2013 Ford Focus ST

Mk: 3

Class: Hatchback

Origin: DE Germany

Playable and downloadable vehicle
: November Speed Pack



Contributor: J-2


Author Message

2012-10-27 11:40
Anyone notice how one of the single player Autocross events has this car on the event image, even though it was a DLC car?

CA SizSkiizd

2012-10-27 09:18
^ Because that's what it is.

MX IanE55

2012-10-27 06:57
Why is it listed as a German car?
US Ritsu Tainaka

2011-12-17 06:01
It is a prototype model.
US Ritsu Tainaka

2011-11-07 08:56
Also this is listed as 2013 in game.
DE m.pfaffeneder

2011-10-29 21:46
:love: Great Car!!!!!
DE pase188

2011-10-20 20:45
Love this car! Can't wait to drive the beauty/beast!

ES J-2

2011-10-20 19:12
I wish they kept the 3 door version as well...
US ShantJ

2011-10-20 18:38
I wish that they kept the Volvo five-cylinder for this. :/

ES J-2

2011-10-20 13:34
Just in that poster, by the moment. Itīs a future DLC car.
AU dragonboy

2011-10-20 13:23
Is the new ST actually in this game or only on the pic of this tournament, i havent noticed it.

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