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Alarm für Cobra 11: Undercover (2012)
Skyline159 wrote
R.I.P. Synetic. :(

Luckily, UniqueGames Publishing GmbH is trying to re-release most of the Synetic games on Steam. This one is in progress.

I'm still wanting new Synetic games tho. They're so unique even compared with Ubisoft Reflections' DRIVER series.

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Made for Game Coupe

Shanghai Street Racer (2004)
Imagine this car, or the whole game being remade in HD
Audi R8

Sleeping Dogs (2012)
The front of an Audi, and the rear of a Mitsubishi, reminds me of this

Street Racer Europe (2009)
I've also posted the VW GTI unplayable police variant (but it's still similar to the playable one), If you think it's an error then maybe I'll repost.
Ford Thunderbird

Ford Street Racing (2006)
Only available on PSP, not other consoles. Hence the PSP version is always far superior.

Ford Street Racing: XR Edition (2006)
The best version of the game :king:
Especially on the PSP version, where literally you can have additional XR cars but can still drive the cars from other versions too, feels like a dlc to me, but too bad as it is only available in the Australian region. :cry:
Ford Thunderbird

Ford Street Racing (2006)
PSP Only, not available on other consoles.
Ford SVT Explorer Sport Trac Adrenalin

Ford Street Racing (2006)
PSP Only, not available on PC and other consoles.

Ford Street Racing (2006)
Some of the cars here like Explorer Sport Trac, Thunderbirds, Shelby GR-1, '71 Mustang, and Bronco are only available on PSP. Since most of the gameplay aspects, (except the UI and HUD) are similar with additional gameplay modes, I think the new page especially for the PSP car list isn't needed, correct?

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The Getaway: Black Monday (2004)
This game has bikes, unlike the first one. Just like transition from GTA 3 to GTA Vice City.

Downtown Challenge (2005)
I guess it's Mitsubishi 3000GT/ '95 Eclipse. I can suspect the back-end of the car's texture.

The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience (2021)
The new "PC Version" has more vehicles (including large vehicles) became driveable, only the Camaro still not there yet :/

Maybe by manually editing in UE5 (by replacing original driveable models) should work :??:

The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience (2021)
Is the Camaro from the scripted chase can be found somewhere to be driven?

Downtown Challenge (2005)
Here's the link to Innercity Burnout, it's actually the same game :wow:
Made for Game SUV

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (2012)
Lol, the steering wheels are on both sides. :lol:

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Downtown Challenge (2005)
Ehh, anyways... What do you admin guys mean by "Platforms: Internet"???

Is this game actually available to play on browsers?

Burnout Paradise (2008)
Victor_2003 wrote
Most of the cars don't have rear view screenshot, anothers have low quality image. Any candidate to change and add images?

I only have the Remastered edition. Does it count?
Toyota Supra

Alarm für Cobra 11: Crash Time (2007)
RVR72GV wrote

And it only exists in the first two games. Strange, huh.

Well, it actually the first 3 games, don't forget the AFC 11 Nitro/Crash Time 0

Innercity Burnout (2009)
Heeeey, I've just uploaded another game called "Downtown Challenge" or "Amsterdam Street Racer". It IS the same exact game as this, only I didn't know the other name "Innercity Burnout" :lol: :mad: (Sorry, forgot the link)

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Ford Racing 3 (2004)
Durtvan wrote
this game has a cut car hidden in the files

it's the Visos Concept

Vehicle has been added successfully :beer:

Downtown Challenge (2005)
Martim4820 wrote
The cover of the game has the Subaru Impreza WRC on it.

Auto-Friki wrote

It is basically the model that participated in the 2006 WRC season due to the design of the headlights.

Anyways, the CD cover doesn't match the content of the game :lol: :think:
Yamaha YFZ 450

ATV Mudracer (2005)
It looks so similar
Honda TRX 400

Pizza Dude (2005)
It looks so similar compared to this

Same dev. :beer:
Nissan Skyline GT-R

L.A. Street Racing (2007)
Hello. Is this still needed to be replaced into "WideBody" variant?
Subaru Impreza

L.A. Street Racing (2007)
Hello, admins! :hello:

I think I have a better suggestion for the front view of the car. If it needs to be in stock condition, I have the image for it.

