2008 Lamborghini Reventón

Surname: Fetuccini Langostino

Class: Coupé

Origin: IT Italy

Playable vehicle



Contributor: RacerBest


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BR Victor_2003

2021-04-11 13:48
Looks a Lamborghini Murcielago with custom bumper and headlights than a Diablo.

AU Silnev

2021-04-10 17:34
Honestly I think it looks more like a Diablo than a Murci/reventon.

What with the spoiler, window design, pop-ups, body shape and a front reminiscent of the later face-lifted diablos.

US generalrusty78

2021-04-10 16:50
MuhammadOkky86 wrote
rear bumper: reventon
front bumper: reventon
sides: murcielago
headlights: corvette c4

No the headlights seem like normal popups, C4 Corvette popups are flipup

Corvette 80er anos 80 GIF - Find on GIFER
TH PikesPeak

2013-04-04 13:53
well ... this combine C4 Corvette headlight with Reventon bumper and rear too with Murcielago side profile...

Made For Game ?
FI RacerBest

2013-04-04 13:45
The front bumper and whole rear of the car looks same as Reventón (excluding spoiler)
US carcrasher88

2013-04-04 01:22
Yep, Murcielago with C4 Corvette headlights.
TH PikesPeak

2013-04-04 01:16
more like Lamborghini Murcielago than Reventon

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