1937 Delage D8 120 S Pourtout Aero Coupé

Class: Coupé

Origin: FR France

Playable and unlockable vehicle



Contributor: subzero


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US ShantJ

2011-05-20 15:33
It's not a Peugeot, it's a Delage.
NL MartinBond

2011-05-20 11:58
that's the normal delage d8-120, this is the aero ;)

BTW, unlockable
US Skid

2011-05-19 18:24
There's actually more than one, with slight coachwork differences. I've found this silver one, and also a gold one with a maroon stripe on the side.
NL MartinBond

2011-05-19 18:12
In-game it's black, and it's named without peugeot ;)

it's in the second pack of 5 "secret cars" that you unlock

2011-04-26 18:15
Nearlly a exact replica.
US CaptainMe93

2011-04-12 04:18
buka wrote

Yep, you nailed it. One thing we can unanimously agree on though is that this is a French coupe from 1937. :P

By the way, this car should be listed as "1937 Peugeot Delage D8-120 S Pourtout Aero Coupé"; that was the full name.

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2011-04-12 04:36:11
RU buka

2011-04-12 04:01
Looks like 1937 Pourtout Delage D8 120S Aero Coupe, or no?

www.velocetoday.com/images/August%2005/pb2.jpg Look at "heart" on the back

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2011-04-12 04:04:44
US CaptainMe93

2011-04-11 01:08
I'd have to say it's based on the 1937 Bugatti Type 57S Atlantic. While a few of the details are different, the split rear window and distinctive tri-pointed rear end are present on both cars, plus the overall shape is extremely similar.


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