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Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown (2024)
RNamanny313 wrote Please don't include leaked files, it might invoke trouble. All files uploaded so far are from the public demo. Or other revealed sources

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W Motors Fenyr SuperSport

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown (2024)
Where's this pic from?
Vaydor G35

一起来飞车 (2016)
Laraki Epitome?

GTR 3 (2024)
Please remove all cut content wrong game sorry
Porsche 962C

GTR 3 (2024)
This is in wrong game, sorry
Nissan R90CK

GTR 3 (2024)
This is in wrong game, sorry
Ford Escort

GTR 3 (2024)
This is in wrong game, sorry
Audi A5

GTR 3 (2024)
This is in wrong game, sorry
Made for Game Hatchback

Critical Velocity (2005)
Im getting Lexus 2054 vibes
Jurisch Motoplan

Honkai: Star Rail (2023)
1957 Jurisch Motoplan Prototype (Germany)
BAE Systems Hawk

Forza Horizon 2 (2014)
It's more likely the Aermacchi M-311 the prototype of the M-345 because the production variants first flight wasn't until 2018. When the prototypes been in the air since before 2005.
Ansaldo Modello

Valiant Hearts: The Great War (2014)
Ansaldo Modello 1929
Chevrolet Corvair

Burnout Dominator (2007)
Looks like a Chevrolet Corvair with different tail lights
Crewe Works Coronation Class

Forza Horizon 2 (2014)
Crewe Works LMS Coronation Class 6220 Coronation

Outroad 2 (2009)
Ferrari 355
Kitson & Co Steam Motor Coach

Switchcars (2016)
Kitson & Co Steam Motor Coach No.2
No. 4356, built in 1906
Nicknamed NJAB 1
Currently in service in South Australia.

Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain (2004)
White 798 Bus?
Newport Workshops Victorian Railways class S302

Switchcars (2016)
Newport Workshops Victorian Railways class S302
Shahid Kolah Dooz Industrial Complex Tiam

Age of Modern Wars (2021)
Manufacturer = Shahid Kolah Dooz Industrial Complex

Roadclub: League Racing (2008)
Audi R8 with 4.2 V8?

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Daimler Armoured Car Mark II

Codename Eagle (1999)
The Russians captured a 1940s Daimler Armoured Car Mark II, which is currently on display in the Russian Kubinka Museum. Unit No. F25611 is the one that was captured.
Maxwell M1917

Age of World Wars (2019)
The M1917 Light Tank was an American copy of the French Renault FT which was manufactured by three American companies during and after World War I. These companies are as follows:

- C.L. Best Company
- Maxwell Motor Company
- Van Dorn Iron Works
AEC Type S

Mafia: Definitive Edition (2020)
Walsall Corporation Motors double-decker bus 1920s-1930s

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Stutz Blackhawk

Mafia: Definitive Edition (2020)
1929 Studebaker Dictator
Made for Game Lego

LEGO Jurassic World (2015)
Rapport Huntsman Land Rover from James Bond Octopussy 1980s
Dino 246 GT

Extreme Road Trip 2 (2012)
Dino 246 GT 1969
Made for Game Coupe

Rage (2011)
It does look like a chopped up Mazda RX-3
Ford Coupe Utility

Rage (2011)
1934 Ford Coupe Utility
British Royal Armored Corps MBT

World of Tanks: Modern Armor (2021)
Make: British Royal Armored Corps
Model: MBT
Year: 1975-1980
Country: UK
Type: Prototype
Made for Game Hatchback (2013)
Looks like a BYD Atto 3

Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)
speedfreak975 wrote
I will do my best to explain the situation revolving around this page for you in the clearest way possible.

A significant portion of your entries were removed after admins found out that they are paid community mods, something against IGCD rules. (This includes officiated 3rd party mods sold by the developers)

Furthermore,this created a level of suspect around most entries supplied by you so it was a safer route to simply reject them.

If you decide to add official dlc again in similar manner from the store, please make sure its by the developers and understand that they will be considered and treated as placeholders. That means one day if a contributor decided to take images ingame, your images will be replaced without contest. If you are okay with that then feel free to try again. You could atleast take in-game shots for base entries. Those will count as finalised entries.

I agree that the storefront images are to be used as place holders until someone can upload in game photos, I will also upload in game images of all the vehicles I have access to at a later date. Thanks for taking the time to oversea this page. Kind Regards
Land-Rover 1/4 ton 4x4

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam (2017)
Called the Land Rover 1/4 ton 4x4 truck, this is another unique Australian built and modified variant of Land Rovers Series 2 variant called the 2A. Australia built and modifed 69 series 2s and turned them into 2As. Some even had a M40A1 106mm recoiless rifle mounted to the vehicle. The Series 2A was in service by the Australian armed forces from 1966 - 1990.

