1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

Chassis: 2454

Mk: 2

Class: Convertible

Origin: US USA

Unplayable vehicle



Contributor: lcpdcv

Contributor: lcpdcv


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US bigblockbuicks1

2013-05-19 23:01
53 ford x-100 concept??
US FordMustang1967

2013-01-27 10:14
except for the rear it looks like a 1959 Ford Skyliner
US ShantJ

2012-12-29 05:45
Aside from the obvious fender skirts and tail lights, the front does not look like the Ford to me, especially due to missing a dagmar bumper.
US lcpdcv

2012-12-29 05:37
That's due to the fact it's pretty lowpoly, has no fender skirts and has different tail lights.
US ShantJ

2012-12-29 05:33
I really don't see it.

US lcpdcv

2012-12-29 05:28
Can't be. It's a Bel Air convertible with a '58 Ford front clip.
US ShantJ

2012-12-29 05:23
I believe this is a 1956 Packard Caribbean.

US lcpdcv

2012-12-18 20:01
On 2nd thought, I think it's a Bel Air convertible with a '58 Ford front clip.

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2012-12-18 20:05:48
US Mach1Mustang

2012-12-17 23:41
'58 Ford. Dual headlights.
US lcpdcv

2012-12-17 20:48
I was thinking of a '58 Impala convertible, or a '57 Ford.

ID civic_eg6_94

2012-12-17 20:02
'55 Thunderbird?

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