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Toyota Supra

Race Driver: GRID (2008)
purchase for 72.000/$96.000 as new
Mazda RX-8

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)
Although you can make it from scratch by using correct dress-up parts to make it playable
Jaguar XE

SpotRacers (2018)
Scanned Honda NSX and got this
Lotus Evora MC GT300

SEGA World Drivers Championship 2018 (2017)
MC Stands for "Mother Chassis", a type of racecar chaassis issued by JAF (Japan Automobile Federation) and DOME for GT300 class, this chassis is relative cheap to use for your own car to meet the JAF-MC Super GT regulations
Nissan GT-R Nismo

Real Racing 3 (2013)
Based on Nissan GT-R GT3
Made for Game Hover Vehicle

Wipeout 2048 (2012)
Unique Abiliy:
Has the highest top speed among all ships available

The ship can be only controlled using air brakes which can be difficult in higher speed class including it's auto acceleration
Custom Made UNS Coral Sea

Modern Warships (2021)
Purchase for 500 platinum to unlock, but you need to have Legendary badge to unlock the purchase
Kawanishi N1K Kyoufuu

碧蓝航线 (2017)
Dreamwakers Butterfly has already becoming permanent War Archives, so you only need to farm it on HT6 stage instead from Gear Lab
Made for Game Convertible

Beach Buggy Racing (2014)
The tail light reseembles Bugatti Bolide

Shutokō Battle 0 (2001)
K: if the chassis is a custom car
KK: if the chassis is having more than 1 custom model
Made for Game Hover Vehicle

Wipeout 2048 (2012)
Unique ability:

Start at slower speed but the permanent speed increases as you hitting speed pads.

Ability downside:
Speed charges decreases as you taking collision, weapon damages and reset after heavy collision or starting new lap
Chrysler Firepower

Burnout Revenge (2005)
In the background menu video, this car has a blower intake while in the gameplay does not have
Nissan Skyline GT-R

Burnout Revenge (2005)
Star Wars Fanatic wrote
Endorsement of EA's shooter, Black.

In XBOX and PS2, this car can be unlock if the Black save data is detected on the HDD (XBOX) or Memory card (PS2)
Northrop YF-23

碧蓝航线 (2017)
This aircraft appears but as an enemy aircraft during Parallel Superimposition and Light-Chasing Sea of Stars event
Dodge Charger

Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice (2007)
Vehicle used by Viper Squad
Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo

Asphalt 8: Airborne (2013)
Bugatti Vision GT Removal compensations:

5000 Tokens
20 S-class direct upgrades
40 Wildcard - Legendary
500.000 Fusion coins
McLaren P1

碧蓝航线 (2017)
Available when you bought St. Louis' skin Luxurious Wheels
Dodge Charger Funny Car

GRID Autosport (2014)
A fast yet stable Funny car
Ferrari 360 Modena

Burnout 3: Takedown (2004)
The blue color was only seen in the game intro, background menu, super series unlocking scene and several loading screens
Ford GT40

Shutokō Battle 01 (2003)
Defeat Yokohane's Haevy Fighter, A.P.S. Team leader to unlock this car
Dodge Viper

Shutokō Battle 01 (2003)
Unlock this car by defeating Flame Dragon, Nagoya Stage 2 Boss. he appears once all Nagoya stage 2 teams on Ring route area are defeated
Gemballa GTR 750

Shutokō Battle 01 (2003)
Unlocked by defeating "Golden Wolf". he appears in wangan in once you started Stage 2 and you must be driving either Mercedes-Benz or Volkswagen cars
Suzuki Wagon R

Shutokō Battle 01 (2003)
well, Whirlwind Fanfare was a pain wanderer for US Release of TXR3 where you must have 100.000.000CP, since the currency in US version was measured in Dollar, the currency was capped on 99.999.990CP which earn the last 10CP is impossible unless if you use the Gameshark
Toyota Mark II

Shutokō Battle 0 (2001)
this car also driven by wanderer Dumb yet Smart and this are his requirements:

1. Take the last 2 digits of the current day, multiply them together and the answer must end with the number 4.
example are day 27(2x7=14), 38(3x8=24), 41(4x1=4), 46(4x6=24), 64(6x4=24)

2. You must be driving in front of him while driving a 2-seater cars, he will decline you if you challenge him from behind
Mazda RX-7

Shutokō Battle 0 (2001)
Unlocked by defeating wanderer Late Night Cinderella, she only appears in Wangan Northbound only if the displayed time is between 00:00 and 01:00 on your PS2

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Shutokō Battle 0 (2001)
Chassis codes for honda cars was fictionized in international release due to licensing issue with Honda
Lexus LS 430

Shutokō Battle 01 (2003)
To unlock Grief Pluto's LS430, you need to Defeat Grief Pluto, Tokyo stage 2 boss. He appears once all Shinkanjou area (Both CCL and CWL) teams are defeated and Dying Star as well
Mitsubishi GTO

Shutokō Battle 01 (2003)
To unlock this car, you'll need to defeat Dying Star, Tokyo/Shutokou stage 2 boss. He appears once all Shinkanjou CCL teams are defeated
West Corvette

Shutokō Battle 01 (2003)
To unlock this car, You'll need to defeat WEST No.5, Nagoya Stage 2 wanderer. To challenge him, you must have a maximum speed of 200 MPH and 125 MPH of battle speed