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3D American Truck (2014)
Truck brands that aren't even American:


GT Racers (GBA) (2006)
to unlock all cars in the game, enter the password:

Turbo League (2016)
MFG - Made For Game.

Redline Rumble 4: IgNitro City (2009)
3 Japan cars, 3 European cars.

Built for Speed (2016)
this game is no longer playable since the servers are shutdown.
Ford Focus

City Racing (2008)
The rear of the car looks like Fiat grande Punto.
Made for Game Kart

Street Racer (1994)
Chevrolet Corvette? or Ferrari?
Lister Storm

Ridge Racer 64 (2000)
Lister Storm with Ferrari F40 in rear.

Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA (1998)
known as: New York Rush: Extreme Racing
Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

TrackMania United (2006)
Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren with Porsche Carrera GT in rear.

Made for Game?

Crazy Cars: Hit The Road (2015)
According to Wikipedia, the game release date is 2012, not 2015.
Made for Game Coupe

KGB Hunter (2006)
Xform made this car just like that white and blue car:

PAKO - Car Chase Simulator (2014)
Kawasaki Ninja?

Smash Bandits Racing (2013)
licensed cars:

Bowler EXR S
Spyker C8 Aileron
Hennessey venom
GMC Vandura (The A-Team Van)

Police Supercars Racing (2010)
enemy cars:

Tesla Roadster
Lamborghini Gallardo
Audi Avus Quattro
Ford GT90

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2024-03-25 14:03:30
Chevrolet Corvette

City Racing (2008)
Corvette mixed up with Ferrari F355 Spider.

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Need for Speed: Unbound (2022)
where is Toyota?

CarX Highway Racing (2017)
This game reminds me of Racer UNDERGROUND on Android, but it's different.

Music Racer (2018)
This game have licensed cars except for Fire GTO and lightcycle.
Made for Game Coupe

#DRIVE (2019)
not made for game, it's Ford RS2000:
Made for Game Ambulance

Metal Mayhem: World Tour (2011)
not made for game, this car is 1964 Cadillac Funeral Coach.

Toy Cars (2011)
hey, you can buy the game here:

Drag Racing 3D (2013)
all car models are from Vasco Games
Ford Escort

Viper Racing (1998)
the Ford Escort model origin is not USA. Despite the fact that it's evolved from an American car, so the car model origin is Germany.
Honda NSX

Inertial Drift (2020)
Sonoko's NSX.
Mazda RX-7

Inertial Drift (2020)
Keisuke's RX-7.
Toyota Sprinter Trueno

Inertial Drift (2020)
Takumi's AE86.

Re-Volt (1999)
where's Ferrari 458 Italia (Flamey)? why it is removed?
Made for Game Coupe

Drive Ahead! (2015)
not made for game, it's Ford Crown Victoria:

Hot Wheels: Ultimate Racing (2007)
this game reminds me of Race Illegal: High Speed 3D:
Hot Wheels Bully Goat

Hot Wheels: Ultimate Racing (2007)
Hot Wheels Chevrolet Camaro? that car is fit design.
Mercedes-Benz CLK-DTM

Burnout 3: Takedown (2004)
the front of the car reminds me of Opel Astra X-Treme Concept:
Hyundai Grandeur

Dr. Driving (2013)
wait, this is a South Korean car, the origin is Japan???
Hot Wheels D-Muscle

Hot Wheels: Race Off (2017)
Hot Wheels Chevrolet Camaro?
Tamiya Astute

Downtown Drift (2012)
It's very strange that RC car is on racing game!

SUP Multiplayer Racing (2017)
Peterbilt 379?
Cadillac Cien

Racing Gears Advance (2005)
Birthplace: Unknown
Ability: Puppet Master
Temporarily takes control of other cars upon impact

This mysterious racer waits patiently for the challenge of a worthy opponent.
Dodge Viper

Racing Gears Advance (2005)
Birthplace: France
Ability: Blaze
Weapons ignite other cars upon impact

A beautiful face that masks a mild case of pyromania.
Mitsubishi RPM 7000

Racing Gears Advance (2005)
Birthplace: Japan
Ability: Light Step
Unaffected by oil slicks and mines

A peaceful and spiritual woman who believes in avoiding confrontation.
Lotus Esprit

Racing Gears Advance (2005)
Birthplace: Britain
Ability: Spin Out
Causes cars to spin out on contact

This insane racer has an unpredictable nature that makes him a serious threat.
Hummer H2

Racing Gears Advance (2005)
Birthplace: USA
Ability: Rapid Deployment
Twice the normal rate of weapons fire

An ex-military officer with a tendency to be slightly trigger-happy.
Dodge M80

Racing Gears Advance (2005)
Birthplace: Canada
Ability: Electroshock
Temporarily immobilizes vehicles on contact

A tomboy at heart, she enters the league to prove her skills.
Chevrolet SSR

Racing Gears Advance (2005)
Birthplace: Russia
Ability: Super Steady
Nearly impossible to spin out

Strong and steady, he bulldozes his way through anything in his path.
Lotus 340R

Racing Gears Advance (2005)
Birthplace: Jamaica
Ability: Explosive Punch
Weapons do additional damage

An agressive perfectionist who lives by the Motto, "If you're gonna do it, do it right!"
Dodge Super 8 Hemi

Racing Gears Advance (2005)
Birthplace: Mexico
Ability: Mo' Money
Can steal money from other drivers

Always in a jovial wood, he loves money and will risk everything to satisfy his greed.
Lotus Exige

Racing Gears Advance (2005)
Birthplace: Sweden
Ability: Infrared Vision
No effect from
Smokescreen and can see cloaked cars

Often seen as a slacker, he hides his insightful thoughts in his music.
Chevrolet Corvette

Racing Gears Advance (2005)
Birthplace: Australia
Ability: Drag Racing
Turbo acceleration from stopped position

Always living on the edge, this carefree adventurer is in search of the next adrenaline rush.
Lotus Elise

Racing Gears Advance (2005)
Birthplace: Italy
Ability: Fission Charger
Car accelerates when hit by weapons

This bad boy lives only for the thrill of the race and the adoration of the crowd.
Austin Mini Cooper S

Traffic Slam 3 (2012)
Petite XS from other Burnin' Rubber games.
Volkswagen Fox

SpotRacers (2018)
bro, according to the car football video here:

it says that car model origin is Brazil, not Germany.
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