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JRA Limited Land Rover 110

Wargame: Red Dragon (2014)
The Land Rover Perentie is a nickname for the Land Rover 110 produced by "JRA Limited" in NSW Australia, production started in 1987 and continued into the 1990s. The Perentie's were produced in both 4x4 and 6x6 variants, powered by Isuzu/Holden engines.

War Thunder (2012)
Don't forget the Mad Thunder rare Special Event vehicles?

- Echidna
- Porcupine
- Boar
- Reptile
- Armadillo
- Rhino
- Mule
Clyde Engineering QR 1502 Class

Colin McRae Rally 04 (2003)
QR 1170 Class?
Vickers-Armstrong Universal LP1 Carrier

Age of Modern Wars (2021)
Australia started manufacturing the universal carrier under license. Then later on the Australian military modified the original carrier calling them LP1 and LP2. Otherwise known as a Local Pattern Carrier... Built in Australia from 1940.

The LP1 and LP2 design was heavily based on the Bren carrier but were powered by Canadian sourced Ford V8 engines. Changing some original design features, like adding two steps on the side of the carrier, removing tow hitches, redesigning locations for electrical systems to suit the Australian military.

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War Thunder (2012)
bigchaosmachine wrote

Don't forget these missed tanks, I've listed them by country...

M4A3 (1st PTG) - 2.3
M4A4 (1st PTG) - 3.7
ZTZ96 - 9.3
ZTZ96A - 10.0

AMX-13 - 6.3
Merkava Mk3 B - 11.0
M-51 - 6.0 (Not the done Premium M-51 W)
Imp. Chaparral - 10.3 (Not the done USA one with BR 9.3)

M4A1 - 3.3
M4A4 - 3.7
M4A4 (SA50) - 5.0

M4A4 - 3.7

TKX (P) - 11.0
Type 74 E - 9.0

FlaRakRad - 11.7
Pz.II C TD - 1.7 (Twitch Stream Reward)

Football Tank - ?

Also could you please also upload the last 5 of the Aus & NZ class vehicles in war thunder please?...

BAC Strikemaster Mk.88, UK (New Zealand) - 6.0
Boomerang Mk 1, UK (Australia) - 3.3

HMAS Arrow, UK (Australia) - 2.7
HMAS Nepal, UK (Australia) - 4.3
HMAS Tobruk, UK (Australia) - 4.7
HMNZS Leander, UK (New Zealand) - 5.3

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World of Tanks: Modern Armor (2021)
Make = BBTBrPanc
Model = 25TP KSUST II
Year = 1938
Country = Poland
Type = Prototype
BBTBrPanc 25TP Habicha

World of Tanks: Modern Armor (2021)
Make = BBTBrPanc
Model = 25TP Habicha
Year = 1939

WOT in game name = 40TP Habicha
Vickers-Armstrong Centurion Mk 5/2

World of Tanks: Modern Armor (2021)
This British built Centurion Mk 5/2 survived a nuclear blast and still continued to work in service.
Chassis No. = 06BA16
Australian Unit Number = 169041
Nickname = Atomic Tank

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Krauss-Maffei Leopard AS1

Wargame: Red Dragon (2014)
The AS1 is a specially modified variant of the Leopard 1A4 built in germany developed exclusively for the Australian Military. Production began in 1977

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Krauss-Maffei Leopard AS1+

Wargame: Red Dragon (2014)
The AS1+ is an Australian locally upgraded variant of the original Leopard AS1. The AS1+ has upgraded electronics and an upgraded camouflage system, these upgrades were conducted by the Australian military in the mid 90s.

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Kirov Object 279

World of Tanks: Modern Armor (2021)
This is the Prototype variant of the Object 279, the Object 279e was built in 1948.
Garford-Putilov Armoured Car

Trench Warfare 1917 (2020)
Make: Garford-Putilov
Model: Armoured Car
Year: 1915-1930s
Country: Russia
Vulcan Foundry 1st Light Car Patrol

Trench Warfare 1917 (2020)
Make: Vulcan Foundry
Model: 1st Light Car Patrol
Year: 1916-1919
Country: Australia
Toyota Camry NASCAR

iRacing (2008)
Have they cut this car from their game?
Ford T57 Gun Motor Carriage

World of Tanks (2011)
T57 Gun Motor Carriage 1942
Chevrolet Corvette

Hidden Cats in Rome (2023)
Victor_2003 wrote
Eight gen Chevrolet Corvette.


Hidden Cats in Spooky Town (2023)
Killercar34 wrote
Chevrolet SSR?


World War Z (2019)
Tucker 48 ish?
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