Thanks for your attention :)
Toyota Supra

Taxi 3: eXtreme Rush (2006)

B...but they're supposed to be based on the same car, right??
GMC Yukon

Driver: Parallel Lines (2006)
Are you sure you can get this car the other way than using cheats? When i chase these cars they just disappear right in front of my eyes.
Buick Riviera

Driver: Parallel Lines (2006)
I guess this doesn't appear in any mission.
KhPZ T-54

Crime Scene Manhattan (2004)
TheGreaser wrote
Modify game files? Isn't this a mod? :/

Originally this is already included in the game, you can't drive it unless you rename the files.
Toyota Starlet

Crime Scene Manhattan (2004)
TheGreaser wrote
Opel Astra Coupe [G] in the back pic.


Manhattan Chase (2005)
I know this comment isn't about the car, something in the background caught my eye. Why are thoses parking spaces so Small?

Apparently the level designer mistaken a whole car park texture as it is only for one, single car. The team didn't coordinate well, which often happen during school projects when you work with bunch of zombies who know nothing about things to be done.

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Opel Zafira

Manhattan Chase (2005)
Renault Master

Manhattan Chase (2005)
RushCars24 wrote
It's actually a first generation Renault Master:

Ford Econoline

Manhattan Chase (2005)
It is available to drive via modding, but i'm afraid it'll be some kind of spoiler.
LTI Fairway

Pizza Dude (2005)
Or maybe an Austin FX4
Made for Game Convertible

Glacier 2 (2009)
Eclipse overall
Mazda 323

Pizza Dude (2005)
Getting a better shot here is easy, just put the bike in front of the car and the car will eventually stop. Why took it from far behind then?
Chevrolet Caprice

Manhattan Chase (2005)
Same car as

Ford Crown Victoria

Parking Mania (2009)
This car is bigger than another police car from the same game.

Chevrolet Camaro

Crime Scene Manhattan (2004)
I see, only the grille makes me puzzled. The rear end tho reminds me to a poorly designed Corvette. If i can remember correctly, the grille is taken from the BMW M3 "Harvester" in the same game.


Crime Scene Manhattan (2004)
Attacker1997 wrote
The E46 needs to be registered in Chassis

Thanks. I was a bit confused as the other E46 cars domain name still in "model" whenever you hover the cursor to the "[E46]" part.

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Chevrolet Caprice

Crime Scene Manhattan (2004)
TheGreaser wrote
The only decent playable model in this game.
I also see a car that resembles the '97 Infiniti Q45 [Y33]. Fornirad, is it possible to add the background vehicles?

Yes, maybe a bit later because I have ongoing works currently.
Made for Game Sedan

Dying Light (2015)
A bit of Saab 9-3
Land-Rover Range Rover Sport

Watch Dogs: Legion (2020)
I guess it's a futuristic concept model of a Ford Explorer.
Byton K-Byte

Watch Dogs: Legion (2020)
Looks like a futuristic model of a Dodge Dart to me.
Made for Game Coupe

Shanghai Street Racer (2004)
Yeah, i found that the back model of the car textured after Mitsubishi 3000GT
In game textures

Real 3000GT

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Toyota Corolla

Counter Strike: Source (2004)
Chevrolet Prizm for American market.
Made for Game Coupe

Shanghai Street Racer (2004)
GamerFIB7590 wrote
Audi Avus i think

Well, it looks close to it (the rear end, respectively).
But I'm still confused that in the game it has a Japanese name "Kasumi", implying that this is supposed be a Jap car.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX

L.A. Street Racing (2007)
The front windshield wiper is for RHD cars, while the car itself is LHD. Funny enough lol :lol:
Mazda RX-8

L.A. Street Racing (2007)
The car design looks weird lmao, seems like it's a concept car... :wow:
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