Morris Minor Cabriolet

Surname: Mini Whiner

Class: Convertible

Origin: UK United Kingdom

Playable and unlockable vehicle
: Win the game with the Emo character in the crew.



Contributor: M@xtimot

Contributor: M@xtimot


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FR M@xtimot

2016-05-23 00:37
CRAP! I've mixed up two pictures, can anyone delete the "other side" picture?

edit: here's the actual picture:

-- Last edit:
2016-05-23 08:54:28

FR M@xtimot

2016-05-23 00:07
Go for it, I wrote "Mini Cooper" because of the ingame name.


2016-05-22 23:30
Well the car is quite rounded, so perhaps it is Moris Mini Minor?

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