Vette is nowhere to be found
Freightliner FLA (2013)
TheGame wrote
finally, a new truck, even if it is a variant of the t series

The file name of T-series has been changed from "semi" to "us_semi". That means there's more coming, most likely from Europe

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Chevrolet C-Series (2013)
twingo wrote

The Almighty GMT400
Alpina B3 (2013)
I love the Ostallgau plate on this photo
Škoda Fabia

Euro Truck Simulator 2 (2012)
hanwoo wrote
Really removed this AI car?

Well, this model was already used in ETS so it was kinda outdated compared to newer ones

Euro Truck Simulator 2 (2012)
Vxctec wrote
The front grille makes the car seem like the ETK models from BeamNG.

Surprising to see how SCS and other games are eager to add so many fictional car elements or designs all of a sudden.

Maybe someone told them to do so
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

TRAIL OUT (2022)
Polish ambulance
MAN Lion's Coach

Bus World (2022)
1st gen MAN Lion's Coach with 2nd gen rear and interior
Made for Game Supermini

Smashy Road: Wanted 2 (2021)
3rd gen Suzuki Alto Lapin

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Ford Transit

Cities: Skylines II (2023)
Daily and Transit mix
Mercedes-Benz Vito

Cities: Skylines II (2023)
Peugeot Expert/Toyota Proace/Opel Vivaro etc.
Volkswagen Phaeton

Freeway Fury: Alien Annihilation (2020)
Not Crown Victoria?

HP Beetle Buggin' (2002)
Memory unlocked
Toyota Sprinter Trueno

Gran Turismo 7 (2022)
Silnev wrote

On IGCD we list custom build cars, like this, by the year the build was completed. So in this instance this AE86 is based off a real AE86 that belonged to Shuichi Shigeno, the author of Initial D.

Ok, I see
Fiat 500

Gran Turismo 7 (2022)
caio fivetech wrote
Model origin Poland and made for Japan (RHD with KM/H dash) - Probably a leftover from GT5, but with the European plate in the boot.

From what I know plates can be changed to Japanese-sized one
Fiat Talento

Cities: Skylines II (2023)
Renault Trafic
Renault Kangoo

Cities: Skylines II (2023)
Toyota Proace City
Toyota Sprinter Trueno

Gran Turismo 7 (2022)
2000? How?

Smashy Road: Wanted 2 (2021)
I think the closest match is DAF XF95

Yaris (2007)

Emergency 3: Mission Life (2005)
In cutscene it was 1st gen Volvo FH
Made for Game Sedan

DC League of Super-Pets: The Adventures of Krypto and Ace (2022)
Headlights remind me of Peugeot 504

Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction (2002)
Don't tell me it's the car you run over
Van Hool T2100

Alarm für Cobra 11: Das Syndikat (2010)
T915 Acron
Tecnobus Gulliver

Motor Town: Behind The Wheel (2021)
Mercedes-Benz Cito
Volvo FH

Final Freeway (2010)
Volvo FH
Cadillac BLS Wagon

Final Freeway (2010)
Cadillac BLS
Isuzu Elf

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (2020)
Maibatsu Mule
Ford Crown Victoria

Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
This is Gavril Grand Marshal and you can't prove me wrong

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#DRIVE (2019)
Imagine if this car was real
Kenworth T-680

Saints Row (2022)
Ford Granada

EcoRun (2016)
Volvo 262C

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2022-08-07 22:52:41

Stray (2022)
Widerkoo wrote
Piaggio Ape?

Made for Game Lego

LEGO City: Fire Academy (2010)
One of my first lego sets
Audi A4

Emergency 20 (2017)
For me it's A4 B7
Mercedes-Benz GL

Emergency 20 (2017)
GL converted into a pickup

Bombay Taxi (2007)
*core memory unlocked*
Mack Granite

Traffic Racer (2012)
Porsche 911 Carrera RS

Gran Turismo 7 (2022)
Rinspeed wrote
First time in GT

Wasn't Porsche present in GT Sport as well?
International 9800

Long-Haul Truckers (2009)
It was even seen in a cutscene playing in main menu
Prince Skyline

Gran Turismo 4 (2004)
In PAL version it's a Nissan
Autobianchi A112

Gran Turismo 4 (2004)
A car you keep selling
Volkswagen Golf

Gran Turismo 7 (2022)
Is this the next-gen graphics they talk about?
Nike One

Gran Turismo 4 (2004)
It's already 2022, where is it?
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