1952 Chevrolet Advance-Design 3800

Class: Tow-truck

Origin: US USA

Playable vehicle



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UK routemaster45

2012-09-01 13:49
subzero wrote
I can't find this after playing for couple of months =/
you can find it on the mission "the fallen idol"
US lcpdcv

2012-08-08 06:58
1952-1953, as Skid said.
CA mechanicmoose

2012-08-07 20:56
This can bee easyly spawn in traffic at the begginning of the last mission when you leave the parking-lot. If you didnt have luck to find it after 5mins press restart mission and try again. It just happens to spawn more when you play as Jack Kelso:

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2012-08-07 21:08:22

MY subzero

2012-08-07 05:27
found it at last, another rare vehicle :D

MY subzero

2012-08-06 13:08
I can't find this after playing for couple of months =/
US Skid

2011-05-21 04:20
Seen a few in the game: It's actually an "Advance Design" Chevrolet, likely a 3800 1 ton. Push button door handles and vent windows makes it a mildly anachronistic 1952-1953 model.

2011-04-26 18:21
Hope the tow works!

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