1990 Toyota Previa

Class: Van / MPV

Origin: JP Japan

Vehicle only seen in CGI cut scene



Contributor: Takumi


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VC Desscythe17

2017-02-08 00:30
Burn Rubber wrote
Question isnt if you can ID it

Hmm.. Seems like you missed the purpose of IGCD?

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2017-02-08 00:30:39

VC Desscythe17

2017-02-05 09:52
Burn Rubber wrote
For some reason Takumi's picture has extremely low brightness on it. Here's a better picture. (Excuse the blur. In this scene in the intro the game has camera shake and the picture is zoomed.) Please replace with this: i.imgur.com/zmGA3if.png

No offense, but I don't think your picture is better. I can actually identify the car better with the existing picture.


2015-07-24 18:11

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