2007 Toyota Land Cruiser

Châssis: J79

Catégorie: Pick-up

Origine: JP Japon

Véhicule non jouable



Contributeur: Kecske

Contributeur: Kecske


Auteur Message
RU WarLord

2016-02-14 19:30
Admin, why toyota 1982? its Toyota Land Cruiser J79 2007 static1.car.ru/uploaded/catalog/2014/10/26/23/94ced87180e03b3513b1eec81cacbedd.jpg

PL Hakari

2016-02-14 03:11
Burn Rubber a écrit
Well then the devs made a mistake. If the game is set in 89, an 07 can't be there! :lol:

I feel like this is turning into round 3459 of "Lets make BR feel like a dumbass"....

Yeah, devs made a mistake here. And I'm not trying to make you feel dumb but just point out that it's possible. I did it once on this page: www.igcd.net/vehicle.php?id=72116 So I have some experience. :)

PL Hakari

2016-02-14 03:04
Burn Rubber a écrit
2007 truck in 1989?

Game is from 2016 so you should ask: "2007 truck in 2016?" It's just anachronistic.

PL Hakari

2016-02-14 02:09
Burn Rubber a écrit
The game is set in 1989...

So...? Does it change anything?
RU WarLord

2016-02-11 13:08
Toyota Land Cruiser J79 2007 static1.car.ru/uploaded/catalog/2014/10/26/23/57272f938de0d7ab8f290c0443a3d84e.jpg

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2016-02-13 19:28:16
US carcrasher88

2016-02-11 11:57
Yep, looks to be a late model 70 Series.
SE fontheking5

2016-02-11 11:39
Toyota Land Cruiser ?

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